Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Tips for storing food in glass jars

I like to store dry ingredients in glass jars. Foods like rolled oats, any whole grain (wheat, barley, quinoa, rice, etc.), flour, homemade granola, seeds (sesame, poppy, flax), wheat bran, dried beans, -- you get the idea. :)

Glass jars are a safe, economical, and beautiful way to store foods! In fact, Joshua even uses a glass canning jar to take his daily morning mocha frappuccino to work with him! :)

Extra measuring scoops

How to obtain the jars:

  • Second hand stores

  • Friends who love pickles ;)

  • Relatives who have extra jars in their basement that they no longer need or use

  • Clean out and re-use glass jars that you purchase with food in them (pickles, salsa, jam, tomato sauces, etc.) -- Costco is a great place to find the extra big jars of pickles, artichoke hearts, peppers, etc.

How to obtain lids:

  • Re-use the lids that came with the jars (necessary for odd sizes)

  • Purchase plastic lids for regular-mouth or wide-mouth jars in the canning section of stores

How to get rid of smells:

  • Wash jar and lid in hot soapy water and allow to dry. Place dry lid(s) in a container of baking soda for several days or until the smell is removed.

How to remove sticky labels from jars:

First, try soaking in hot (very hot!) soapy water, overnight if necessary. Peel off label and wipe away remaining glue with a dish cloth.

If that doesn't work, you can try:

  • rubbing alcohol
  • peanut butter
  • vinegar
  • a green Scotch Brite pad
  • scraping with an old plastic credit card/store card
  • the commercial product Goo Gone
  • nail polish remover
  • steel wool
  • soaking in dishwasher detergent

Bonus tip: Peanut butter works the best to remove stickies from our plastic tablecloth cover when the children's stickers end up there instead of on paper. :)

Gallon-sized jars of grain

How to make the lids airtight:

  • Fold a couple layers of wax paper and place between the lid and the jar before screwing the lid tightly in place.

  • Place a piece of plastic (from a heavy Ziplock bag, for example of thickness and texture) between the lid and jar before screwing the lid tightly in place.

(The extra barrier of wax paper or plastic creates a good seal when a lid is lacking a rubber seal.)

Where to store glass jars of food:

In a dark, cool place if possible. Light will damage food!

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I love the look of food stored in glass jars!

Here are my tips on using cornstarch:

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

5 ways to keep apples around all year long!

Also, you can remove smells from glass jars with crumpled newspaper inside.

:) Katie

I like glass jars, too. Plastic always seems to flavor the food, and I hate that. We don't have as many glass jars as I'd like, but I'm working on it. :)

My tips are for using a trifle bowl.

Beer Brats are a favorite at many Oktoberfest festivals; here are the easy steps for making them at home.

I love storing my bulk foods in jars! :) Great tips for getting the labels off- thanks!

My tip is for frugally making a non-dairy milk option, by making homemade coconut milk (and a buttermilk option):

I hope your moving goes well! We'll be doing that in a couple weeks, too.


Good morning!
My tip this week is how to open a "stubborn" jar:). You can find it at

I just wanted to mention on yesterdays post...Our house before this one was 1500 sqf. We moved there with 2 children and ended up having 3 more there. I have good memories of our home...the size was perfect for that size family and cleanup was easy too. I think you'll enjoy it!

I love storing in glass jars!

Well, I knew I had a good reason for not keeping my glass jars on the counter...because light damages food! (No, didn't know that one.) Tucking them into my pantry also keeps the clutter minimized. Still there, yes...but minimized.

My tip was stumbled upon when I sought out uses for leftover cornbread and came up with croutons - they are very tasty!

WD-40 removes stickers and residue better than anything else I've ever tried. Then it can be washed away easily with soapy water.

That's how we store our bulk grains too! :)

My husband gets catalogs from and they have glass storage jars. They have per-piece pricing and also bulk quantities. We're thinking about buying some for ourselves :)

I heard about the peanut butter tip a while back and started figuring out why peanut butter works. It has so much oil in it and that is what is loosening the glue. Where I live peanut butter is extremely expensive (especially the good additive free, sugar free stuff I buy) and there is no way Im using that. I ration it out to make it last as food. So I just grab a cotton ball and pour some oil in and dab the label until it is soaked with the oil, leave it over night and the label peels off the next morning.

Eucalyptus oil. You won't go back ;)

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