Review and Giveaway: The Everything Beans Book (10 winners!)

The Everything Beans Book

I was excited when Katie from Kitchen Stewardship approached me, offering a review copy and giveaway of her new ebook, The Everything Beans Book!

You know I love beans, and cook with dried beans on a near-daily basis! I'm in love with slow-cooked pinto beans and beans with toppings (like sour cream, cheese, cilantro, or fresh tomatoes, and hot sauce of course!) is my idea of gourmet dining -- on a budget! ;)

But really, even just tender fresh-cooked pinto beans with a little salt is enough. (Definitely add salt to your long-term food storage consideration! It's cheap and makes plain foods much more palatable!)

Anyway, I printed out my copy of The Everything Beans Book when it was released 10 days ago, and have spent a bit of time reading it and looking over new recipes to try. I've only tried one so far, but it was a BIG success! (Not going to the grocery store as often means I need to really plan ahead for new recipes or non-essentials!)

Which recipe did I decide to try first? Pasta with White (Bean) Sauce! I had everything on hand, and it looked easy and different.

Pasta with White Bean Sauce is an easy white sauce, but the flavor is impressive! The beans help thicken the sauce, while boosting the protein and fiber. There's not usually many redeeming qualities to white sauce, but this bean version made us feel semi-justified in enjoying one of my favorite meals -- pasta with white sauce!

I admit, I was pleasantly surprised at just how good this sauce recipe is! I tasted it as I made it (which did result in the addition of chicken base for a flavor boost), and was dubious as to the end result. However, in the end I thought the cheese, beans, -- everything was just right about this sauce. I do think I prefer smooth sauces, so in the future I may try blending this recipe. That said, I did still really enjoy this sauce slightly-chunky (mashed beans)!

I don't usually serve "mystery foods" to Joshua, but knowing that both white sauces and beans are not on his list of top favorite foods (although he does enjoy them occasionally!), I didn't divulge anything further than "Hey Honey, I tried a new white sauce recipe!"

I served the pasta and sauce with grilled chicken, and Joshua said it was "very good". I said "Really? Well, there's white beans in the sauce." He said, "Really? Well, I can't taste them. It tastes like macaroni and cheese, not beans."

Wow! Now, I could taste the beans in the sauce, but I liked the flavor. (I also knew they were there, so I'm not completely sure I would have been able to distinguish the flavor and identify it without knowing.)

I'm thinking we may add mashed white beans to white sauces a lot more often, especially since it's so easy to cook a big pot of beans, freeze in 2-cup portions, and thaw as needed. The presence of beans also cut down on the need for as much butter/flour for thickening, which is an added health bonus!

There are many more delicious-sounding bean recipes in The Everything Beans Book, and I'm planning to try several of the bean soup recipes, after I make a trip to Business Costco (or maybe Fred Meyer) and get some more beans since I just have pinto beans left right now!

Why I'm loving The Everything Beans Book:

  • It's easily printable (duh!). I like to hold paper copies of recipes in my hands, and with the click of a button (and a whole lot of paper!) this was a reality! :)
  • The recipes are tested -- by Katie and her team. I feel confident making these recipes!
  • There is lots of info about the recipes and beans in general! I was quite impressed!
  • I can actually see myself making a good portion of these recipes. Sure, there are some that I don't think I'll try. But many that I plan to! :)


Healthy Snacks To Go

Katie also sent me a review copy of her Healthy Snacks To Go ebook. Who doesn't like snacking?! And the promise of homemade power bars (that have gotten rave reviews from other bloggers) is inviting.

Unfortunately, I didn't have this ebook before our last Costco trip 2+ weeks ago (patting myself on the back for breaking my Costco addiction enough to wait more than 2 weeks between shopping trips!!) and so I need to buy some bulk nuts and dates in order to actually make the power bar recipes. (I'll post pictures when I do!)

Aside from one recipe that doesn't include measurements or a photo (leaving me feeling unmotivated to try "Cold Balsamic-n-Spelt Salad"), the recipes look approachable and sound yummy!

I have made a few batches of the homemade Wheat Thin Style Crackers (original recipe from the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking book, and shared in Healthy Snacks To Go) and they are GREAT!

If you've ever wanted to duplicate Wheat Thins at home (for a fraction of the price), this is your recipe!

I think these crackers are fairly easy to make. When you consider the high price of a box of "real" Wheat Thins, these crackers are well worth the time! I try to include helpful tips in the recipe instructions and notes (Katie does this as well in Healthy Snacks To Go!) so that even if you've never made crackers before, the process will go smoothly and quickly for you. And, the amount of work involved can be reduced if you use a food processor to blend the butter into the flour.

Yes, it's a small chunk of time. I estimate 15-20 minutes to make the crackers, and then 5-10 minutes to bake. And then there's the clean-up. But the kids can help make these, and have a great deal of fun with it, too!

Giveaway and Discount

Now, here's the extra exciting part: Katie is offering to give a free copy of her book, The Everything Beans Book to 10 readers here! (Or, winners can choose to receive Healthy Snacks To Go instead of the Bean Book.)

How to enter the giveaway:

1. Go to The Everything Beans Book and scroll down to view the table of contents.

2. Come back here and leave a comment telling me which recipe looks most interesting to you! :) You are now entered in the giveaway!

Giveaway is open from Monday, March 14 through Friday, March 18, 2011.

10 winners will be selected using and announced on Monday, March 21, 2011.

Discount code:

Katie has also generously offered a 20% discount on all of her ebooks! (If you're selected as a winner in the giveaway, you will receive a refund for the ebook you purchased.)

Go here to see Katie's ebooks, including The Everything Beans Book and Healthy Snacks To Go, and use this code to receive 20% off your order: TAMMYS20

This discount code is good now through March 20, 2011.

Full Disclosure:

Katie has given permission for some of the recipes from her ebooks to be shared online. She guarantees that there will always be content exclusively available in the ebook version!

I received a copy of The Everything Beans Book and Healthy Snacks To Go for review purposes. I am an affiliate for Katie, which means your purchase helps support both Katie and me as bloggers! :)



I've got to say, the Hearty Lentil Stew sounds really good. Especially for those winter times, stew, soups, ect are so yummy.

You know I think it would be the Pasta with White Bean Sauce. I love pasta! :)

well.....many of them look good to me, and if I make any of them I'm sure I'd get to eat most of the dish since it's just me and the boys that like beans. (hubby doesn't care for any bean except green beans and I didn't see any recipes that looked like the used green beans *smile*) SO......I'd say the"Homemade Limey Refried Beans looks like a recipe that I would use and use and use. The book looks interesting. Thanks for the give away Tammy and Tanks Katie for offering it to Tammy to give away!

I so enjoy beans - and have been trying to eat more, attempting to give up the large amount of breads/grains and pasta we eat...I would so love to make the Dosas and the Spaghetti and pintos looks very intriguing.

Thank you for the opportunity!!

I am going to make those wheat thins! --
I wanted to ask if you have any tips on how to *sneak* in - if need be - (which it is getting to be with my just turned 3yo!) vegetables and fruits into children's diets!

Thank you for your blog!!!


There's an entire book on this subject, might investigate your library or Amazon...but it's really pretty simple if you put your mind to it. Just take what they will eat and see how you can add either fruit or veggies in it. Do they like pasta? I always put a thinly chopped carrot or celery in the water I'm cooking the pasta can add veggies into the sauce, as well. Same with rice. Add finely chopped up veggies to hamburger. You may have to disguise it in the beginning but I've known women who do the same for their husbands's refusal to eat veggies!

I have had a recipe for Dosas in the past, but I think I have misplaced it, so I think I would try that one!! (and with the above recipe, I bet butterbeans would be really good making a white (bean) Sauce with.... oh the wheels are turning!)

I would love to try the white chicken chili with lime. It sounds so good!

i would prob want to try the pasta and white bean sauce recipe also...everyone(except me) loves beans. I know they are cheap and healthy but I have the hardest time eating them!

Ill try anything that hides a bean(I really dont like them myself)

Grain Free Fudgy Brownies. My sister-in-law has celiacs so it would be nice to have something easy that didn't include wheat.
~ MrsKatie

One of the first recipes that I made after going gluten free was black bean brownies. I don't know if they are the same as in the ebook but there is a couple recipes floating around online and they are very good. No one that has eaten them has commented about anything being different from a "normal" brownie - kids included.

The sausage greens and beans soup sounds yummy. I'd try that first, I think.

I LOVE beans! I don't use dried beans very often because they intimidate me. I would love to get rid of the cans though.

Right now, the white chicken chili with lime sounds amazing! That's what I would try first. :)

Thanks for the giveaway, this is great!

(not sure if I signed in or not- lifeinlavender/Kim)

I would have to say the veggie bean burrito. Yummy! It all looks great!

I think that i would start at how to cook beans. I have only cooked them several times and really want to learn more. Anna from: email: candafritz (at) gmail (dot) com

The Tuscan Bean Soup and the Chickpea wraps both look yummy! Hope I win a copy!

The white chicken chili with lime sounds delicious and I would love to try it!

I love cabbage so I would love to try the simple cabbage soup!

The Chicken Rice-a-Roni substitute sounds most interesting to me. Thank you for the chance to win--and for the homemade Wheat Thins recipe!

~Jessica W

I've never been a big fan of beans, but have been wanting to find some recipe's that I would like, cause they are a cheaper food. I think the slow cooker lentil rice casserole sounds really interesting...along with several others, so I'd love to get this e-book and try out some bean recipe's! :)

Love the wheat thins recipe you have here too...hate buying them but once in a while I love having them for a snack. :)

I'd love to try the dosas recipe among many others!

I would try the 7 Layer Tex-Mex Appetizer Dip. It sounds like it would be a hit for our family! I'd probably choose the Healthy Snacks to Go book, though, because I'm really interested in getting more of these recipes! Thanks for the chance to win!

schroepfer 7 (at) gmail (dot) com

BROWNIES, BROWNIES, BROWNIES! You can't go wrong with chocolate.

My son, daughter and grandaughter have to eat gluten free so I think I would try the Grain Free Fudgy Brownies first for them.

I would love to try out the recipe Chicken Rice-a-Roni Substitute. Sounds interesting =)

The Tuscan Bean Soup looks wonderful! I love beans!

I'd like to try the dosas. ~Michelle

I'd love to try the fudgey brownies as well. Sounds so interesting and who doesn't love brownies? Thanks for the giveaway!


I like the looks of the beans in white sauce that you made. I'd like to give that a try!

The book looks great! I am particularly interested in:

What about picky eaters (the bean haters of the world)?
How do I get past the texture?
And of course, 30 recipes from appetizer to dessert, all spotlighting the most frugal and nourishing food I know: beans.

But I would also like to try the Mexican Black Bean Burgers. Yum!

We are not big bean eaters. I like them, but no one else does. So I would love to learn how to sneak them in or make really good meals that will help my family enjoy them more.

I would love to have this book; beans is something we eat fairly often and I need new recipes!
I would like to try the Chickpea wraps or the Pasta with White Bean sauce sounds yummy too.
Thanks, Tammy! :)

I'd like to try the Black-Eyed Pea Casserole. I love Black-Eyed Peas. :-)

I think I would try the Mexican black bean burgers first. With 5 boys we eat a lot of burgers!
Would love to win!

I would like to try the black bean soup.

Cheesy White Chicken Chili

I saw the list of the recipes and they all sounds delicious but I would love to try pasta with white bean sauce.

the Mexican Beans and Rice. I have always wanted a good recipe for this combination.
bertschbunch at q dot com

I would love to try some of the white chicken chili...among so many of the other recipes. :) Thanks for the chances to win!!!

I choose all 4 soups ( I grew up eating countless bowls of my Granpop's Bean soup which was never the same twice) plus the Mexican blackbean burgers abd dosas

Saryn P

sarynp at yahoo dot com

I just found your website today and am baking your yummy sounding whole chicken recipe with the lemon pepper. It does smell sooooo good!
I really hoping to I get selected to win this bean recipe book. Thank you Tammy!

The pasta and crackers you made look delicious! I would like to try the Tuscan Bean Soup--we love white beans (and lentils, and chick peas, etc.!) Thank you Tammy!

the Pesto "bean" - fredo with Chicken sounds interesting and delicious! And while I am not a very big fan of beans, I would like to be a fan of this book would be good for me ;)

Kate - etaksreym at gmail dot com

The Cheesy White Chicken Chili sounds wonderful!!

Tammy you have some of the best recipes, i apprecite the time it takes for you to post these things. I know my kids are grown, and i still don't feel i have time to do a lot on the puter, but ur site is a blessings to me. I would love to be entered in the bean cookbook giveaway. I would love to see the 7 layer bean appitizer. But i also cook with beans, recently bought a 25 pound bag of black beans. Thought maybe I shoujld start storing up things in case we do have a food shortage. Beans will go a long way to fill a person up.
Did u have the wind storm in SEattle area we had in Oregon? was terrible our power was out 24 hours. got a bit cold in our house!! blessings hon ty again

i will never figure out this site no matter how many times i come here.
i tried to enter.. i like the 7 layer mexican appitizer. please enter me hon

I would love to try the brownies recipe also because it seems interesting.

Or the: 7 Layer Tex-Mex Appetizer Dip

veggie bean burrito sounds delish! Thanks for the great giveaway Tammy!!

I love all beans but that'd be my pick!
but you sure made the bean sauce look great!

Spicy Turkey Chili Burgers...need I say more!!!
Elizabeth, Point Pleasant, NJ

Homemade Limey Refried beans sound awesome. I love refried beans & lime in Mexican food is another love. Put the 2 together & ... magic.

I'd like to try the chicken rice-a-roni substitute. My family is a little bean-phobic, so I'd love to try some recipes that might change their minds. :-)

I'm sold on the white bean sauce recipe you made, but I'd like to try the slow cooker lentil and rice casserole too. And I know a few people who might want to try grain-free brownies!

Thank you for all your hard work on your blog, I love all the recipes! I had a craving for baked apple oatmeal last night, it was wonderful. yum! I also love your insights on motherhood, family life, and frugal living.

Michelle E., Mountain Home, Idaho

I think the southwestern pot pie sounds yummy!
julielaura (at) hotmail (dot) com

Beans are so great! I think it will be valuable to learn how to store beans and use the raw kind. I have attempted a few times to make bean recipes from a bag and not can. I look forward to doing it more!

I am excited about the fudgy brownies and the pasta with white bean sauce.


I would love to try the 7-layer Tex-Mex Appetizer Dip.
I aim to eat beans 2-3 times a day.

We use a white sauce made with beans and milk and Parmesan cheese -- oh, it's a favorite at our place.

I'm likely most interested in white chicken chili with lime! YUM!

SnoWhite @ Finding Joy in My Kitchen

The chicken rice-a-roni substitute sounds really tasty at the moment. So does that sauce that you made!

I thought the 7-Layer dip sounded good. I'm no expert on cooking beans, but we do like them a lot. It would be nice to learn more about beans and how to cook them! I always seem to miss your giveaways, but I don't have an account. Thanks, Tammy!!
-Kathleen wife of Greg back here in Ohio :-)

oops! entered above anonymously. Cheesy White Chicken Chili, definitely!

oops! entered above anonymously. Cheesy White Chicken Chili, definitely!

The mexican black bean burgers look intriguing to me!

And thank you for posting the crackers recipe. I just made crackers for the first time a few days ago, but I needed a bit of help to make them turn out better next time. A pizza cutter -- that's what I should have used to slice them! I'll probably try this recipe next.

Sausage, Bean and Greens Soup and the simple cabbage soup and the 7 layer dip
to start

Sausage, Bean and Greens Soup, simple cabbage soup and 7 layer dip to start

I just found your blog this weekend and LOVE it! Can't wait to try out your recipes!
I would love to try the Three Bean Soup - looked really good to me!
EJLong at gmail dot com

i would like to try the 7 layer tex mex dip

Mexican beans and rice sounds like it would be a hit here. I'm interested in trying the white sauce too! Thanks!

They look so yummy!! :) This book looks like it would help me cook healthy for my large family and stay on budget. :)

I definitely want to try the Pasta & White(Bean) Sauce and maybe the Veggie Bean Burritos. :)

We already love beans, we need more ways to enjoy them so this sounds great, if I had to pick just one it would be the Mexican Black Bean Burgers! Thanks for a great giveaway.

I really like the idea of a black-eyed pea stew. Sounds delicious!

I really wanna try that white bean pasta sauce!

I only recently learned to love beans and so many of her recipes sound yummy to me now. Especially the Cheesy White Chicken Chili and the Mexican Black Bean Burgers. And the brownies .... ;-)

I enjoy cooking with beans. The 7 layer mexican tex mex appetizer dip sounds good to me.

spaghetti & pinto bean chili

two foods we like, I wonder how that will be combined in a recipe

(priscilla wallace at sbcglobal dot net)

I had a hard time narrowing down my choice so I have two! Mexican Stuffed peppers and then Cheesy White Chicken Chili. But lots look like winners! We love beans here!

I love beans too and eat them for every meal like you! i"ve been following the 4 Hour Body diet so they give me lots of protein. And they are just yummy! I love making black bean burgers too.

My husband isn't crazy about them so if I won the book I'd make the brownies and not tell him...he loves chocolate so I think he'll eat them.

Grain-free fudgey brownies!

The chick pea wraps look yummy.

The brownies! Or the Mexican black bean burgers.

The white sauce looks really good, too. I bet my husband would love that, esp. if I added salmon and dill to it! :)

I must admit the Mexican black bean burgers sound pretty good. Thank you!!

...I belive I am most interested in the grain free fudgy brownies! How'd she do that? Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great resource!

the white chili recipes but there are a lot that sound good.

Alicia B

I love pesto anything, so I would love to try the pesto bean-fredo with chicken!

I LOVE cooking with beans! I use them on a weekly basis. The Tuscan Bean soup sounds yummy, I think I'd try that!

I cannot tell if my comment posted, so if this is a duplicate, please delete! I love everything pesto, so I am really interested in the pesto bean-fredo and chicken recipe!

the grain free brownies! maybe I can eat these without feeling guilty ;)
I am also interested in the hearty lentil stew and the slow cooker lentils and rice. we really love lentils around here!

That's right up my alley. I'd like to make the Slow Cooker Lentil Casserole. Sounds delicious.

Marsha@Taste and See God's Goodness


I am leaning toward the Sausage, Bean, and Greens Soup. Although I saw several others that looked good too. Tough choice! :)

the veggie bean burritos sound yummy!
gingeroo616 at aol dot com

I'd like to try pasta with white bean sauce.

I would have to say the chicken-rice-a-roni substitute and the pasta with white bean sauce would be the first two I try!


I'd probably first try the sausage, bean and greens soup recipe. There are lots of recipes that sound good, though. Thanks for the giveaway!

I would like to try the tuscan bean soup.

I think I'd first try the sausage, bean and greens soup; but there are lots of recipes that sound good. Thanks for the giveaway!


Veggie bean burritos sound yummy.

Spaghetii and pinto bean chili. Just because I love pinto beans, and it sounds interesting.


I would love to try all the recipes.


Cuban black beans and rice sounds so good!

Can I pick two? I'm interested in the cooking lentils chapter and the veggie burritos recipe! Those sound like a good work-lunch.

The slow cooker lentil and rice casserole sounds good but so do many others!

The slow cooker lentil and rice casserole sounds good but so do many others!

The Sausage, Bean and Greens soup sounds yummy! I was just thinking how nice it would be to curl up with a big bowl on a cold night. Thanks for the chance to win.

I'm intrigued with the Fudgy Brownie recipe, I'd love to try that one!

I am very interested in the Turkey Vegetable Chili. My husband has prostate cancer, and he does not eat red meat. Turkey, veggies and beans are alot of what I cook. I am always in need of new ideas. :)

I would choose the Mexican Black Bean burgers. I'm always on the lookout for a great bean burger recipe. I have tried several, but haven't found one I absolutely love yet. Thanks for this give-away, Tammy.

Hubby and I have been inspired to cut back on having animal meat everyday, to eating more beans,brown rice, veggies, and green smoothies. (Both because of health purposes and budget reasons.) This looks like the perfect resource to consult to vary up my bean recipes! I would love to try the chickpea wraps!

The wheat thins recipe looks great to try.
I'd love to try some new recipes with beans and this book looks like the perfect way to do that!


mpierce0602 AT msn DOT com

If I were cooking for myself, only, I would do ALL of the recipes. But, alas, hubby doesn't like beans so I have to be sneaky even though the health benefits, not to mention the pocketbook ones, certainly make a strong argument to make them a feature in weekly menus. I think the southwest pot pie looks interesting...would definitely give that a try.

The simple cabbage soup. We are soup lovers and I especially love cabbage. Combine the two for me!

The Mexican Black Bean Burgers sound phenomenal. :)

I would probably start out with the white chili recipe - they all look good though.

Betsy M

betsyandscott (at)abe(dot)midco(dot)net

I am interested in Dosas.

I'd have to try the grain free brownies. I know some at potluck who would at least love the idea.

Veggie Bean Burritos for me!

Many of the names peak my interest to try them but probably Pesto "Bean"-fredo with Chicken sounds the best to me!

It was hard to choose just one but the Slow Cooker Lentil Rice Casserole sounds good to me.

I am always looking for good crock pot recipes!

i'd like to try the white chili recipe - never made that before
sarina at scualum dot com

I have a big-time sweet tooth, so I'd love to try the grain-free fudgy brownies. I've seen brownie recipes that call for beans, but i've been a little hesitant to try it. I'd love to try her version.

I'm always on the lookout for good bean burger recipes.
lynn dot m dot kane at

All the soup recipes sound great. Would love try any of them. I do love my beans!!! I have been cooking them in the slow cooker for years. Basically, I'm too lazy to watch over a pot on the stove & love the convenience of popping them in & going.
s_laubach @

I ate a lot beans in my life, so i want to try this new recipe, BROWNIES

I would try out the Mexican Black Bean Burgers as my husband loves the ones from Costco but I don't like to buy them unless I have a coupon! :) Plus making my own would be so much healthier. There are several recipes I want to try, will defintely be buying this, thanks for sharing.
Nicole L

I love lentils. I think the crockpot lentils and rice and the lentil stew sounds yummy. Intrigued by the brownies...hmmmmm.

Would love the ebook.

My family enjoys eating beans, and I am always on the lookout for great new bean recipes. There were many recipes that sounded delicious, but the most intriguing for me was the Southwestern Pot Pie. Thank you for offering the giveaway! Pam S.

The dosas look amazing! ( joannabug at yahoo dot com )

The pasta dishes seem to something I'd like to try. The one you mentioned, with white sauce, is the one I'd most like to try. I'm curious about the brownies too... :)

now that tough! i'm going to have to try a lot of these!!! they all look great, i love beans!!! but for starters, i'd say i'm most interested in:
white chicken chili
cuban black beans and rice
and why not something totally different and new, the "grain-free fudgy brownies" sure sounds interesting too!

pick me!

I would try the limey refried beans! I love to try variations of things we already love and eat regularly!

7 Layer Tex Mex Appetizer dip :)

The chickpea wraps look lovely. And I want to try the white bean pasta too!

I want to try all of them but i"ll have to try the Black bean Burgers first then the Chickpea wraps Love your site! and L-o-v-e your recipes Thankyou Richard B

Me and my Wife are in love with your recipes and site We would like to try the Black bean Burgers then the chickpea wraps then all of them Thankyou for everything you do R Bruce @

Cheesy White Chicken Chili sounds great! Thank you.

I would love to try the pasta with white bean sauce. My family loves beans. :)

I'm really enjoying incorporating more dry beans into our diet. I think the veggie bean burritos look like a great idea to try. lovemylittlefamily at yahoo dot com

I'm very much interested in the white chicken chili recipe. have been looking for this for years. Thanks much.

Dee Myerchin, Crookston, MN

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