Yehoshua's Strawberry Heist

Yehoshua loves fresh berries!

A few days ago, Joshua and I were in the kitchen cooking together. Actually, I think I was washing dishes and Joshua was cooking. I love to clean up the kitchen, and particularly enjoy doing so when Joshua is there with me, so we can talk while we work.

Joshua was making his yummy strawberry sauce to serve with the fresh waffles we were having for dinner, and as usual, we were talking. Yehoshua (2) took full advantage of this situation. We didn't even notice when he disappeared (he had been running around the house, "talking" and asking for bites of fruit)...

...until we were ready to add the strawberries. Where were the strawberries, anyway? Hadn't we left them on the counter? And where was Yehoshua?

We found him in the living room, sitting on the couch, popping strawberry after strawberry into his mouth. Boy, those garden-fresh strawberries sure are tasty! He looked so cute, we just had to take a couple pictures of him. (Before we took the strawberries away.) ;)

"These are delicious, Mom!"


I'm with Yehoshua... run with the strawberries!!! mmmm


...I'll have to keep an eye on you ;)

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