Sunshine in my kitchen: A clean floor and busy helpers

A clean floor!

I am really enjoying having a washable floor under our kitchen table! Joshua bought me some Lemon Pine Sol which I have been using to clean the floors and bathrooms. It had been years since I'd used Pine Sol, and I didn't even know there were different scents, but I love this lemon one!

A freshly mopped floor always makes me feel glad. The boys are old enough to fold up the chairs for me so that vacuuming and mopping is quick and easy. When we all work together, things start looking better quickly!

Busy appliances

I'm also thankful for my kitchen appliances -- like the dishwasher and bread machine! When I took this picture, the dishwasher was cleaning our dishes and the bread machine was kneading some whole wheat bread.

Being able to take just a few minutes to load and/or start something and then have the machine finish the task is truly a blessing! My day and week goes so much better when I utilize appliances, like the bread machine, crock pot, and dishwasher, to their fullest extent. I've even tried a couple new crock pot recipes recently that we loved! I just have to remember to plan to DO THESE THINGS.

Smiley Ruth (2) has transformed this year from being a baby to being a little girl. When I call for kitchen helpers, she's the first to come running to clear the table or wash it!

When possible, Joshua's been providing me with several hours each week "to myself". Some of this time I've used for blogging (like right now!)... some has been for finally getting to some long-neglected task... and some has been used for planning. Planning what needs done for the week. Planning what meals we'll be eating. Mapping out on paper a routine, goals, and blessings.

I'm more productive in the mornings, but if I wake up without a "to do" list, I can end up wandering around aimlessly for hours. A list -- even an impossibly long one -- helps give me direction amid the craziness of energetic children. :)

What helps get your day off to a running start? :)


Your new kitchen looks lovely! I, as well, am so much more productive with a list! :)

Hi Tammy...I am so happy you all have a bigger place. Ruth has getting so big. I know they are keep you busy, but I cant wait to get a tour of you new place!!!!

You are a lot like me when it comes to having to have a to do list, otherwise I feel like I have no direction and I feel scrattered and stressed all day long. If only I could remember to do this simple task everyday....looks like a New Years Resolution coming on...:)

... always seems to help me too. although I am really bad about making one... ugh.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that enjoys the simple things (a clean lemon-fresh floor).
Glad you posted some pics of the new place and am looking forward to more.
Prayers to you and your family,
Kim J.

Thank you so much for having my family over yesterday for brunch.
All my children said yesterday several times was " what an amazing breakfast."

I will forward this website to my daughters.

I love your new home. Your family will be able to spread out in the house and the yard.

Thanks Cindy Druschba

It looks like a real house:):):) Can't wait fo rthe tour!

Glad you're doing well! I make lists in my head...the paper lists backfire on me...they make me grumpy if I can't get to everything on my list. Like a written list is supposed to be set in stone or something but a mental one I can work with and prioritize and let go of things that I can't get to:):):)

Coffee!! :D

i love to make to do lists, even though i follow them, it often shows me how little i get done too! your new house looks pretty. so glad you're up and at "em again. please email your address and phone #. hugs, deb

A programable coffeemaker is very much appreciated every morning when I wake up. love smelling the aroma as I rise. I usually take a few moments to pray and then head downstairs. I get up before the rest of the family and enjoy a cup of coffee and usually try to plan out my day and make a "to do" list. I am not always able to accomplish every thing on the list, but those things are then put on the next days list.


Hi Tammy...

For me, getting my clothes washer and dishwasher going before I even make my hot tea, helps start my day off right. I have to wash at least one load every day with both machines.

I make paper lists too.....cause being able to cross out things gives me a 'thrill'. I never try and actually finish the list....just make a new one for tomorrow and keep on going.

I love to have 6 or 7 things crossed off by 10am. I get up between 3:30 and there is plenty of time. If I can get a lot done in the morning, while I have full steam, then I get to slow down and enjoy the afternoon and evening. It works for me.....

So glad you have moppable floors again under your dinner table! We lived in a house that had carpet 100% throughout......even the bathroom! It was terrible. Now I don't have any carpet at all, and I just use little throw rugs. And they all fit into the supersize washer at the laundry mat!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Looks like you have a lovely new home! I hope we get a 'tour' sometime. :) I really appreciate the helpful 'servants' as well. It makes our jobs a little brighter and definitely easier! It's hard enough, can you imagine our great grandmother's lives? Or even my 90 yr old grandmother! I'm thankful for the era I live in. lol

I love a clean and organized home so much, but I just can't seem to get it all done either.A to do list is so important for my peace of mind. Even when it get's so long it turns into a book> ;o)
I even do stuff not on the list, then run and write it down and mark it off! Crazy stuff. I have had to learn to relax my standards...not an easy task though.
I'm so happy that you have a new home with more room. I am sure you will find a great routine soon.

Looks like you have a lovely home, I hope you do a tour someday. :) I also have lists, most of the time they are in my head, but I do use paper too, especially when we are all cleaning the house for Sabbath, then it's on paper and the children love to cross of the finished chores.

To help get our day off with a good start, is to get up on time and do the chores and morning routine first thing. :):)

Enjoy your posts!

~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :)

I would love to see the place more too! It looks great, minus the pet hair! Hate that stuff!!

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