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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Easier way to swallow large vitamins

Dolores emailed me this tip for making large vitamins easier to swallow:

1. Take a big bite of banana and chew (without swallowing).

2. Pop vitamin into your mouth, with the chewed banana.

3. Swallow. It goes right down! :)

While I usually did okay at swallowing my multivitamins, I've been using this banana trick now and it's even better! No more half-stuck vitamins as I try to gulp water...

Taking a few vitamins is part of my morning routine, and eating a banana (or two) was already on my menu most days as well, since bananas are filling and nutritious. :)

Vitamins pictured: NOW Special Two's with Green Superfoods -- same as the "SuperMom" vitamins, a flaxseed oil omega 3-6-9 supplement, and a Vitamin B Complex. :)

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1. Making popcorn without a microwave (Carmen)
2. Homemade yogurt tips
3. Easier iced tea -- sun tea (Kolfinna)
4. Re-usable canning lids (Linda)
5. Using leftovers (Annie)


Perfect Waffles~Following Directions

Here is my link:

Making Popcorn Without a Microwave

I'll have to try the banana-and-vitamin trick. It doesn't seem like it'd work that well, but if you both have tried it and used it, I have to believe it! Thanks so much!

Here's my tip for the day:
Making Popcorn Without a Microwave

Carmen @ Life Blessons

Easy Dependable Yogurt

Today's kitchen tip is how to make yogurt! It's so simple, and saves money and is more healthy than store-bought.


Great idea with the banana, I'll have to try that. Usually I take mine with orange juice, the pulp helps. I can never use just water.


Your tip is amazing; I just tried it, and with much success!

Sun Tea

I made sun tea today.....and posted about it on my blog. YEA! Tea will be ready for supper with little effort and it won't be so hot that I have to use all my ice to cool it off. :-)

Good tip about getting pills down.

how to swallow large vitamins

Hi Tammy,

This also works with any food. Simply chew any food up as normal and before you swallow pop a vitamin in your mouth into the chewed food - then swallow. Works like a charm every time :)

- Annicedda

That's a great idea! I'll

That's a great idea! I'll have to try it. I'm sure my kids will appreciate an easier way to swallow big pills.

My tip this week is for reusable canning lids.


Another tip for swallowing pills

I thought I would share with you how I learned how to swallow pills - When I was younger, I couldn't swallow them at all... neither could my mom...

Several years ago, she was in the hospital with complications from pregnancy. Not only did she had to swallow medication, but she was even inverted on a bed that kept her head lower than her feet! The trick that they tought her and was the only way she could swallow pills for years was by drinking through a straw. You put the pill in the back of you mouth and then drink through a straw. The way that you drink when you drink through a straw will usually just cause the pill to go down automatically.

kitchen tip

love your tips I have a son who has trouble taking vitamins medicine I believe your tip will help Here is my tip for using leftovers

What an interesting tip!

What an interesting tip! I've never really had a problem swallowing vitamins but I can totally see how this would help if needed! May need to teach my kids this one day!


Aw man, I hate bananas! lol

Aw man, I hate bananas! lol I did read the comment about it working with other foods so I'll have to try that. :)

Freezing Strawberries

Here's my kitchen tip for the week -- preserving those yummy strawberries for smoothies later:

drink your vitamins

I prefer to drink my vitamins! :) But that;s a good idea for the omega 3's.

I really love your blog Tammy! Thanks for sharing all your good ideas.

Thank you!

This tip for swallowing pills is AMAZING. I am leaving for Africa in a week and i was freaking out about swallowing malaria pills, and the other medication i have to take. Now i am worry free!
I can't thank you enough !


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