Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Hand mixer safety

Hand mixer tips:

Make sure the mixer is turned off! Then put the beaters into the mixer before plugging it in. :)

If mixing something extra powdery (like brownies with cocoa powder!), gently "stir" the mixture with the beaters turned off before starting up the mixer. This helps prevent a big cloud of dust (like cocoa powder!) in your kitchen and in your mixer's motor! :)

Anyone else have hand mixer tips to share? :)

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Note: There will be no Kitchen Tip Tuesday posts Sept. 8 and Sept. 15, as I will be on vacation and "unplugged" for 2 weeks. :)


I insert one beater into the hand mixer, gently put this into a jar of natural peanut butter, and turn the mixer on low speed to incorporate the oil back into the natural peanut butter.

Thanks for hosting Kitchen Tip Tuesdays! I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

Help for Jalapeño Hands (Lenetta)

My mixer tip is to not ask too much of your hand mixer. The cheap ones will burn out more quickly if you push them too hard.

Tammy, I should've made this request *before* you did all your site re-design, but I guess I never thought to mention it . . . it would be really nice to have the dates on your posts! I was doing some searching this week (I thought you did a post on getting the most out of limited freezer space) but couldn't find quite what I was looking for. One of the posts said something like "I'll cover more on this later this week!" but I had no idea when "this week" was! Just a suggestion. :>) Thanks!

Here is my tip for using bread heals and squished bread instead of throwing them out:

I agree with a previous commenter--the cheap hand mixer will burn out quickly if you expect too much from them. Generally speaking, I just use my kitchenaid or a fork/whisk. I rarely get my hand mixer out anymore..

My hand mixer tip is to make sure it is turned off before you remove it from the batter.

My tip is for using fresh vegetables in recipes in place of canned or frozen :


Reducing water waste in the kitchen

Whether you are using a hand mixer or a stand mixer, make sure that your bowl is COMPLETELY clean before whipping wgg whites into merengue, or they won't whip as well.

Brandy @The Prudent Homemaker

When I started cooking all the time(terminally ill wife),I cleaned out the kitchen,and started it my way.I empted several spice bottles,and then thought about a great idea.I got one red top,and one white top(with open side and other with three holes),these I made into around the stove,now everyone who comes,"says thats great,never thought of it"!! It looks better,than the boxes,and works great!! Jim-49

I lost a favorite hand mixer once because I hadn't shown my husband how to remove the beaters. He just pulled them out! Really hard! And stripped something inside so they were never to be inserted again. Now that I have kids big enough to do kitchen work, I have made sure everyone knows exactly how to push the button that says, "eject"!

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