Easy old-fashioned: Homemade Egg Nog (new recipe)

I know I've said in the past that I am not an egg nog fan, because I think it just tastes like uncooked pumpkin pie filling. But this recipe has completely changed my mind!

I've made this homemade egg nog several times over the past month, and everyone who has tried it is amazed by the creaminess and delicious flavor!

This recipe should earn me a few points with "real foodies", too. ;) The ingredients are all natural, "real" foods. Of course, this egg nog is a sweet dessert beverage... but it's sweetened with maple syrup! Does that sound odd to you? Well, it tastes amazing! Erica was my recipe inspiration.

Since I was never an egg nog fan (until now), I have to rely on input from others. My friend Jamie came over last week and I served her some of my homemade egg nog. Jamie has been to chef school, worked at restaurants, and loves to experiment in the kitchen. I like to ask her for ideas and help when I'm doing something new, since she's worked with a lot of different foods and ingredients.

I poured a large glass of egg nog for Jamie and when I handed it to her she said, "Wow, is this all for me?!"

Okay, so 2 cups is a huge serving. But when she tried it, she exclaimed about how good it was... and didn't have a problem drinking the whole glass full! (Her 2-year-old son had seconds and asked for thirds!)

Jamie said that when I told her how I made the egg nog, she thought maple syrup in egg nog sounded a little odd. But, she agreed that it did give a great flavor! The homemade egg nog isn't as yellow as egg nog from the store (though that could be fixed with food coloring if desired). It's also not quite as thick.

I do recommend using a thermometer when making this egg nog. A candy thermometer or meat thermometer should work fine; you just need to get the milk and egg mixture heated up to about 160-165 degrees.

Eggs boil at 180 degrees, so you want to stay below that at all costs or your egg nog will be chunky, no matter how much you whisk it, both during and after heating. I've tried to make my recipe instructions really clear so you can get the perfect homemade egg nog on your first try! :)

Despite needing to accurately gauge the temperature when heating, this egg nog really is an easy recipe and will have your family and friends raving about it! :)

See also: Eggless "egg nog", a blended drink that uses an instant vanilla pudding mix for additional flavor and thickening. Joshua really liked that recipe too, but I prefer the simpler flavors of the 100% homemade recipe I've been making.


Oh that looks yummy!! I have never had success with homemade egg nog but this looks like something that I will def. try.

BTW, Congrats on the pregnancy!

Thank you! :) ...and I think the recipe is easy enough that it should work for you -- if you have a thermometer. :)

I usually drink only one glass of egg nog each season because I'm not that fond of it, but I'm going to try making my own this year too. I think Mindy from The Purposed Heart has an awesome recipe for Pumpkin Pie Eggnog. YUM!

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

I just saw your post on Facebook. I had wondered since you have been a little quiet... oh Tammy Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! If you had mentioned it earlier, I completely missed it.

So happy for you!


Thank you, Jill! :)

I love egg nog and didn't realize it would be so easy to make at home. I've bookmarked this and will definitely give it a try. :0)

I've always been leery of egg nog and didn't overall like the flavor much -- but your review of this recipe makes me inclined to give it a go this year.

Would you recommend refrigerating it, and then adding in the whipped cream just before serving, or could you stir in the whipped cream and then refrigerate for a day or so? I'd like to serve this soon for a holiday gathering and would like to do as much ahead as I can! Thanks so much for such wonderful recipes and, of course, blessings on your new little one coming!

Hi Lisa!

I think you could stir in the cream after the egg nog is cooled and then refrigerate. :)

For us, we've stirred it in before serving the first time, and then on subsequent days just shake the leftovers (if in a jar) or stir to mix everything up before pouring.

So I think you could definitely get it all mixed up the day (or two) before your gathering! In fact, this evening Joshua was drinking the last cup from my last batch of egg nog and said "I think this stuff gets even better after 3 days!" :)

And, thanks for the congratulations! :)

I love homemade egg nog!

My kids just asked me last night what egg nog was and if it tasted good. They were wanting me to make it. My dad made it a couple of times when I was young, but I didn't know how. I will have to give your recipe a try. It sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing.

I've never liked the taste of store bought eggnog but I'm really tempted to try this recipe. :) Sounds easy enough to make but I'll have to wait until I have company/friends over as I wouldn't be able to use it up in three days by myself! ;)

I have drank store bought egg nog, but I have this thing about drinking or eating rawish eggs. I know that this is good, I just can't get past the raw egg issue.

I wonder if you could do this like you do chocolate cream pie and take some of the egg nog mixture and mix it into the egg mixture and then add that to the rest of the egg nog. Humm. I have a son that loves Egg Nog!

Hmmm, I'm not sure on the eggs. The thing is that egg nog should be really smooth, and once the eggs are 180+ degrees, it won't taste smooth. I know homemade pudding tastes smooth even thought the eggs are cooked, but for a beverage, it doesn't seem to work quite the same way (smoothness).

If you do try something like tempering the eggs, I'd love to hear your results! :)

I'm not into raw eggs either, but I tell myself that since the mixture is hot to the touch and steaming a little that it's "cooked"! ;)

Hey Tammy! We make a dessert the night before Thanksgiving, and also the night we decorate our home...

Fill a cup or glass 2/3 with good vanilla ice cream. Pour eggnog over the icecream and fill the glass to one inch from the top. Add whipped cream, a sprinkle of nutmeg, and a ginger snap (or whatever you wish) to the top. Enjoy!!

I've given this to many guests who say, "So what? They have egg nog shakes at McDonalds." until they taste the freshness and the goodness, and then the moment of silent bliss as they gobble it up and say, "I had NO idea..."

Mmmm, I'm sure that's delicious! :)

Made your eggnog recipe it was very good, liked it more than the store eggnog. From the store it is always so thick and needs to be thinned with milk. Have tried other eggnog recipes, excited to find one that I finally really like. Thanks for posting!

Oh, good -- sounds like it turned out perfectly for you! Thanks for letting me know! :D

I made your egg nog for our Christmas Eve after dinner treat. We loved it! Followed the recipe step by step - even putting it outside to cool! 10 out of 10!

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