Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Warming flour tortillas

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Homemade spinach tortillas

Homemade spinach tortillas, one of my favorites! :)

When we use store-bought flour tortillas (which has been frequent this year) I like to warm them before serving.

Warming tortillas in foil

Generally I wrap the tortillas in foil and place in a preheated 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes. The tortillas come out hot and soft, and this is Joshua's favorite way for me to warm them. :)

Warming tortillas on the oven rack

At my friend Jamie's house I saw her warming flour tortillas, and I took note of her method. :) After pulling a hot dish from the oven, she laid the tortillas in a single layer (some edges overlapping is fine though) directly on the wire oven rack. She closed the oven door for a couple minutes before then pulling out the (hot) tortillas and placing them in a stack on a plate and covering with a clean towel. I like this method, although I have to remember to set the timer for 2 minutes so I don't forget to pull them out before they get dry! ;)

Warming tortillas over a gas burner

Another method for warming tortillas is over a gas stovetop flame. My mom has a gas range and to warm one or two tortillas quickly, they turn on a burner and hold the tortilla over the flame, turning it several times just until warm. This method isn't ideal for larger amounts of tortillas though, and obviously if you do this be sure to be careful not to get burned! ;)

I'm sure others have even more ideas for warming tortillas, especially if you have a microwave (we don't). I'd love to hear your tips in the comments section! :)

Jalapeno Cheddar Flour Tortillas recipe

Jalapeno Cheddar tortillas, a yummy homemade variety :)

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Wow, the spinach tortillas look incredible! I also warm mine in foil in the oven.

Here is a link to my kitchen tip for substituting evaporated milk:


If we are making our tortilla fillings on the stovetop, we place a cookie cooling rack over the top of the pot for the last minute or so before we eat. The tortillas steam nicely above the pot, and don't get soggy.

Hi, Tammy! I haven't attempted to make my own tortillas yet. We only use store bought at the moment. I warm mine either in the microwave, wrapped between 2 damp paper towels when I'm making several tortillas or in a skillet over medium heat when I only need one or two tortillas.

Here's the link for my post for Kitchen Tip Tuesday! (I hope a question is permitted as my topic for this week.)
Thanks for hosting!


Here's a tip for today, involving coupons.

Thanks again for hosting,

Thanks Tammy!


Re: Warming tortillas--If the grill is hot you can warm them on the grill if there is room. Just wrap them in foil.

Have a great week.

I like your oven idea. We have always steamed them using a shallow pan of boiling and a splatter guard to lay them on.

I usually heat them in the microwave for a few seconds and then cover with a damp towel to keep them soft and warm.

i simply nuke tortillas for a handful of seconds per tortilla.


We have always cheated and used the microwave! We will have to try the foil in the oven and see the taste difference :)

Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Keeping ham juicy in the crockpot:

We heat them up in the oven as well. Its quick and easy. Just don't leave them i too long or they get crispy. It only takes a minute.
Anne Jisca

I pull out my griddle to do several or a skillet to do one at a time. Warm tortillas spread with butter - yummy!

Here is my tip about sneaking spinach in meals...

And you have inspired me to make my own tortillas after reading this!

My tip is on tortilla's to keep them warm for a crowd.

I love tortillas!

I warm mine up in the microwave between two damp paper towels, usually for just 15-20 seconds.

I liked your ideas about warming the tortillas, I usually use the microwave, but I don't really care for the results. I think I will try your oven idea next time. I wonder if warming them on a pizza stone in the oven would make them better?

Here is the link to my tip today, I wrote about brewing tea. Now that everyone is enjoying cooler weather, except those of us here in Texas with record high temps, I thought tea would be an appropriate topic.

Have a blessed day!


Here's my tip for keeping track of your recipe card while in the kitchen (this has been a big help to me, since I'm always misplacing things! lol):

I always forget about your spinach tortilla recipe, even though that's how I found your blog in the first place! I really need to give it a try because I love spinach shells.

I agree that your warming tips beat microwaving and pulling out rubbery tortilla shells.

I wrap mine in a dish towel and heat in the microwave. When I did not have one, I would heat on the gas stove, but then I read something about steaming them, so I would put a rack over a pot of boiling water (like a baking rack) and cover them with a pan lid and flip so they wold not get soggy.

Those spinach tortillas look so good! I will have to make them very soon. They'd be perfect for wrapping up green eggs and ham!

I haven't tried making tortillas, but I recently discovered raw tortillas @ the grocery store. Maybe it depends on where you live, but they have them @ Costco here as well as all the grocery stores. They cook as quickly as it takes to warm the precooked ones & they taste 100x better. I haven't done a price comparison yet.

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