We had a busy day today...

Today I got up early and went for a walk. Eliyahu (5 months) was alseep, since I had fed him right before I got up. I took Yehoshua (2) with me in the stroller. We walked a mile and then met up with a friend and her doggie, and walked 2 more miles! It's always nice to have a calm, relaxing start to the day by getting out in the fresh, cool morning air, and getting some exercise.

When we got home, our day got busy. The largest portion of today was spent working on harvesting snow peas from the garden. I have several gallons of snow peas picked, washed, and ready to be blanched. They're taking up most of my fridge right now. Hopefully soon I'll get them blanched and in the freezer. I'll share pictures when I get them done! :)

With all the garden work, I didn't do much cooking today. Yehoshua and I ate leftover banana pancakes on our walk. For lunch we had leftover spaghetti (recipe coming soon!), and for dinner, Joshua grilled up a quick piece of Texas Broil.

Chewy granola bars

Joshua also made his delicious sweet and chewy granola bars, which use my homemade granola in them. We snacked on those today, too. ;)

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