Warmth in my kitchen: Chicken Soup with Rice and homemade bread

I just added my recipe for Whole Grain Chicken Soup with Rice. This is a recipe that I created this winter, using chicken from the freezer, veggies from the fridge, and rice from the pantry. I did have fresh herbs to use in this soup, but dried will work as well.

We all love this soup and the leftovers are great re-warmed! I like to use brown rice, which adds a whole-grain chewiness and a bit of fiber. :) I've made chicken soup with rice in the past, using white rice and making a creamy chicken "soup" (maybe more of a gravy), but this whole grain chicken soup is much more hearty and filling!

I also love that using rice is healthier and cheaper than using noodles, and definitely easier than making noodles! I do really enjoy a good homemade chicken noodle soup but need to keep things simple much of the time.

Homemade whole wheat bread recipe

Homemade bread is a great addition to any wintertime meal! With boys who love to toast their own bread (and can each eat several slices!), our homemade bread goes quickly.

Isn't that photo just perfect? Well, here is what I found when I sliced a few more slices from that same loaf:

Homemade whole wheat bread

Can you believe it?! I don't think I've EVER seen such a huge hole in a loaf of bread! The top was actually a little too dark, too, due to me turning off the timer and then forgetting to take the bread out of the oven until about 20 minutes later! Thankfully, the bread was still good inside, and the dark top was hardly noticeable when we ate it.


It's a handle for holding the bread without getting butter on your fingers. :-)

Haha! :) Actually it wasn't hard on top, just dark, so the "handle" would have been too soft. ;)

I know what you mean about needing to keep things simple:) Looks ans sounds yummy! I can almost smell it!
momto9 http://cookingwithlittles.blogspot.com

It looks perfect for little hands though :-)

After reading your post earlier today, I just HAD to make bread. I served it with stew, which was great as well!

Can't wait to try your soup recipe. When I make chicken soup I normally make something that is a bit Greek, my mum used to make it. So simple, just chicken wings, stock, rice, lemon juice & egg. Basically just boil up the wings in the stock, when cooked add rice & lemon juice, then when the rice is soft take off the heat and stir through the beaten egg. Yummy and so simple - make to whatever quantities you desire.

That soup looks delicious!!!! :)

Just thought I would share with you what I do when making chicken soup ... which I am making tonight ... actually it is turkey soup as I had a turkey carcass in my freezer. :)

I simmer my stock all day (house smells so yummy!). Then I add veggies and whatever meat I got off the bones to the broth. The first night I make rice and scoop the rice into the bowls. Then top it off by ladeling the veggie/meat/broth mixture over it. I love doing it this way as there is no starchiness from cooking the rice in the broth.

Then ... a night or two later, I make homemade noodles (sometimes dumplings, but usually noodles) and add them to the remaining veggie/met/broth mixture for a different kind of soup.

This is a wonderful way to get two slightly different meals out of one boiling of turkey or chicken bones.

Tastes good anyhow....= )

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