How often do you run your dishwasher?

2+ times per day
10% (340 votes)
Once per day
36% (1218 votes)
Every 2 days
19% (649 votes)
Every 3 days or less
15% (490 votes)
We don't have a dishwasher
19% (653 votes)
Total votes: 3350


I used to have a dishwasher and really didn't like it at all. Believe it or not, it's a good time to bond with my older children. I wash and they dry and put away the dishes. I just prefer not to have one.

Since we milk 2 cows twice a day, the milking pail, totes, strainer & glass gallon jars ALL have to be sterilized in the D/W between uses. Somewhere in there, I have to fit the dishes for the 9 of us, too! Since I homeschool and my husband works out of the house, all 9 of us are here eating ALL our meals at home. That's a lot of dishes!

We generally run the D/W 3-5 times a day, depending on what's cooking.

Wow, you have a dishwasher that can FIT all that? Those milking pails (from what I've seen in the movies) are pretty big! You do sound like Super Woman, though, with all those children, homeschooling, etc. Go You!

Not only does it save water, time and money, it saves me the dreaded job of dishwashing, keeps my kitchen 10 times cleaner and i can not say how much I love my dishwasher. I have so many jobs to do and to have this one, I sort of think of it like a nice maid.....when long ago people had maids to help them, this is my maid.

We have a system where most of the time I load the dw and my six year old unloads it twice a day. The dishes that don't fit or are cookware I was in the sink as needed, mostly while cooking. It took four dishwashers to find one that was a really good one. It is a Kenmore, of which has a food disposer built in. The manual actually state to NOT rinse the dishes before putting in the dishwasher. I won't argue with that one. :)

Susan (

I still have a bunch of stuff that cannot go into the dishwasher and needs to be hand washed. Handwashing occures every day after dinner. The dishwasher only decreases the pile by half.

I voted "no dishwasher," but that's not really true. Ours works perfectly, but I use it only for drip-drying. I try to remember to run it quarterly just to keep it clean.

I voted once a day but really some days it is not used at all and on some days it it two or three times a day depends on what we are cooking or baking that day. I still wash bottles and sippy cups and my good cookware by hand though. It averages to once a day.

My dishwasher broke a few weeks ago. I tried to fix it good. So, I started researching new dishwashers and was shocked at the prices. We found an appliance store in a small town that sells new and used appliances . I just got a used 1995 GE dishwasher for $125.00. It works so much better than the other one ever did. I could have kept washing by hand but it seems a constant thing and it uses more hot water too. The dishwasher is a luxury item so I'm happy with my new recycled old dw.

I think you need to ask how many times you run your dishwasher AND how many members are in your family ;-) Makes a big difference on the results...

I usually turn mine on last thing at night before going to bed. Some days I can get by with only running it every other night, but for the majority of the time, it's every night.

Before we bought this house 2 years ago, we lived in a home with very hard water and I wasn't able to use the dishwasher because no matter what I used, the dishes were always 'filmy'.

So after being without a dishwasher for 6 years, I really appreciate being able to use one now!

When we moved into our house 21 years ago, my only real requirement was that it have a dishwasher. :-)
I do wash pans by hand as needed, but everything else goes into the dishwasher and I feel no remorse over it. I feel it's more sanitary and ultimately uses less water than I would if I were washing by hand. I especially enjoyed it when I had babies in the house and didn't want to spend hours in the kitchen washing dishes.
Currently, I load the dishwasher (to maximize use of the space) and our 8 year-old unloads. We are getting ready to change our children's daily job lists and that job will soon belong to our 6 (nearly 7) year-old when we make the change. Even our 2 year-old grandson likes to help unload when he's here. :-)
I, for one, am very thankful for this piece of modern civilization---it makes my day much better just knowing that I won't be facing piles of dishes to wash by hand. :-D

We have a dishwasher at the apartment I live in but I never use it. My roommates do use it but I don't know how often but at times it seems like it's just used for storage.

I love this poll! My bf thinks the dishwasher should be ran no more than twice a week with a family of four, so I am glad to see there are a lot more people that run it often.

i agree, our household right now consists of only my husband and i, and we run it less than once a week. i would love to run it more often, that way i don't have to worry about handwashing big pots and pans so i can use them the next day!

My Dishwasher was just recently turned on, it has been asleep for about 5 years. 5 years ago my husband pulled the plug, we felt our children were taking advantage of this dear machine. So, for the past 5 years my 4 kids have been the Dishwashers. Now with one away at college an (2) 11th graders and (1) 10 grader, the homework load and out side responsibilities have left the dishes in the sink longer than I like so I plugged the machine back up, I felt having the dishwasher back on removed a bit of house care stress. My kids still hand wash most dishes but now when the day is crazy we use the dishwasher, it's never more than once a day and sometimes not even that. I know my children realize having a dishwasher is a treat!

my dishwasher hums almost daily, if not 2 times a day. I am a full time nursing student and my husband works full time, is a part time student AND is in the National Guard.
I love the convenience. I admit there are days when I'm to lazy to unload/load it though.

When we moved into this townhome, the dishwasher was pretty useless. It was so old the dishes never came clean. Lucky for us, the landlords put in a brand new one for us about a month after we moved in. The old one had been relegated to being a drying rack :)

We bought our house brand-new 4 years ago but we always hand wash our dishes and use the dishwasher to drain them. Once every couple weeks, I'll put some soap in the box and run the empty machine. I tried the machine a couple times when we first moved in, but it seemed like too much work. Rinsing all the dishes before using it. Then when you open it, I would still sometimes find dried detergent bits or small puddles of water in dishes that I hadn't tilted properly. I don't know... it just seems easier to hand wash items.

About the only time we use it is during canning season, we'll use it to wash and sterilize our jars :)

My dishwasher is about on it's last leg, and I can't stand the smell from the detergents. All that chemical steam makes me wonder what we're inhaling. I don't think I'll want a new one when the time comes. I've determined that my children need to know how to do things by hand, plus they need to get off their butts in front of the computers and do something useful. Lately, I've been hand washing breakfast dishes and will have the kids do the dinner dishes. The kitchen seems cleaner to me this way and the dishes get put away promptly. There's only four of us, but it seems I was needing to buy more bowls and plates because I wouldn't run the dishwasher unless it was full. Sometimes, with a simple dinner of soup, the dishwasher doesn't fill up til the next day. In the meantime, we'd run out of bowls from breakfast, lunch, and then dinner.

And when it comes to canning season, I wash the jars by hand and let the steam in the cookers do the sanitizing. Can only do a load at a time anyway.

A few months ago I finally moved into a place that has a dishwasher. I've continued handwashing dishes, and running the dishwasher once a week... No more! My hands are always split to pieces and dried out, and in pain. I finally paid attention to how much water I am wasting by washing them by hand... It would be easier to wait until bedtime, but, then there would be a pile of dirty stinky dishes sitting in the sink all day- Yuck! It would take well over 4 gallons to fill both sinks (if I did the recommended economical way for handwashing)... And, you still would have to rinse. I hope I'm helping the environment with my decision, it seems like I should be... I never realized I was wasting so much water.

Yup, it's true, I read an article on it once, it takes twice as much water to wash by hand vs. a new energy efficient machine. Sadly I don't have a dishwasher and can't see affording one for several more years. I tape some verses to my window in front of the sink to try and redeem my mindless hours of scrubbing each week. :)

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