In-Season Recipe Swap: Tomatoes

This week's in-season theme is tomatoes! Oh, how I love garden-fresh tomatoes! They are so sweet and juicy and make salads and tacos extra appealing to me! :)

Homemade tomato soup recipe

In years past, we have had bushel after bushel of tomatoes from my mom's garden. This tomato soup (shown above) is easy to can (see recipe for details) and makes a delicious meal during the autumn and winter months!

Tomatoes and black beans over pasta recipe

Tomatoes and Black Beans over Pasta is one of my favorite quick meals! I cook dried black beans, and with homegrown tomatoes, this is a fun, economical meal. :D

I can't wait to see your favorite recipes using tomatoes! :)

To participate in this week's In-Season Recipe Swap:

Post your on-theme recipe, including your own photo of the food. Link to this post, and then come over here and let us know where to find YOU! Just leave your link in a comment and I will manually add them to this post throughout the day. :) See future recipe swap themes here.

1. Greek Orzo Pasta Salad (Shaina)
2. Homemade Tomato Soup (Connie)
3. Pork-stuffed Poblano Chiles w/Walnut Cream Sauce (Betsy)
4. Green Tomato and Yellow Split Pea Stew (Mrs. Mordecai)
5. Mom's Gazpacho (Amanda)
6. Ratatouille
7. BLT Pizza (Jill)
8. Black bean salsa (Jennifer)


A wonderful way to enjoy fresh tomatoes!


I've never canned before but do you think the tomato soup can be frozen? It looks delicious!

Would you mind sharing any reciepe that your mom has for homemade spaghetti sauce using fresh tomatoes from the garden. And if she does, does she can this up?

I'm looking for a good reciepe to can up spaghtti sauce without using peppers or celery. Something plain like tomatoes, Italian seasoning, onions and garlic

Still enjoying your blog.


Here is my link for black bean salsa, using my fresh tomatoes from the garden.

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