What's your favorite way to eat fresh veggie sticks?


how about with hot wings!! :) lol


And with Bleu Cheese, it's even better!

About 3 hours ago, I would have said ranch, but my sister made some hummus....it's delicious!


i like both ranch and hummus, but I had to pick one so i voted ranch ;)

We love Dill dip with raw veggies.

I like all the dips you listed but greek tzatziki is my very favorite. This is a good one.


I also like to eat them plain, or some veggies with a little salt (like cucumbers and yellow squash)

Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
By the way, what is ranch dressing ?

But the more truthful answer is that they don't like me. Cooked veggies are great, but most raw veggies make my stomach hurt. I can eat a few things, but have to be very careful. I do like sugar snap peas with ranch dip, and I LOVE hummus, but have that with crackers or on a sandwich.

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