Sunshine in my kitchen: Cranberry Oatmeal Blender Pancakes (new recipe)

It's been so long since I've really written anything for this blog/website. I'm not sure where to begin again! But, a new recipe is always a good place to start. :)

I created these Cranberry Oatmeal Blender Pancakes to add some color and holiday feel to our November breakfasts! Everyone has enjoyed them whenever I make them. I usually serve them with butter, which works well since the pancakes are already slightly sweet and maple syrup is so expensive and so, well, sugar-y. And let's face it, little kids and maple syrup is a messy combo! These pancakes are, however, absolutely delicious with maple syrup AND butter on top. ;)

I am not a lightning-fast cook, by any means. It's rare that I can whip up a recipe from a magazine or website in the amount of time they say it will take. Part of the time it's because I'm multitasking, with little helping hands alongside mine. The rest of the time, it's simply because I'm puttery in the kitchen! My sister Bonnie leaves me in the dust when we cook together; a recipe comes together 3 times as fast with her help! ;)

That said, even I can feel like a speedy kitchen success when I make blender pancakes. While the milk and wheat are blending, I crack the eggs and pull out the other ingredients. In just a few minutes, my pancake batter is ready for the hot griddle! :)

I was introduced to "blender pancakes" by my friend Judy when Joshua and I were first married. I didn't have a grain mill, but I DID have a blender, and Judy supplied me with wheat berries to make my own freshly-ground whole wheat pancakes using the blender!

For large groups, I make these pancakes using whole wheat flour and a big mixing bowl. (The flour conversion is in the recipe.) My blender's just not big enough to feed a huge crowd. Thankfully, it can still make enough pancakes for a meal for our family of 7. ;)

Judy's original "Whole Wheat Berry Pancakes" made in the blender are really good, and possibly the only pancake recipe Joshua actually enjoys. Personally, I love the sweetness of the brown sugar, and the fact that these pancakes taste great with just a dab of butter on top! :)


Your family of seven? Was that a subtle hint that you are expecting again?

Yes! We are. :)

I was wondering if there was a new bub on the way - I have been reading here for years and have noticed that the blog posts drop off at the begining of each new pregnacy. All the best to you, Joshua and the rest of the family :)

Yes, I've taken many breaks and hiatuses from blogging, especially in the last 3 years. I suppose it's actually a good thing that I enjoy my day more when the computer just stays off... I'm old-fashioned like that. :)

Thanks for your congratulations! :)

When you get it to work, you can delete this message. Thanks.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Oops! Thanks for letting me know. Apparently I've forgotten how to blog! :) I need to get back in shape. :)

The link doesn't work.

hey Tammy, the pancakes look wonderful, but did I catch an Announcement there?

Indeed. Good catch! ;)

did I miss something?

Nope! We're expecting another baby! :) And that was my first mention of it here, so you haven't missed a thing. :) :)

Hi,Have I noticed in your pictures in the past that you have an iron griddle that goes across 2 burners?(It may have been someone else)If you do or if any of your readers do how well does it work since wouldn't have to go across a big and small burner?We love to make pancakes but it inefficient in a big frying pan and I was not impressed with the electric griddle we used to have.Also how would it not damage the stovetop?Thanks and congratulations on the news.
A reader

Yes, I have this Lodge cast iron griddle. Overall, I like it. It has some drawbacks, like how heavy it is and the handles that cut into the ends of the cooking area. And since we grill outside on a gas grill, I'm not sure if I ever really will use the grill side of it, so I might have been better off getting just a plain griddle (one-sided) that wouldn't be so heavy. But, cast iron IS heavy. And I like cast iron. So... overall, I really like it. :)

It does have to go across a large and a small burner, but after a little practice, it's fairly easy to get the burners adjusted right. (I use an electric stove so I know just where I like to set the knobs.) My griddle is heavy, but it doesn't damage the stove. (I'm not sure about using it with a glass-top stove... maybe check the reviews on Amazon for info about that.)

To make a lot of pancakes quickly, I actually use both my cast iron griddle AND my 10-inch cast iron skillet. At that point, it's a full-time job to watch/flip/pour them them, but it's good for big(ger) amounts when I don't want to spend an hour cooking pancakes! ;)

Congratulations Tammy! We are a family of seven and LOVE it! So when are you due to deliver? We'll be praying for a healthy happy pregnancy for both your and your sweet little one!


Oh, thank you so much. :) I'm glad we have an extra seat in our vehicle this time around! ;) And, the baby is due at the end of March. :)

I thought that you might be announcing something soon since you had gone 'missing' on us for a while. Congratulations to all of you!!!!

Thanks, Kim! :)

Congratulations on your new blessing that is on the way. Don't worry about the blog; we will be here when you can get to it. Even when you don't post something new, I still use the recipes you have on your site. This is great resource for our family. Thank you!

Thank you, DeDe. You're such an encouragement to me! :)

I was wondering if the "family of 7" thing was a hint. ;-) That's wonderful news!

I also wanted to say that I'm really glad you're not a lightning-fast cook. I'm pretty slow in the kitchen, and I have 4 small kids "helping" me, so your recipes are the *only* ones I've found that have estimated prep/cook times that are accurate for me! :-)

Thanks, Heather!

And your comment about my recipe prep/cook times really made my day. :) I try to be realistic/honest about how long it takes me (I do subtract for big interruptions, of course!) but sometimes I wonder, "Will anyone even want to try this recipe if I tell them it took me over an hour to prepare?!" :)

That is exciting news. Wasn't sure if you were expecting or if you were including your sister Bonnie in the count of 7 since you were talking about her. Wishing you a safe and uneventful pregnancy and delivery!

Thank you! :)

No, unfortunately Bonnie lives 2,000 miles from us and we don't get to see her often enough!! :) :)

Well, Brandy and I thought something was up. :-) Congratulations! And I can't wait to make these yummy pancakes.

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Thank you, Stacy! I hope you like the pancakes. :)

I wish I could blame my lack of blogging on pregnancy, but it's really been a whole lot of things combined (which I will share in the coming weeks/months) PLUS my tendency to want to relax in my free time without turning on the computer. ;)

These pancakes look and sound delicious! I'll have to try them soon, will need to wait and until I buy some cranberries first. :) Pancakes are a favourite here, last Friday we tried your pumpkin pancake recipe and they were yummy. :)

Blessings to you and your growing family!! :)

~Tanya - mama to 7 treasures. :)

Thanks, Tanya! :)

We've been having pancakes a lot this fall, too. They're easy and soft. :)

Congratulations! I agree that you should just add to the blog when you can, your readers aren't likely to go away. Your website is where I come first when looking for a new recipe.

Thank you! :) And that is so sweet of you to check here first for new recipes. I'm honored! :) :)

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