Quick and cool summer snack: Fresh veggies and dill dip (Plus: more about my family in Ohio)

One of my school friends gave me this recipe for Dill Dip in third grade. My mom never bought veggie dips, so I was excited about being able to make my own! :) (As a side note, I went to public school until 5th grade, when my parents started homeschooling me.)

My mom grows fresh dill in her garden, and while we were visiting this year Yehoshua got to pick some dill and, with a little help, make some fresh dill dip! If you don't have fresh dill, you can use dried dill weed, making this a pantry-staples recipe for me.

Dill dip is quick and easy to make, and we all love dipping veggie sticks in it! Carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, or bell peppers with dill dip makes a great snack or side dish, especially if you're serving lunch to guests. :)

Tracy wrote,

I would love to hear more about your family in Ohio.

I don't have any recent family pictures, but this post has one from a couple years ago when we were there. :)

My two sisters still live at home with my parents. Bonnie is 20 and Amy is 18. Both have been studying piano and are very talented (and practice tons). :) When we visited this year, we got to go to several concerts (orchestra, band, etc.) that they performed in and it was so fun to hear live music. Not to mention being privy to their practice time at home! ;) I have a video of them uploaded at Facebook, from one of their recitals (I think it was Amy's senior recital, but I'm not sure... I wasn't there.).

Here is the video. Enjoy! :)

Also in Ohio, I have two brothers. (The other brother lives in Eastern Washington.)

Phillip is 26 and got married last year. He has a blog here. He's very inventive and is an electrician at a robotics company in Toledo, Ohio. (Not that I really know anything about it aside from that!) His wife is a violinist. :)

Boys with Reuben
Yehoshua and Eliyahu with my brother Reuben

My brother Reuben (23) is married and he and his wife are expecting their first baby next year! They live just a few blocks from where we lived in Ohio. :)

So that's the basics... if you have more questions, just ask! :)


My friend just dropped off a bag of cucumbers. This looks like just what I need!
Michelle Moses

It's always nice to hear about family. It makes everything seem more real. Sometimes the internet takes the "real" aspect away.

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

It's so nice to hear about families. Especially when they talk about familiar places. :0) I grew up just 20 minutes outside of Toledo (in MI) and spent a lot of time there.

I love your recipes, BTW. Your freezer burrittos are now a staple at my house. :0)

It was the Henry Gibson Memorial Recital at Heidelberg :)

That was really neat to hear your sisters, Bonnie and Amy play piano-- they are bother really good!! Doesn't Bonnie have a blog? I read about your sisters years ago in Hidden Wisdom Magazine. :) ~Shiloh

Yes, Bonnie has a blog, but I can't remember where! I don't think she's updated lately either... :)

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