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Pinto beans with all the trimmings
Pinto beans, with all my favorite toppings

It's a gorgeous sunny day today. Really, this whole week is turning out to be one perfect day after another. Mid 70's with bright sunshine... THIS is what I love about the Pacific Northwest. :)

We're having cooked pinto beans for lunch, and dinner will be grilled chicken tacos (chicken, beans, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, and avocado on corn tortillas). I've been a little unmotivated in the cooking department lately... so instead of desperately trying to make nicer meals, I've been hanging out reading stories and doing crafts with the kids and Joshua comes home to grill for dinner. Or we eat something simple and cool. :)

My morning coffee setup...
My morning coffee, a birthday gift from Joshua

I'm supposed to be sharing a new recipe today... or writing about my schedule... or telling you about my dentist appointment. "Supposed to" -- meaning according to my schedule. I think I'll have to wait until the kids are all in bed for something that requires that much concentration, though!

We have a lot of things yet to do this week... hair cuts, doctor visits, yard work, cleaning, laundry. When did life become so full of... work?! At any rate, I need to go do some... I'll be back later tonight. :)


I'm having a day like that too. :)

And our meals this summer have been incredibly simple!! We've basically been eating a green salad every day, with all sorts of toppings: tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, green onions, purple and cabbage. Oh, and sprinkling on a few dried cranberries! It's been simple, easy, cheap, and we're not sick of it yet. ;-) I've certainly enjoyed doing less necessary cooking, and having time to cook/bake what I want to.

I have been where I don't want to cook either.I had to force myself to look through the freezer to find something.Since my husband has been working nights I feel lost cooking dinner.This is his second week of working second shift 2-10 or when they get there work done.He doesn't want me to cook a large meal before going to work since he moves around so much and it is very hot in the building where he works.So he does take cheese,granola bars things like that and lots of water and when he gets home eats dinner.It is just me and the kids here for dinner.With him being gone it feels like why bother and I know I should not feel that way since my kids need a nice dinner.I am having a hard time getting into this new routine.I gave the kids frozen pizza's and sandwiches a couple nights and I don't really like to do that.Tammy how did it work for you when you had to do this?Any tips or places to lead me to some place you posted about it?I need help.

Oh ya and I did force myself to make a nice dinner tonight.We are having grilled chicken breasts,hash browns,broccoli,carrots and cauliflower with dinner rolls.

Thanks :)

Mrs. Paradis

I wanted to tell you I made your recipe for the Olive Garden Dressing; it was amazing! Your website is a quality website, and I appreciate that! :)

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