Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Quick water at the stove

It seems like I am constantly grabbing water when I am at the stove cooking. Whether it's tossing some water in a pan to warm leftovers, adding a splash of water to a pot of soup, or heating up some frozen veggies, water is something I like to have handy!

Tea kettle on the stove

Rather than turning around and getting some tap water (icky!) or -- even slower -- getting filtered water out of our Berkey on the counter, I just reach for the tea kettle sitting on the stove with water in it. I keep it filled with Berkey water (whenever I fill the Berkey or before heading to bed for the night) and it's just so handy to use some when needed! I don't even have to move the pan from the burner to add water!

Berkey and a water bottle
Our Berkey and my favorite Contigo water bottle

When my sister was here recently, she saw me using water from the tea kettle while I was cooking and told me that was a great idea. That's when I realized that this little habit of mine might qualify for a Kitchen Tip! :)

So tell me, how many of you grab water from the tea kettle when you're cooking? Or do you even have a tea kettle on your stovetop? :)

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1. Measuring/cooking with spices
2. 10 things to make in a muffin tin (Tara)
3. Measuring/pouring pancake batter
4. More juice from limes/lemons (Alea)
5. Checking freshness of eggs (Linda)
6. Measuring honey (Annie)
7. Preserving garlic and basil
8. Dip ideas


Today I talk about spices and the importance of mis en place!

I don't have a kettle. I used to, not sure where it went.

No tea kettle here. We have a filter on our tap, so I use that when I need water.

For my tip, I'm continuing the "10 things to do" theme with a muffin pan. :)

Hi Tammy,
Here is my kitchen Tip Tuesday entry:

That is a great idea!

Here is my tip for doubling the amount of juice I get from my lemons and limes:

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

Unique cookie idea:

And yes, when I have a stove I do keep a kettle on it and I do use the water in my cooking :)

I had a tea kettle until it died this past winter. I really need to get a new one, though. I liked using it to warm water better than a pan.

My tip this week is how to tell if your eggs are fresh.


I so agree with you about the water and love your tip. Here is one for a sticky situation of measuring honey

During the winter I continually have 2 water kettles on top of our woodstove filled with our fresh well water. This not only gives me hot water at a whim, but also humidifies the air for us during the arid (indoors) winter months. Since we usually heat this way October through May we are good for perpetual hot water for 7+ months of the year. The rest of the time there is a kettle on the stovetop that stays filled for use. In Summertime, if I'm making ice-tea, the gallon jug is out on the porch on sunny days brewing up some delicious sun-tea too.

Shalom, PamiE

Preparing basil for the freezer for winter use. Especially nice if the garden is not giving you enough tomatoes for the freezer.

Dips for dummies - 8 no recipe dips

Tammy, I have a dillemma posted at the top of my page - what to do about carpeting in the dining room. I remember you had the same problem - I'd love it if you'd come over and tell me how you solved that problem!


Hey Tammy,

My dad helped me build a clothesline in the backyard and it made me think of you! Can't wait to hang Baby Robbins's cloth diapers on the line. . .

I don't have one on the stove - do you keep your element on all the time? - but I do have an electric tea kettle and have to admit I can't imagine going back to one on the stove. I can have hot water in less than 3 minutes with very little electricity. In winter we heat with wood 100% and always have out food cooked on the stove top as well as a kettle for water for humidity. We have a Berkey (I have aquasauna but the water takes forever to filter through so I bought Berkey filters and use them), and I use that water for everything. It is in my dining room so we have a little pipe that runs from cold water to it so I can fill it easily.

I don't leave the element on to keep the water hot. I'm actually picky about my tea and the water must be freshly heated! ;)

I do find that only heating the amount of water needed (i.e. a cup or two or however much I need) means it heats up a lot faster than heating a whole kettle full for 1 cup of tea! But I have never tried an electric kettle! :)

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