Does your household own a grill?


We actually own a gas grill and Foreman grill, but we primarily use the gas grill. Now that I think about it, I am not sure Tammy has ever used my gas grill! I have cooked on it a good 200 times, but I don't think she has ever used it. I think I may need to change that!

I have never used your gas grill, but that's okay. ;) I'll just keep enjoying your yummy foods and stay in the kitchen :D

We own a gas grill (Weber Q), a Foreman grill (indoor) and an infrared grill. We use the Q the most often, just because it is so user-friendly. However the infrared grill rocks! It is especially great for steaks and grilled veggies.

we have a small electric grill to be used inside. our neighbors are hindus and most of them don't eat meat. it's very convient for us to use that inside to grill whatever meat we want. i'm not sure what kind of foreman's grill is?

Here's a link to a photo of an indoor grill.

It's not a "real" grill in my opinion... but some people just love them! We do own one, but I rarely bother to get it out and use it, since it's an extra bother to clean, and we like our food grilled outside better. :D

So, is it expensive to get meat in India? And do you try not to eat it where your neighbors will notice, or are they not offended? :)

We have 2 charcol grills, a gas grill and two foreman's (one for me and one for my brother when we move out).

Joshua was just telling me that people might have more than just one ;) Next time I'll try to think through the poll better ;) you know. :) We just got a rotisserie, which I know isn't a grill but I'm excited about it so I thought I'd share! :)

Well, maybe not... but as soon as I read your comment I thought of how he has longed for a rotisserie. I, on the other hand, didn't grow up with one, have never used one, and can't figure out why I should sacrifice the space for one (even if we could afford one!). Maybe you can enlighten me sometime? :D

We have a charcoal and gas grill. We use to use the charcoal one all the time. But since we got the gas grill last fall we use that one a lot more.

...that charcoal grills are a lot more work to use. Although, some people just love the (supposedly better) flavor they give the foods. :)

I didn't know how to answer it.We own a gas grill we use for some things and a charcoal grill we use for other things.And we also have a George Foreman Grill for inside in the winter too.We don't really use it anymore though.It is a family size and thinking about getting rid of it.

We actually use a grill pan. It's like a frying pan, but with raised bars to produce a grilled look. We like it, because we can put it directly into the sink for a washing.


and indoor electric grill that is really one of those old ones from like the '70's or maybe newer...i like it alot!

We love our gas. We also have a Foreman but it doesn't get much use, even in the winter. We have the one with the 5 different plates. I'm not terribly impressed with the waffle making ability but it's kind of cool to be able to make biscuits with it. LOL

We use charcoal. My husband prefers it. It could be because we do a lot of camping and cooking in the dutch ovens with charcoal underneath and on top of the oven. We make fabulous cobbler and pineapple upside down cake with the dutch oven. 16 coals on the bottom, 8 coals on top. No charcoal taste, just delicious dessert. He does use a chimney coal starter that uses newspaper to start the coals. We make three dutch ovens worth of cobbler on campouts with the Boy Scout troop and there's never any leftover. :) On special occasions, my husband also makes mountain man breakfast on the grill. It's made of beef ground sausage, hash browns, eggs and shredded cheese.

we have all 3!

We live in an apartment and don't have a porch... so no outdoor grills! And we have very annoying fire alarms that literally go off if the teapot boils for longer than a minute or two (I guess just the steam sets it off?!) So no indoor grill either!

My husband has mentioned wanting to to get a grill 'some day' when we have our own home though. I think it'd be fun! :)

I love my gas grill. Our old one broke 2 years ago, so when someone gave us one a couple of months ago, I was so excited. I have probably used it at least 2-3 times a week, it doesn't heat the kitchen up which is great. Dinner clean up is a snap, one less pan to clean.

I also love my toaster oven. Its was also given to us :) Its one of those big ones (toast 9 bread slices)...And you can cook potatoes in it, bake things. Its great. I have broiled in it...

Seriously I love not heating up my kitchen in the already blazing Georgia summer.

Does anyone here have to adhere to a restricted fat, salt diet? Would be interested in sharing recipes.

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