Weekly menu plan (December 5-11, 2011)

We've been trying to go grocery shopping every two weeks, but I've been running out of things! (So, our "every 2 weeks" had been turning into "every 10-12 days".) We promised ourselves that this time we'd make do without whatever we're running out of until a full 14 days has passed.

So last weekend, I bought TWO packages of eggs at Costco because 1 package (5 dozen) has been disappearing long before 2 weeks had passed. Almost on cue, I just started using from that second package today. I'm sure my egg nog cravings have nothing to do with that... ;) I have 2 1/2 gallons of milk left, which I'll try to stretch through the week (I bought 6 gallons last week). And when we do go to Costco next weekend, I'll take pictures and share prices. (I've been meaning to get back to posting my grocery shopping trips!)

Here's our menu for the week ahead:


Creamy Macaroni and Cheese, cooked peas and carrots, leftover gourmet bean soup


Teriyaki salmon fillets (recipe coming on Wednesday!), rice, cooked green beans (or whatever I can find in the freezer)


My mom's beef vegetable soup, cornmeal crescent rolls (I need better pictures of both of those because they're SO good!!) :)


Salmon potato casserole (using leftover salmon), cooked peas and carrots


Burrito pizza (with a biscuit crust from this recipe), cooked veggies


Depends on our plans for that day, but probably something in the slow cooker and leftover (frozen) cornmeal crescent rolls. If we have company, I'll figure out some sides to add to that. :)


Grilled pollock (or something with pollock; we have lots to use from our freezer!), beans and rice, steamed broccoli

Baking I want to do this week:

Perfect granola bars
Make-ahead butterhorns -- I've had this recipe 10+ years and finally pulled it out for this week! :)
Homemade soft pretzels -- I have tried 4 different recipes for soft pretzels and am still looking for the perfect result! I found another one that looks promising... :)

Oatmeal for breakfast


Regular old oatmeal (x3)
Fruit smoothies (including blackberries from our freezer and homemade kefir) (x2)
Cheese and turkey sausage omelets (x2)


Beans with hot sauce and cheese (I will send this in Joshua's lunches too) or leftovers, bananas

Visit Organizing Junkie for more menu plans! :)

All of my weekly menu plans can be found here.


How do you buy enough bananas and the like to last for two week? We are forever running out of bananas and clemetines. Five days and they are gone, I guess I could limit them but they are healthy and convienent to grab and go.

Well, bananas are my one problem. Joshua eats a packed lunch at work 100% of the time, and usually eats 2 bananas per day as part of that (healthy and filling!). He doesn't like over-ripe bananas, so I can usually only get a week's supply at one time (and I would buy about 9 pounds and set aside ones for Joshua's lunches so the kids don't eat them all!).

Since having his wisdom teeth out in October and then getting braces, Joshua's only just starting to be able to chew bananas again (he didn't like my idea of mashing them like baby food, lol!) so... we may make a "banana run" on the weeks when we're not grocery shopping otherwise.

Clementines or oranges do go fast here (but Costco has 13# boxes of oranges). I try to supplement with frozen fruit (and we froze about 12 gallons of blackberries this summer!). :)

Tammy, I buy the 15 bean soup beans at the grocery store. They are about $2 a pound and we get several meals out of the one pound bag. I add ham or bacon or whatever meat we have on hand. I have even used ground beef. It is really good if you have some left-over taco meat from tacos or burritos or whatever like that. I love soup of all kind!

I have a recipe that makes a huge batch of Green Chili Chicken Soup

I use:
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 can diced tomatoes and green chilies
about a pound of cooked chopped chicken, bite size pieces
1 can of whole kernel corn
chopped onion and bell peppers as desired
salt and pepper to taste

You can add any other vegetables or seasonings. It is real good. In fact, I need to make me some tomorrow.

Debbie Jennings

Sounds delicious, Debbie! :)

I love using beans to help our meals go further (plus, I love beans anyway!). I am amazed at how much we all eat though! Pinto beans are $0.50/lb at Costco (for a $25-pound bag)... I need to find a good bulk source for more kinds of beans though. :)

we go thru milk like crazy...I think I need to start stretching it again with powdered dry milk....if you mix it half dry to half regular milk, no one notices and its MUCH cheaper.

Hey, that's my granola bar recipe! :) We LOVE those and make them almost weekly. Watch out, its addicting.

Do you have two refrigerators? I just made a Costco run and even though we have a chest freezer in the basement, both are overflowing!

We just have 1 fridge/freezer and then a small chest freezer also. Our fridge is pretty big (bigger than the one in the apartment was!) and I pack it extremely full on shopping day. Costco milk jugs have flat tops, so when I have 6 jugs on the fridge shelf, then I put things on top of those, too... I have arranged/adjusted the fridge shelves to fit the milk, eggs, etc. as efficiently as possible... :)

I'm looking forward to trying your recipe. I've had it bookmarked for ages and printed it a few months ago! I'm planning to have Yehoshua do as much of it as possible. :)

I'd love to go grecery shopping every two weeks. How do you keep produce, that is what always has me wondering. I guess bananas and tomatoes are what wouldn't keep that long. I'm really going to think about this one. I've come to not like grocery shopping... LOL

I've started to menu plan and it really helps! :) So far I've planned for 4 weeks at a time and so far so good. I have on hand what we are going to need and no more, "what shall we have for lunch today??". :)

Only one problem, my Aunt is here a few times aweek for lunch and she is vegetarian, we eat more meat than we use too, so I've had to try and have things on hand for her to eat. Just when I thought my lunch time meals became simple. :)

~Tanya - mama to 7 treasures. :)

We have fresh produce (like broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, etc.) the first week and then supplement with frozen when it's gone. Carrots keep well though! And celery does okay, too. I don't have tomatoes on hand unless I've planned ahead or need them for something in particular (or they're in season and on sale). And we haven't been eating much lettuce since Joshua's dental work started in October! :)

Way to go on menu planning! :) There are just so many things to think about... I find my day never slows down enough for me to plan meals unless I make myself sit down and do it... Sunday has become my "catch up on work and planning" day each week! It does really help. :)

This morning, I was still thinking on how i could do grocery shopping bi-weekly. I thought maybe the first week we ahve lettuce and the second week could be coleslaw. Cabbage keeps well! I'm going to plan this and see how it goes. if I have to run into the grocery store for just bananas and tomatoes, that would be easy. Oranges and grapefruits would keep and so would apples if kept in a cool place.

Just thinking out loud here. :)

~Tanya - mama to 7 treasures. :)

Coleslaw is a good idea! :)

I think that bi-weekly shopping works for some and wouldn't work for others... I don't like shopping (it wears me out -- or else having 4 kids along does!) so saving that 1 1/2 hours every other week is nice, PLUS we save money when we shop less frequently. I watch the sales flyers for other grocery stores but I don't usually see a sale that is worth going out for because it's usually only a few cents cheaper than Costco's regular price! :)

Carrots, onions, garlic, and potatoes keep really well, of course, and I freeze bell peppers and buy frozen veggies like green beans, peas, and corn. For fruit, we have mostly bananas, apples, and oranges (when in season) and then buy some frozen fruit for smoothies.

I'm sure it just depends on your diet and what your family likes to eat, how far you are from the grocery stores, how much you like to shop, how many little kids you have to put in and out of car seats, etc. :)

I'm going to try making some this week, they look yummy and a perfect snack for hungry children. :) ~Tanya - mama to 7 treasures. :)

Thanks for sharing your meal plan and recipes. I'm inspired.

Have a yummy week. Merry Christmas.

Congratulations on being number 1 for MPM.

Just yesterday I made macaroni and cheese and, sadly, we threw the whole entire pan out. It just wasn't good. If I could equate it to anything, it would be cat puke. It was gritty with a weird flavor. It made me sad to waste so much, but we didn't know what to do with it. I will have to try your recipe posted here. I don't know why, but I've been on a kick to make good mac and cheese and, normally, I don't even like mac and cheese.


I made this Monday after seeing the recipe here. I just measured 2 1/2 cups of different beans I had small amounts of, but otherwise followed your recipe. YUM!!!!

Great! Thanks for letting me know! :D

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