Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Storing fresh cut herbs

Fresh herbs are one of my favorite cooking luxuries! When a friend gave me some fresh cut herbs from her garden a few weeks ago, she passed along a tip for storing them, which really worked great!

Fresh cut herbs

Store fresh herbs cut-stem-down in a glass of water in the fridge. They stay beautifully fresh for a week or longer!

Fresh cut herbs

At the grocery store, I don't usually venture beyond fresh parsley or cilantro, so having this bouquet of thyme, oregano, savory, peppermint, and Spanish lavendar was a real treat!

More tips for spicing up your food:

Freshly ground cumin (is affordable and makes the best taco meat!)

Finding affordable paprika (NOT at the grocery or bulk food store!)

Tips for fresher spices (love the reader comments on this!)

From-scratch spiced chai tea

Sweetening tea naturally as you brew it

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1. Cooking veggies w/pasta to save time (Alea)
2. Using hard butter for biscuits (Fran)
3. Bulk food storage tips
4. Cilantro (Rachel)
5. Energy efficient tips/cooler kitchen tips
6. Easier grilled cheese tips (Alison)
7. Using salad spinner (Aliesha)
8. Making cookies friendly (Kim)
9. Quick homemade dish scrubber (Linda)
10. Picnic tips (Annie)


I am fortunate to be able to go out to my garden and pick the herbs I need for dinner. If I happen to pick too much, I do as your firend suggests and store it in a glass of water.

My tip this week is to cook vegetables with pasta to save time, energy, and reduce the number of pots that must be washed:

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

We were not able to do a garden this year (renting). I look forward to next year if we are still in this house to do a raised bed. I miss the fresh herbs and veggies.

My tip is how to quickly get the hard butter ready for making biscuits.

Hope this help you...Happy Tuesday!!!

Fran from Miss Fran takes 30 minutes!!

I always learn something new from this site! I accidentally bought some cumin seeds and didn't even think - duh, I can grind it myself.

Today's post includes a few ideas for storing bulk flour and other pantry items.

Fresh herbs are just like flowers. :) We store them the same way, and it always works really well.

My tip is for how to use fruit to make a refreshing (and nonalcoholic) spritzer drink. I also share tips for using the drink mix to make popsicles.

Cilantro tip:


My tip is for saving energy and keeping heat out of the kitchen during the summer months!


I looove cilantro and I just posted a delicious recipe for Black Bean Salad!

I love Kitchen Tip Tuesday!

I don't get the chance to use fresh herbs too often. We planted some rosemary this year (first time gardening) so hopefully that will do well. Next year, I hope to plant more herbs! I'll have to remember your tip for when I have lots of fresh herbs!

My tip is how to make grilled cheese super easy:

Have a great day!

I love fresh herbs but rarely buy them since I know I won't use it all right away. Maybe one day I'll live in a place where I can grow a garden... Anyway, this is a great tip! Maybe now I'll feel a bit better about picking up fresh herbs at the grocery store. Thanks!

I'm a convert to salad spinning!

Here is a tip on freezing cookie dough. I love your blog and my family has enjoyed many of your recipes.

My mother has told me that you can store asparagus the same way to keep it fresher. I don't know if it works or not because I love asparagus so much that I tend to eat it the same day I buy it! :)

My tip is for making a homemade dish scrubber.


Tammy, I stored thyme from the store for over 8 weeks in a food saver bag in the fridge- and they stayed green, to my shock! ;-) -Donna-

I know I am late tonight sorry seems like time is getting away from me.

here is my tip for picnic safety

thanks for useful herb tips

Hey, Tammy!

For some reason I can't log in. Hehehee...again.

I just wanted to let you know that next time you are out at the Koehn's farm, you can harvest fresh herbs from "my" herb garden. Or, get Candy to dry them for you. ;-)


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