How much does your household pay monthly for trash and/or recycle pickup?

$35 or more
17% (229 votes)
14% (183 votes)
15% (201 votes)
20% (269 votes)
$9 or less
6% (76 votes)
27% (362 votes)
Total votes: 1320


We live rural and have one can that we take to the road. It runs us $22 per month. No recycling. Boo Hoo!
We find that if we will squash the milk cartons, bottles and open any boxes and flatten before we place them in the trash bag, we get way more use out of our trash bags and trash can.

I voted $35 or more because our water/trash/sewer is all one bill. We do not have much of a recycling program locally, they all give up because they don't get much recyclable things. The actual amount for just sanitation is $11.80/month.

I picked the $35+ because the sewer/water/garbage is on one bill as well. I don't know how much the garbage pick up is alone... will have to look at our next bill! We do have a large "green waste" can that we can put in cardboard, tree trimmings, newspapers, etc. We do not have an option for a smaller garbage can - the bill is standard.

We are able to take our own trash to the dump without cost, so my husband loads up the pick-up once a month and we save a good bit by hauling it ourselves.

We live in a rural area. We have a payment called Council Tax. It covers water, sewage (we don't have mains sewers), schools, police, fire brigade, streets, etc. Waste comes as part of that. We have a wheelie bin that we take to the road. Council Tax is about £80 a month, and if we overfill our bin (ie the lid will not close completely) they will not take it. Anything else we have to take the "Civic Amenity Site" otherwise known as the tip or dump. If it is something really big you can arrange for them to take it away, but you have to pay for it. If you have extra rubbish and want to leave a bag next to the bin, you have to put it in special bags which cost 50p each, which you have to buy from the town hall. A different system than the one you have in the States!



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We have to buy purple trash bags that cost $1 for small bags and $2 for large bags. Our city went to a pay to throw system about a year ago. We do recycle and compost to help cut down on the cost as well and it really helps. I shop at BJ's and Sam's club (just like Costco) and I find that I seem to have more packaging because of it. My fruit comes in a plastic box and I have a large box with three smaller boxes of crackers inside and so on. Lucky for us all of that can be recycled!
I think the pay to throw is catching on all over the country, so it will force people to recycle!

we pay $45/month....and if you want to drive it to a pickup place. For me, that pickup place is 30 miles (one way) from my home. The only things they will take are aluminum cans, glass, and newspapers. No plastics.
So I try to reuse as much as I possibly can. And buy as little as I can in plastics......but that is really tough.

I sell yard run chicken eggs....and I can put a box out and ask people to save their egg cartons for me that is nice.

I voted at the top of the price range because until 4 months ago that is what we paid. We have since sold that home and live in our RV. Lot rent covers the cost of the trash service here. The RV Park owner did ask us to flatten boxes so there is room for more peoples trash.
I have a business and recieve lots of products in boxes so I sometimes take the box's to a friends home to use her dumpster because she hardly uses it.
We used to live where we recycled and when we moved out here it was hard getting used to throwing everything away. We could have driven to the next state over to recycle but that seems silly.

We pay $45 plus tax and fees every three months for garbage pick up, once a week. This is up to 3 of our own cans. I wish we could pay for less, but that's not an option, unless we went to hauling our own, which isn't going to happen right now :) On top of that, we pay for curbside recycling as well, which provides a big tipper can, and is collected every other week. I think we pay 18 a month, plus all kinds of fees for that service. We used to drop off our recycling every week at the center for free, but it has definitely cut back on the household clutter to not have to hold on to all of the recycling. Sadly, in Alaska, glass is not currently recycled. I try to save what we can to reuse, but it's very frustrating. I wish recycling was cheaper too! But I do appreciate having it picked up so it's worth it to this 38 week pregnant woman!

So interesting to read about the various trash pickup rates! :) From my side...

When we were first married, in Missouri, trash was a flat rate of $10/month, added to our electric bill for the town (a small town). With just 2 of us, we never even filled the trash can each week... without recycling anything.

Then in Ohio, we didn't have trash service on a monthly basis; I just bought the rolls of trash bags and whenever we filled one (about $1-2 I think, for a huge bag) I would set it out. We did composting, some recycling, and even burned some at my mom's house, so we only had a bag like once a month or so. :)

At our apartment here in WA, we had to pay $20/month.

Now, we're paying almost $17/month which is the cheapest offered (20 gallon can, once a week, and unlimited recyclables). And, I didn't have a 20-gallon can, so I'm using one that I think is 15-18 gallons or so. It's not very big!! :)

I had no idea people even had to pay for trash pick up!
Here in NJ, we don't pay for it. Or it's included in our taxes.

We pay around 31.00 every 3 months for trash service. No recycling. We have no options for can size etc.. Everyone has the same size, but it is huge. We do use paper towels etc., but I use cloth diapers and wipes and we do not use that many canned goods. So, we fill it to about 2/3's of its capacity most weeks.

Ours is technically only $4.00, but it is standard on our water bill. We live just a few miles from the county dump, and from the trash company's headquarters, so I think that is why its so cheap.

We live in a suburb of Salt Lake City and we pay $7/month (just went up from $6.50 last year) and that's once a week with a separate recycling can picked up once every two weeks.

Ours is no cost... it is included in our house taxes, which is not really free. The garbage cans are all along the alley and street so we can just put them out.

We are out in the country so we burn all our garbage, and so only once in a blue moon put out non-burnables for the trash truck and then it is $1.50 per garbage bag stuffed as full as you can. :) Recycling is free and we put that out all the time for the truck that picks it up.

I pay $67 per month, up to two 30 gallons trash can. They charge $1 for any additional items that does not fit in these trash cans.

I'm guessing it's included in the council rates we pay. These are calculated on their estimated value of your house/land. We have rubbish pick-up every week, then another bin for recycle is picked up every fortnight on the same day. Once a month a third bin with green waste is picked up on the same day.

Whoops, I voted $35 or more, but then I remembered that we pay bi-monthly...$55 every 2 months...that's for trash, recycling, and yard waste picked up I guess it's $27.50 a month.


It's so neat to see all the different ways it's done.

When we lived in OK, it was included with our water. You had no other choice, but it was pretty cheap and they provided the large (96 gallon?) carts. No recycling though.

When we lived in CO, it was all privately run in our region. The best company/deal we found was appx. $27/mo for a large trash cart AND a large recycling cart (both weekly), and they took every possible thing that could be recycled and it didn't have to be sorted. If they could see it, they would also take your bin for you on the occasion you forgot to put it out to the curb. And up to 3 extra bags once a month at no charge.

Now we're in OH and it's different again. It's not city maintained where we are (though it is in some places) and we only have two choices. They both have about the same prices and same recycling program (which is decent). We currently pay $31/mo. for the service that best suits us - that also includes recycling.

$17/month here in my Iowa small town. We pay annually in January. They provide a large can for us (included in cost). I *think* they pick up recycling because people put it out, but I never see a separate truck for that. I wonder if it's just trashed?
We do have a recycling center the next town over (8 miles) that I occasionally run stuff to-mostly cardboard. My 4 year old loves to go.
Now that it is starting to warm up again, time to clean out all the cardboard from the garage and get it to the recycling!

My husband is allowed to take what trash we have to work and put it in their trash facility for free!

my community includes trash/recycling cost with the property taxes. We provide our own trash bins, but the city did provide 2 recycling bins plus 1 lid. Any additional recycling bins/lids are $5 each. We don't have to sort our recycling, and they take quite a variety of things, so it makes it easy. We use paper grocery bags to store recyclables in the kitchen, and then take it to the bin when its full.

Other surrounding communities do it differently though. I know that a few use the "pay to throw" system, and some have a monthly rate that is included with the utility bill.

Every apartment we've ever lived in has included trash pick up. One less bill we have to pay! :-)

We pay $65 every 3 months which includes up to 3 95 gallon bins, 1 65 gallon recycling bin and 1 95 gallon yard waste bin every week, they will also pickup one large item ie. mattress, fridge, dresser.....I thought it was expensive until I've seen some other posts, now I'm definitely thankful.

I started out paying about $13 a month and each year it would go up, until it was about 16 a month. So I started calling around since I received a flyer say they would charge $12 a month if the neighborhood would sign up. So I called my company they said the competitors would charge fee's and no they wouldn't match. soI called other companies told them about the flyer, I had most would price match. But one promised $10 and no other fee's if I paid for the year. I paid for the year and ended up getting it for $9.16 a month... all because I paid a year in advance.Considering I am now saving over $5 extra a month now from the previous collectors I had.

It is included.But when we did years ago for the trash bin and nothing extra was $34/3 months.

I selected nothing for my choice, however, I live in a rented apartment, and I'm sure a small amount is calculated into the rent.

We have a large dumpster in the back that we can throw as much as needed in. For two of us I think we throw about 2 small white garbage bags out a week, plus one of cat litter.

We have a sticker service here. Each sticker is 2.92 and you can buy them at city hall, the local gas station and the grocery store. Each can up to I believe 15 gallons costs one sticker or one bag is one you can see the can is the way to go...believe it or not we are a family of five and we sometimes do not fill a can. Recycling is free and we do not need to seperate each category....cans, boxes, plastic and glass can all go together and it is unlimited. The stickers seem pricey but we have found that we recycle so much that it seems to be ok. You can also lease one of those huge cans for $40 plus a month but we do not make enough garbage to warrant one of them.

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We choose not to use the $17.00 monthly service that some neighbors use. Our county has free dump service about 5 miles from our house. We take the trash every saturday and then go out for breakfast. We have a good cafe in town and the three of us can eat for around $10.00. We have gotten some great recycled junk at the dump too. We built our chicken house from dump freebies. We even got 2 mountain bikes. Its amazing what folks will throw away!!

We pay 82.50 every 3 months for trash pick u in Ohio. We only have one company to do it, so we are forced to pay whatever they charge. Seems to be how Ohio works, every company has a monopoly - telephone, cable, trash, water, sewer etc... No choices in Ohio only high costs!

We now pay $25 a month with little choice to drive & dump in this large farm area things are far apart. Monopoly too-no competition. The cost keeps going up too.

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