Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: 6 Tips for perfect oven-roasted veggies!

I love, love grilled vegetables! But, it's January! And even though we still use our grill in the winter for meats, I am definitely not going out in the cold to grill vegetables when I can roast them in the oven and warm up the house a little. :)

Here are some of the vegetables I have successfully roasted in the oven, with great results:

Broccoli and/or cauliflower
Root veggie blend
Sweet potatoes

6 tips for perfect oven-roasted veggies:

1. Place veggies, seasonings, and oil in a sealed bowl or freezer Ziplock bag and shake to coat. This is easy and efficient! I usually use a big Tupperware bowl with a lid.

2. Spread veggies in a thin layer. Don't pile them up, and if possible leave a little space in-between some of the chunks, so they can truly roast and not steam themselves! This makes a surprisingly big difference! :) Use more than one baking sheet if you need to.

3. Bake veggies at a fairly high temperature: at least 375 degrees, and up to 450 degrees. Get to know your oven by trying different temperatures and watching closely as you experiment. Unless you use one of my recipes, where I've done my best to find the perfect temperature and baking time for you! ;)

4. Rotate your baking sheets! If you've followed tip #2, and spread your veggies thinly across the baking sheet, you may end up with two sheets to bake instead of just one. This is fine! Place one sheet on the top oven rack and one sheet on the bottom oven rack (not directly under the other). Just rotate sheets every 10-15 minutes, switching the trays on the racks. This allows for even baking.

5. If a few of the veggies are getting dark (like near the corners of the sheets), don't be afraid to remove those and continue baking the rest of the veggies. If I see a potato wedge starting to get a little too dark, I take it off earlier than the rest! :)

6. Taste, and add additional salt if needed. When I'm making roasted veggies without a recipe, I usually end up sprinkling salt across the veggies before serving. A little salt can transform "blah" broccoli into amazing deliciousness! That's got to be why Eliyahu requested broccoli as his favorite food for his birthday last week, right? :)

My favorite seasonings for roasted veggies:

Onion (can be roasted with the veggies)
Hot sauce (Tapatio or Cholula!)

Roasted veggies, fish sticks, veggie sticks, and apples!
One of our simple meals last week, which was 100% fingerfood! (Fish sticks, roasted root veggies, apple slices, and veggie sticks)

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roasting is actually one of them :-)

We are so on the same page! :) Thanks for all your kitchen tips... I appreciate your faithful participation! :)

Hi Tammy :-)
I scrolled down looking over your postings since last Tuesday and man does that bowl of your mom's recipe for chili look inviting! And good!!! We are in the midst of "winter storm warning with multiple inch accumulation" right now, which makes Chili sound all the more wonderful!

Again this week I have two postings I would like to link up.
#1 - Drool-over-able Chocolate Cake -

#2 - Chocolate Covered Strawberries -

Keep those slippers on your feet my friend! Warm floorboards will again be the norm some-day... ;-)

Cheryl B.

I am going to make the roasted root veggies with our pizza burgers tonight.I will come back and leave a review after dinner.

Mrs. Paradis

Mrs. Paradis, thank you for trying the recipe, and leaving a review! Already! :) So glad everyone liked the veggies. Carrots and potatoes are so affordable, but (had been) under-used in my kitchen. :)

Hi Tammy-

My kitchen tip today is using lemon and salt to freshen your refrigerator.



Here are some of my fave freezing tips, including how to freeze things like broth in glass canning jars!
Swing by my slightly cuckoo nest for family favorite recipes, herbal remedies, funny kid stories and more fun stuff!

We love parsnips with the other root veggies. Also, I roast whole heads of garlic in the corners of the pan and later squeeze the hot, soft garlic out onto bread. Yum!

Parsnips! My parents grew a bunch of those last year, but I have never tried them (that I can recall). I will pass this tip on to my Mom! :)
The roasted garlic cloves squeezed onto bread sounds delicious... especially if it's a crusty white bread! Yum!
Thanks for sharing those tips!! :)

What a great idea! They look delicious! I have a hard time making healthy meals for my family and I really enjoy visiting your site. I'll be back to see what other ideas and recipes you have.


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