Your questions answered: Naturally sweet herbal teas

Market Spice tea

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Andrea writes:

I enjoy your blog and know you are quite a "tea girl". Are you aware of any loose leaf, naturally sweet herbal teas to recommend? I need to avoid caffeine but love refreshing cold tea.

Absolutely! :) MarketSpice is a Seattle-based company and their Cinnamon Orange tea is delicious, spicy, and sweet. I recommend the loose leaf (rather than bagged) because it keeps fresher longer. They sell cinnamon-orange decaffeinated loose leaf tea and I LOVE IT!! (Shop around for the most affordable online price... or get it on sale in grocery stores in the PNW.)

MarketSpice also has a green tea version of their cinnamon-orange tea, which is loose leaf but not decaf.

The MarketSpice cinnamon orange tea is very similar in taste to Good Earth's Original Sweet & Spicy herbal tea. I don't believe the Good Earth tea is sold anywhere in loose leaf form, but you can get it in bagged form at grocery stores or on It's a very delicious tea that is FABULOUS iced as well!! We just love it.

I have not tried this tea, but The TeaSpot sells a loose leaf rooibos tea that's vanilla and almond flavored and supposedly sweet. Since I have not tried it myself, I can't say how it compares to MarketSpice or Good Earth as far as sweetness.

Another option is Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice herbal tea. It's naturally sweet and spicy (and decaf of course). I've been drinking this tea in the evenings lately, or when I don't feel up to using my teapot to brew a larger amount of loose leaf tea. :) I can usually find Celestial Seasonings teas on sale or with a coupon for about $1.50 a box, and they have some really spectacular blends! :)

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I like Good Earth tea, too. Another naturally sweet herbal tea is Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat tea. I enjoy the flavor so much that I drink it even when I don't have a sore throat.


Have you tried passion tea? I really love the Tazo brand. It is definitely naturally sweet and it's dark red in color so it's really pretty too. Paired with lemon it is absolutely delicious! Roobios is also delicious. It really doesn't taste like tea to me but it is good.

My mom just gifted me some Aveda Comforting Tea. It's peppermint and licorice root tea with some sweet fennel and basil. I let it steep for about 20 minutes and it's like drinking sugar water. It's pricey, but a little loose leaf goes a long way!

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