Are you currently trying to lose weight?


I'm trying to lose weight while nursing, but I'm struggling. My body really holds onto weight while I nurse, so it's a challenge. As soon as I wean, the weight almost melts off (with exercise and eating right, of course). But now.....nope.

and if i try to lose weight i will get in trouble with everyone who knows me. = )

I'm nursing busy crawling twins and can barely eat to keep up with them!

I am and doing it with healthy eating to start with.I am learning lots from Tammy :)

Mrs. Paradis

Yes! In the past year I've lost almost 40 pounds but still want to lose 5 more. The last 5 are always the stubborn ones!

-Amanda Ranta

I lost about 65 pounds with diet and walking but have put back on 25 pounds since I can barely exercise (I have MS, a low thyroid and septic arthritis-infection that invades my joints). When I have an arthritic attack I am very, very ill and can't even walk or function so that's really tough. The only way I seem to be able to lose weight is to limit myself to about 1000 calories or less which is hard but I can do it and have started a plan again this week to get the weight off.

I think this is quite ideal weight for me

I am pregnant, so TRYING to lose weight is not an option, though I did lose 10lbs during my first trimester. I'm still carrying around some extra weight from baby #1, so once #2 comes along, I'm going to actually TRY to get the weight off so that when/if the Lord opens my womb again, I can have a nice, clean slate. :)

I am also pregnant right now but am gaining wait faster this time then in the past (baby #4). Need to work on keeping it in check - I have three months left to go.

but it's not working :(

I answered no because I am also pregnant. Up until I got pregnant I was losing weight and I have lost a bit since I'm still in the first trimester. It is really nice to feel like I don't need to lose weight for once!

LOL, No! I am going to lose some weight when I have my baby sometime in the next few weeks. After that I won't worry about it until baby is about a year old. (then if I need to I will try to lose weight)

I have been trying to get in about 2 miles each day since January and I've lost about 10 lbs. such a nice feeling! :).~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :)

Yes! I'm desperate to lose at least 35 pounds, but it's been difficult. I am thinking about Jenny Craig.

Hi Tammy!
Really enjoying your site, not just the recipes and tips but your personality that's blended so sweetly into the mix :) Jan 5th, 2009, God prompted me to FINALLY begin getting healthy and I first want to thank Him here for that gift. (More on that below) I've used a combination of common sense and the South Beach plan of healthy carbs, healthy proteins and healthy fats to take off 135 lbs. I still have a ways to go and the weight loss is slower now but the exciting thing is the extreme change in my energy levels and my bloodwork results. NO high cholesterol, NO high blood pressure, NO foot pain, NO sleepiness following a meal, etc, etc, etc.

I adjust many recipes I find both on your site and others and find that diabetic sites offer many healthy recipes that feature convertible ingredients so that I'm staying with whole grains, no sugar, white rice, white potatoes or white pastas. It's been the funnest (is that a word!!??) challenging 18 months of my life and at 52 yrs old, about time!!!

Wanted to share that here for two reasons--1. to let folks know that THEY TOO can get weight off that's hung on much too long (I weighed 345 lbs 18 months ago, wore a size 5x top; today I wear a size 18) and without lots of gimmicks and fads and 2. to share that the change in me began when I realized I wanted to please God more than my appetite. Gluttony IS a sin at least for me it was and is, and pleasing God with my eating has totally changed and enriched my relationship with both God and everyone else in my life. Hope this inspires someone today.

Thank you for all you do here for us! I for one appreciate your time and effort :) Sincerely, Kathy Dee

I am nursing my 10-month-old so am starting a modified low-carb approach. This will bring down my dangerously high CRP level, which is a risk factor for heart disease or stroke. It has been hard since the baby has been born with six children!

I started in January and have lost 40 pounds so far. I'm not to my goal yet, but plan to be by the end of the year!!

I am focusing now on avoiding all processed foods, and trying to amp up on fresh veggies and fruits and lean meats.
I recently watched " Supersize Me" and " Food, INC" Sure helps spur you one!
Plus I always have my orders fro Paul's grains to help out!
If weight loss comes with my changes, it will be much welcome!

I'll probably wean my daughter when she's a year, so I'll focus more on losing weight then,. Though I should start on some tummy toning now, but I just feel so tired! : ) Healthy eating is more important than losing weight, but it sure doesn't help the mirror very much. : )

I'm not actually trying to lose weight but tone. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn throughout the day. So my goal, is to not diet but eat fresh foods: veggies, fruits, granola, chicken and turket, etc. And to make it to the gym at least three times a week. I'm only there for 35-45 min. just lifting weights. It's only been three weeks and I can tell a huge difference.

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