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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Slicing small pickles for burgers

We were having burgers, and Joshua was helping me prepare the toppings. The only pickles we had on hand were some baby dills from Costco.

Joshua sliced the small pickles lengthwise instead of making little round slices -- the perfect (and much easier!) way to slice smaller pickles for sandwiches! :) Why didn't I ever think of that?! :)

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1. Save time and money cooking pasta (Adrienne at Whole New Mom)
2. Baking bacon (Living So Abundantly)
3. Top 10 things I buy at Costco (The Local Cook)
4. Grill French fries instead of using the oven (Finding Joy in My Kitchen)
5. How to use fewer paper towels (Purposely Frugal)
6. How to cut a pineapple (Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents)
7. Traveling Gluten-Free (Katie at Gluten-Free Food Storage)
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How to Save Time and Money Cooking Pasta

Thanks again for hosting, Tammy!

Here is a tip that I am very thankful for.....a way to cook pasta in less time & with less energy :-)!


Baking Bacon

That does sound easier! Pickles pack the perfect punch for a burger or sandwich. My hubby even likes them on his tuna sandwich. I'll have to try this out.

My link is about baking bacon.

Why buy gourmet dressing when you can make your own?

This is one of my favorite fruity dressings, strawberry or raspberry vinaigrette.

My Kitchen Tip this week is

My Kitchen Tip this week is making french fries on the grill during the summer months rather than heating up the oven!

Thanks for hosting, Tammy!

How to Use Fewer Paper Towels


Thanks again for hosting!

I am sharing a way to save time and money (and stay cooler :-)) while cooking pasta!

Stacy Makes Cents's picture


How to Cut a Pineapple:

Thanks Tammy! :-)

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents


Traveling Gluten Free @ Gluten Free Food Storage
Thanks, Katie

Measuring Muffin Batter

Thanks for hosting!


This is a contribution to your recent post on pizza

Pizza topping ideas

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Protecting Smushy Desserts

Here's my kitchen tip for today:
How to cover a smushy dessert. Enjoy!
Swing by my slightly cuckoo nest for family favorite recipes, herbal remedies, funny kid stories and more fun stuff!

That is a great tip and I

That is a great tip and I will often can pickles cut in slices just like that. Just for sandwiches and burgers. :)

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Sorry, I wasn't logged in

Sorry, I wasn't logged in before!

That is a great tip. :) I will can pickles cut in slices just like that especially for sandwhiches and burgers. :)

~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures plus one on the way. :)

"Next Meal" Meal Prep

Thank you, Tammy. :-)


Using Grocery Bags while Cooking and Menu Planning

Here is my Kitchen tip to save cooking time.

I recently had a post about Menu Planning where I listed Tammysrecipes as a site to use when Menu Planning. I have tried many recipes from your blog and they all turned out great (Thanks to you for the many cooking compliments I got :)

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