Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: How to easily access spices in your kitchen cupboard

I mentioned this tip briefly in my kitchen video tour a couple weeks ago. :)

This is what my spice cupboard looks like:

Spice cupboard

On the top shelf, I have spices that are in smaller bottles or containers. I put all the little containers into a larger, plastic container so it's easy to pull down all the spices and select the ones I want to use.

Spices on top shelf

I label the tops of the spices, so it's easy to find what I need. I just used a black marker to label them. :)

On the middle shelf, I have the toaster (which we take down to use), a container of bay leaves (from Costco), and my mortar and pestle.

Spices from bottom shelf

On the bottom shelf, I store all the larger, or often-used spices, along with salt, pepper, and hot sauce. Again, I have all the spice bottles in a large, shallow plastic container for easy access. I just pull the whole container down, use what I need, and then put the whole thing back up. :)

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I have to get some of those containers!

Today's post is using a pressure cooker - I've discovered that most slow cooker recipes can be adapted for pressure cookers and vice versa.

Hi Tammy,

I'm not sure if my post this week qualifies as a tip or not. I found 10 unusual pizza recipes to keep encouraging people to use their pizza stones. :) The URL is


Morning Tammy :-)
yet again I have two links to link up ;-)
The first one is - Wonderful Plain Muffins
These go great with stews, goulash, etc.!!
a "tip" from that one is that Jiffy Mis (TM) and Bisquick (TM) are interchangeable in usage.

The other one is - Stew from leftover Pork Loin
There are several "tips" listed under that one. I'll let you choose. ;-)

I have an appointment soon, so I shouldn't linger. Making note to self to come back and browse your postings from this past week. Especially that apple cake one!

Cheryl B.
The Bz House That Love Built

HI Tammy...

Have you ever tried a lazy susan to keep your spices in? I love mine! I have all my baking spices(cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.) in one and my savory spices (garlic powder, onion powder, basil, oregano, etc. ) in the other. They each set on a different cabinet shelf and can be accessed easily. I can simply turn the lazy susan to find which spice I need. And if I need several, I simply take the entire thing down from the shelf and leave it on the counter until I'm done.


Jean, I haven't! My mom had one, and it always seemed rather messy, and difficult to use with all the different sizes of containers/bottles! Do you have any tips for keeping a lazy susan full of spices... tidy? :)

I suppose that keeping them tidy really depends on how hasty you are about taking them out of the susan and putting them back in. I have to admit that mine isn't always tidy and I take the whole thing out of the cupboard and tidy it up on occasion. I find that sometimes the spices fall over if the susan isn't full, which happens to the one I have my baking spices in. Sometimes spinning it too fast will also cause them to fall over! :) I have very little extra space in my kitchen so this is a good fix for me despite the few downfalls it has. I do love the drawer idea though! If I had an extra drawer I would surely try this! :)


I do the exact same thing - spices in tubs and toaster to take down when we need it ... just not in the SAME cupboard. You make me feel brilliant! =)

We have two spice racks hanging on our walls, with the extra baggies in a tub in the pantry and the extra bottles on a shelf. I see that you have a lot more cupboard space than I do, but I think I would go crazy having to take them out of a cupboard instead of off the wall!

I suppose it is more bother to take spices out of the cupboard, but I've always read to not store spices near heat or sunlight... :)

I've seen spice containers that are magnetic and can stick to the side of the fridge! Some of them have clear plastic in the lids, but (I think) it is UV-blocking plastic, so the light doesn't harm the quality of spices. But, the containers are pricey if you plan to store a lot of spices that way... :)

Menu ideas -- where to look for them

On marking them on top.I will have to do that too :)

Tip on making creamy soups


I buy spices in bulk and my assortment of mismatched plastic was driving me crazy. I found glass spice jars with a shaker top and tight lid at Cost Plus World market for $1 each. Then I labeled them on the top and they fit perfectly (standing up) in a drawer. it's the greatest thing ever.

What a great idea! :) I think my mom currently stores most of her spices in a drawer in baby food jars. :)

I have been doing this for years. I do separate my baking spices and ingredients from the spices I use for cooking. I use a lazy susan for condiments that do not have to be refrigerated, like hot sauce, Worcestershire , A1 etc.

I have shared about how I have solved my biggest bumps in my adventures in sprouting

Mine are always a mess and I love the idea of marking the tops.

How is Joshua feeling? Is his condition improving? I hope so!

Sydney, thanks for asking. Joshua is doing better, was able to see a neurosurgeon, and is going off the medication. We're praying that the pain does not return! (The diagnosis is still, conclusively, trigeminal neuralgia.)

That's wonderful news! I hope he continues to improve and be thankful for great doctors. They really make a huge difference. Take care!

Hi Tammy,

First things first, I *love* your blog with a big fat puffy heart. I want to make every recipe you post. I never could get a spice cupboard to work for me, but a couple years ago my grandmother gave me this weird contraption to put in a drawer and it has been AWESOME. Even disorganized me can keep spices together this way. I keep my biggest spices in a tupperware above my microwave, but 80% go in the drawer.

Keep up the great work!

Kira @ Kissing the Joy

I love your tip, and thank you! That is the best compliment I could wish for! :)

I'm glad you posted this. Right now I have all of my spices laid flat in a drawer, which is very convenient, but everything fits exactly with no space left over. I've been wanting to get some different jars, but have waited because I couldn't think of anything with as much accessibility as my spice drawer. I hadn't thought of having them all in a basket in the cabinet. Thank you!

- Courtney

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