Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Ripening pears with a banana

We love fresh pears -- when they're ripe. I rarely bought pears because all too often they would remain green and hard and hardly sweet... until they started going bad.

Ripen pears using a banana

Joshua found a solution that has worked well for ripening pears. We place a ripe banana in the bag of pears and leave it with them for a couple days. The pears turn soft and sweet and absolutely delicious!

When the pears are ripe, we take out the banana. Joshua prefers his pears cold, so we usually put them in the fridge at that point. Yum!

The pears pictured above are Red D'Anjou pears from Costco. Very delicious and with very little waste (just the small core), $3.79 for 6 lbs. is fruit we can afford! :)

Does anyone have any other fruit-ripening tips?

We have had similar trouble with buying green bananas; they would spoil without ripening. Placing them near some already-ripe bananas helps them to ripen nicely!

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Here's a tip on cooking with pears:


I've heard of doing the same thing with apples; a banana helps them to ripen.

We're making breakfast burritos this week, and I shared a tip about making them more flavorful with flavored tortillas. :)

The problem with fruit ripening is that the hormones produced by the fruit get blown away by the air, and there's no backup from the tree. So, placing fruits in a brown paper bag is a good strategy: it allows the fruit the breathe, but also retains the growth hormones in the vicinity.

Here is my post from today with tips on bread baking, links to some good recipes, etc. Thanks!

Thanks for the tip on ripening pears. I've always had the same problem with them and would end up throwing them away. It's tough enough to figure out healthy side items for little ones that are affordable and all of mine love fruit. We've been eating a lot of the "Cuties" mandarin oranges (easy to peel and nice size especially for little ones) but I don't want them getting tired of those so I'll be picking up some pears on my next shopping trip.

Thanks for the tip on ripening pears. I'll have to give it a try next time.

For Your Kitchen Tip Meme, here's a tip on absorbing grease:


i will have to try that next time I get some pears. i wonder if it also works for peaches?

My tip today is how to have toast without a toaster:

Last summer I ripened my tomatoes inside (the ones that wouldn't have been ripe before the first freeze) in a large bowl. I had read that keeping several ripe tomatoes in the bowl would help the green ones ripen faster due to the gases the ripe fruit give off. It worked like a charm!! Out of about 200 cherry tomatoes, I only had a handful go bad before they ripened!

Here's my tip on freezing ground beef for space saving and easy thawing:

We LOVE pears here too! So this is great for us. I would also love it if you would link up to my Tuesday's Tips at :

I love those pears, isn't costco wonderful!

Here is my link

Soap for washing dishes

Thanks :)

I have never ripened my pears and bananas together but I have used paper bags to ripen fruit and also used window sill for tomatos in summer

here is mine for eggs

I have some hard pears. I'll have to try that!

Thanks for the tips.

When I am canning pears, I buy four boxes of pears that are all green. I leave them out on the counter and can them as they ripen. Over the next week I am able to can all of the pears without any spoiling and without a having a crazy day of trying to can four bushels of pears.

I have a post full of kitchen tips on cooking with herbs at:

Great tip! I would have never thought of that! My tip is about buying and using bargain candy!

Oh THANK you for this kitchen tip!!! I have had the discouraging experience of having an entire rubber-maid TUB full of pears go from hard and green to rotten and useless...except for compost. :) We have a source of as many free pears as we can pick, every fall, but after two years of such waste, I had pretty much given up on the idea of picking enough to preserve - they just didn't ripen before they went bad. Now I'm gonna have to try again this year! Thanks again. :)

I discovered you can add 1 T lemon juice to 1 C milk if you realize when making waffles that you have no buttermilk!

Great tip about absorbing excess grease. I don't like bread heels anyway...

Here's my tip on cleaning laminate kitchen floors:

We always put pears in a brown paper sack for a few days. The same thing works for unripe mangoes, avacados, plums, or nectarines.

I've always had success placing bananas in a brown paper bag and they ripen over night! I have never heard the tip with placing a banana with the pears I am def. going to try that! Thanks! And congrats on your new little blessing!!!

I have a pear tree and I never knew how to get them to ripen. thanks for the tip!

Here is my tip for making a level cake:

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

If you whack the seed with a knife in the avocado you are not using then twist the knife, you can get the seed to come out that way. Then you can place the unpeeled avocado on a saucer, open side down, and you won't need to use plastic wrap. This also works for half a tomato.

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