Steak recipe and doctor's office grandma

As we were riding up in the elevator, a nice older couple got on. The lady was commenting on Eliyahu, and another person also commented on the children. I thanked them for their kind words, thinking to myself, "If only things always went this smoothly!!" ;)

We arrived at the doctor's office (it's located in the hospital) and sat down. I immediately got a children's book for Yehoshua to read, because I didn't want him trying to run off into trouble. He wasn't interested in reading; instead he hopped from chair to chair, but was being good, at least.

A man (probably about 60 years old or so) was sitting waiting, and said to me, "It is a joy to watch you interacting with your children." Then another person said, "Yes! You are such a great mom. Your kids are so loved. Awww... look at the baby... he loves riding in that, doesn't he?" I smiled and said, "It doesn't always go this well. But thank you." :D I really needed that encouragement, since lately I have felt very tired and like anything BUT a good mom, and I had been dreading sitting in a tiny doctor's office waiting room for who knows how long until they called us back (it was 45 minutes last time, this time only about 30).

A few minutes later, the nice couple from the elevator came in! The lady immediately started talking to Yehoshua and asking him questions, and then told him she would read the book to him. They read stories and looked at pictures, and he just LOVED all the attention. She was such a nice grandmotherly type of woman, (and I found out that they're Christians, too) and I was thinking, "God sent you here at the same time so you could entertain Yehoshua!" :D Turns out, the first man who complimented me is a Christian also, because they all seemed to know each other and made references to prayer, and the one grandmotherly lady was saying that she had a son who lived in Ashland, Ohio, who had 7 children.

Then she asked Yehoshua if he wanted to look out the window. We were on the third floor, so he thought that was neat. She pulled up a chair for him to stand on, and they watched cars out the window for probably 15 minutes, at least. She told him the colors, and all sorts of things, and he so quietly and sweetly talked with her and responded to her questions.

And then, finally, we were called back. That lady had been such a help to me... and she probably didn't even know it! I'm so thankful that YHWH put her there, waiting in the waiting room with us today. :) And her grandchildren sure are blessed with a nice grandma. She was just SO GOOD with Yehoshua, and also very polite, asking me if it was okay for him to look out the window and stuff.

So. my dreaded long trip to the doctor's turned out to be fun and refreshing!

Eliyahu watches us hang out laundry

Here's a photo I took yesterday of Eliyahu watching us hang out laundry. It was a beautiful day and I decided to let him lay on a blanket instead of having him sit in his car seat. He loved the blanket! I don't know if I mentioned it, but last week the neighbor lady mowed the lawn for me. That's why it looks so nice! What a blessing! :)


YHWH is so good!! I love reading those kinds of stories!! It is so encouraging when you receive compliments like that. We mothers need it sometimes, I think. :) Glad to hear Yehoshua is fine!! Eliyahu is cute, that is a sweet picture, you have a pretty quilt as well.


And it's always neat when He sends such a direct (obvious) answer to some little prayer! :)

Thanks for your comments; both quilts were baby gifts for Yehoshua (although Eliyahu uses them more now!). I  love quilts!

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