Main dish summer salad: Oriental Chicken Salad

Oriental Chicken Salad was one of the first few recipes we added to this website 5 (!!!) years ago. My friend Sheri served it for lunch one day when I was visiting her, and it was so perfectly delicious I asked for her recipe. I then made it for Joshua, my parents, and my siblings, who all love this salad now!

Time for some updated pictures: pictures that might actually entice you to make this salad. ;) It is supposed to have sliced almonds and some red cabbage but we made it without. Less color, but still very tasty! My mom, sisters, and I made the salad pictured when I was in Ohio last month.

The bonus? Oriental Chicken Salad can be served with hot chicken on top for a main-dish dinner salad. Then, refrigerate the leftover salad fixings and cooked chicken and use for a cold lunch salad. It's great both ways, and having a portable hearty lunch salad is so handy!

I still have a few more things to post from my time in Ohio. I'm having trouble getting motivated! Help me out by letting me know what you'd like to read about, asking me a question, or if you even care what I blog about! :)

Yehoshua playing catch
Yehoshua (7) and my cousin playing catch in my parents' front yard


I just loved it when you guys lived in Ohio because you shared more about your parents garden and then canning. Loved that! I know you probably dont have much about that but I just wanted you to know that I love your blog, whatever, you write about. I check it out almost everyday to see if you have written something new. Take care.

Aww, thank you so much! :) My parents have an amazing garden; that's definitely something I miss about Ohio! :)

More pics of family...more about your mom, her recipes, and her garden! :-)

Donna, I will try for that! My mom does have a cell phone, so maybe she can send me some garden pictures. (No digital camera or internet access!)

I will also see which of her recipes are still missing from this website... but I will say that when we were there, probably 75% of the foods we ate are recipes already on the site! :D I should ask her to share some menu plans. :D

By the way, my mom is flattered that everyone enjoys hearing about her! :)

Hey Tammy, speaking of a digital camera - I was thinking maybe we kids could buy them a nice one for their anniversary, before they come out :) I talked to Phillip about it. Since they don't ever get online, they won't read this. haha.

I know you've posted about it before, but I just love all your posts about food storage. Weird, I know. :-)

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Maybe tell us how your mom stores food.....or how you learned from her?

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Thanks for the suggestions, Stacy! I should do a food storage update! Most of my long-term food storage posts are 3-4 years old! :)

I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures of my mom's food storage! Most of her stuff is homegrown, so she uses a root cellar and other things too! I'll have to ask one of my sisters to get some pictures for me. :)

I love everything you post about. Things that interest me, would be how your mom stores food (from Stacy), what you do to spend time with your mom when you are there, cooking?, games?, etc.

Hi Tammy,
I would love for you to post more about your general budget. I always enjoy reading how others budget their, I tend to learn things from this.

Blessings to you,

I love the salads and pizza recipes, actually I've enjoyed all of your recipes that I have tried. I also enjoy reading about your family and the organizing tips. My husband and I both grew up in Fostoria, Ohio, which I think must be pretty close to where your family lives.

Becka, yes! We know many people in Fostoria! :) Glad you like the salad and pizza recipes... I think those are my favorites too! :D

We live in the same area as you, and I am always interested in how you stretch your grocery budget because I definitely find food more expensive here. (Although we did join a local buying group and just got Bing Cherries at a lovely price and will be canning them.)

I love reading what you have shared about homeschooling because we homeschool too and are just starting so love to glean from others!

Definitely agree about the food storage too!

I'll be posting a bit about grocery budgeting/savings during July (and posting my shopping trips again, too)! :)

Mmm, canned cherries are yummy! My mom served her home-canned cherries several times while we were visiting. :)

I'm such a novice homeschooler! One of my summer goals is to do some more research myself! ;)

I look forward to your posts!!
I would love to read more about your general budget, how you make it stretch and if you do any menu planning.


I would love to hear more about your family in Ohio.


Hi Tammy...

I have the same bread machine you do....and I was wondering what was the most liquid/flour you had used in it at one time.

I want to make beignets this weekend, and the recipe calls for 2.5 cups liquid and 7 cups flour.

The most I've ever used was 1 7/8 liquid and 5.5 cups seemed to do ok. Didn't seem to put an undo strain on the motor....but was wondering if the beignet recipe was too large for it? What do you think?


Hi Debbie! :)

Well, I am probably not the best person to ask ;) BUT I will say that in my experience (heehee) the only problem I've had with over-filling the Zojirushi has been with flour spilling out/poofing out during kneading, or needing to "help" the kneading with a spatula. I've filled it pretty full (too full a couple times!!) and while I had to "babysit" it, as long as the dough isn't too stiff, the motor sounds completely normal. :)

And I have done that amount (2.5 cups of liquid and 6-7 cups of flour) many times when making a large batch of pizza dough! Really the only problem I've encountered or noticed is that I might need to scrape the edges at the beginning of the kneading. Just (obviously) make sure your dough isn't too stiff! On a larger recipe/amount, I usually hold back a cup of the flour and add it a couple minutes later, so that I know it's going to end up the right consistency. :)

Oh -- and the rising cycle. Duh! If I'm doing a big amount of dough, I have to set the timer and watch to make sure it doesn't overflow in the machine while rising! Or you could just put into a separate bowl to rise if you think you might forget it. Or in the case of pizza dough -- I usually use it after ~15 minutes of rising since pizza dough is so forgiving... :)

I hope this helps!! :)

Hi Tammy...

I figure you are a pretty good person to ask.....I knew you made large pizza dough recipes and what not! I would have to say the most agrevating problem I ever have with my breadmaker is when the raisins pop out of the raisin bread. Burned raisins smell bad and are hard to get out of those heating coils!

One more thing...about your Costco trips....does your store carry the hard white wheat berries in the 45 pound pails? My mother-in-law just came home from a trip to the northwest....and she was able to buy me 5 pails at a Costco! They are from a mill in Lehi Utah...I have used them for 3 years now....they make great breads! The 5 pails were $97.....course I didn't have to pay shipping either, thanks to my M.I.L.! That makes it $.43 per loaf for the wheat in my breads!

I will be making the beignet dough today, and it has to sit in the fridge for 24 there won't be any problems with it overflowing the machine! It was too warm in my kitchen a couple of times last year....and I had bread dough oozing out the machine when I made bread! LOL....that was fun to clean!

Enjoy reading your site.....always nice to see like-minded ideas and thoughts!

I don't have a blog...and I don't have time right now to do much else because of gardening/canning/milking/cheese making/animal care....but I have a tip that you might want to mention on your diapering page. I use cloth diapers for strainging my goat milk and I have a lot of diapers to wash right now. I have found that washing them, and hanging them up with wooden pants hangers works really, really well for handling them a few at a time. I got a big bundle of thin wooden hangers at a dollar store...and I can put one diaper in it, hang it lengthwise, and it will dry in just a couple of hours hanging in my washroom. The diapers are nice and smooth too. (You can even hange towels up this way, and they will be a little stiff, but boy do they ever last longer!) For hanging up training pants (or little fitted diapers), I used to grab them by the 'crotch area', shake them out to smooth them up a little, and hang the crotch part across a straight wooden or one of those padded hangers. I put four on each hanger, two on each side, and they dried very nicely. It did take over night for the thicker items, but was ready the next day, and took very little space or effort. If I washed a load every never got overwhelming. I hate using the dryer...and I really believe that high heat is so bad for clothes! Just something you might want to pass on to all those young moms out there.

Have a great day!

I want to learn how to can starting out with baby steps this summer. I will get tomatoes from my small garden and apples and pears and peaches from family. I've looked into a pressure cooker and water bath method. Do you have a preference? Also, I have a smooth cooktop and realized this could pose issues due to it cooling on and off. Any thoughts?

Love your site!


When I got my pressure cooker the book said that smooth top stoves do not heat up hot enough to use a pressure cooker, just the old school coil stoves do, or gas ones. I go by the book on canning whether to pressure cook or hot water bath. I purchased my pressure cooker from Lehmans, pricey maybe but I wanted a new one as I was just starting out and a little intimidated. Love canning now :)

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