Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Affordable paprika

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Paprika seems to be a more pricey spice, even at bulk food stores (where I get the majority of my spices and dried herbs).


However, I've been able to find paprika much more affordably at stores like Dollar General or Big Lots. Sounds odd, but the paprika tastes fresh and was less than half the price of the bulk foods stores I had checked recently, so it works for us! :)

The delicious chili we had for dinner tonight!

Do you have any tips for affordable herbs and spices? I'd love to hear! :)

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I hope this helps!

This post does include a recipe, but I feel like it's a "tip" too because so many people would like to get away from packaged foods. If you disagree, it won't hurt my feelings if you don't include the link.
Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship

I love dollar store spices! Our grocery store also has them in bulk. My favorite is to grow my own, but that just doesn't work for all of them!

My tips this week come from a class on freezer meals I recently attended:

Silicone Basting Brushes (Lenetta)

This morning I used one on my waffle iron. :>)

Here's a few herb blends using many herbs most folks already have in the pantry. Many times it's cheaper to make them at home instead of buying the premixed blends plus you can customize them to your family's taste!

I buy all my spices at Big Lots I go through them so fast!

MAry in Toledo

Here's a great tip for infrequently used / expensive spices

I like certain brands of herbs and spices better than others Mcormicks is my favorite, Tradewinds not so much. I get it at Cash and Carry, a restaurant supply house. Spices hold their freshness much longer than herbs so I usually buy smaller amounts of herbs from the bulk bins. Quality tea is often a good deal in the bulk bins although at $25-30 a pound it doesn't seem so, however you only use 4 or 5 teaspoons per pot. $5 of tea will make around 15 pots.

Tammy, I so agree with you on the Dollar Store! When my husband was on disability, I did all my grocery shopping there except for meat and produce. I also love their cleaning supply prices. Now that my husband is back to his regular job, I do not grocery shop there as often, but still love all the bargains!
Ruth, PA

I actually do have a tip for buying them at ethnic stores.... I get mine at an Indian store....they have a wide variety of both ground and whole spices and are way cheaper than chain grocery stores and specialty stores.


I like to make a large batch of cookies because they are always better warm out of the oven but I hate going through the trouble of baby siting them all the time with 4 kids the kitchen can get crowded fast so I make the dough, bake one pan to enjoy now then I use a small scoop(i use the pampered chef small scoop) and put all the dough on a pan on wax paper and put the dough in the freezer after about two hours I take the frozen dough and put in a zip lock in the freezer that way we can have nice warm cookies one pan at a time and its some much cheaper and better for you than the stuff you can get at the store! We love frezer cookies. So far I know it works for Chocolate chip and oatmeal!

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