Weekly menu plan (December 12-18, 2011)

Would you believe we still haven't gone grocery shopping yet this month?! Yesterday was 16 days since buying any groceries, and Joshua made a quick run to the nearby QFC for a couple sale items and bananas. I'm totally out of vegetables (fresh, frozen, or canned except tomatoes), down to just frozen strawberries for fruit, 1 egg left (out of the 10 dozen we bought 17 days ago), 3 cups of milk left, no cheese, no potatoes, etc...

Tonight, Joshua's going to Costco (yay!), and we'll have a full fridge and freezer again. (I'll post about our shopping trip tomorrow.)

I had fun planning this week's menu! And I do like bi-weekly grocery shopping. It saves time and we spend less because we end up eating cheaper things like carrots and extra beans. ;)


Lentil chili (I have 1/2 an onion left for this!), corn bread (1/2 the recipe since I have 1 egg), and strawberry slushies


Oven-roasted chicken, seasoned baked potato wedges, steamed broccoli


Beef vegetable soup, hearty herb bread


Veggie Burgers (recipe from a friend), cooked peas and carrots


Pan-fried Halibut (new thing I'm trying), oven fries, green beans


Easy lasagna, homemade garlic bread, green beans


Beef enchiladas (from the freezer), and any leftover veggies, etc. from the fridge

Extras I want to do this week:

Mix up herbs for pregnancy tea (I didn't get that done yet)
Make homemade yogurt
Make creamy pear pie


Regular old oatmeal (x3)
Fruit smoothies (including blackberries from our freezer and homemade kefir) (x2)
Crepes and scrambled eggs (x2)


Beans with hot sauce and cheese (I will send this in Joshua's lunches too) or leftovers, bananas

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All of my weekly menu plans can be found here.


I thought you hated yogurt? Am i thinking of something else? I have been stalking your webpage all weekend looking for the Costco post... ;) I LOVE seeing how you guys do it. I have a question. Since you guys do the Sabbath on Saturday, if you grocery shop on the weekend do you go on Sunday?


Oh, no, I love yogurt but had problems making it myself (I like it thick, and don't want to have to strain it) so I've been making kefir instead. But a friend gave me some homemade yogurt recently and I've been craving it now and decided to get some yogurt at Costco and make my own. (It's also cold, so I can use the crock pot and set it outside to chill when it's done, which is easier for me.) Anyway. :) We'll see how it goes... so far I've only had 1 batch of yogurt that I *loved*... :)

Yes, if we go grocery shopping on the weekend it's after Sabbath, so either Sunday or (this time of year) after sunset on Saturday evening. We decided to try to avoid the weekend/holiday crowds at Costco and go tonight (Monday) instead... we're also early birds and Costco doesn't open until 10am on Sundays and *everyone* is there then... it's crazy. :P :)

Love reading your blog and trying your recipes. We've never tried one from your site we didn't like! I noticed you're making pregnancy tea......do you use this even when you're not pregnant or is there some news?

Aww, thank you so much! :)

No, I don't usually drink pregnancy tea when I'm not pregnant. I get pretty tired of it by the time I have the baby, haha! ;)

Okay, I looked back to a previous post and see you ARE pregnant. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thank you!! :D

I'm impressed with how long it's been since you've gone grocery shopping! We barely seem to last through the week without getting super low on our fruits and veggies! I'll have to take some notes when I read your Costco shopping trip! :) And, if my 2 year old stops his growth spurt that will drastically change the amount of food consumed! Boy can he pack away the food!


We wouldn't last longer than a week if I didn't really plan ahead and buy a LOT of food. :)

I'm so envious of your bi-weekly shopping trips. I really don't like grocery shopping (my 4 kids are similar in age to yours, so I'm sure you understand), but we have a fairly small fridge, so I'm not sure if it would work for me. But I am definitely going to do my best to figure out a way!

Yes, grocery shopping with lots of kids is so tiring! :) Even when they're well-behaved... not that they always are, of course. ;) It's just all the car seats, etc... :)

We have a big fridge, but what really helps is our chest freezer that we got about 10 months ago. So many "fridge" things could be put in a freezer IF you have freezer space -- like milk, butter, cheese, etc... :)

In our apartment (with a small fridge and no additional freezer), we were able to shop every ~10 days... but that was about the limit. :) Still, it saved some time and money! :)

So glad to see its not just my family that can burn through 10 doz eggs in 2 1/2 weeks! I only have one child, though, not 4! Lately we have been through dry spells between shopping trips, mainly because of financial reasons, and its definitely a task to throw things together out of the freezer and cupboards that are still nutritious and contain some vegetables! I love all the ideas I glean from you!

Oh, my! :) Well, our egg usage depends a lot on our diet. For most of this year, I wasn't making any scrambled eggs or egg-heavy dishes at all. Now, it's one of the nice soft proteins Joshua can eat, so we've been going through a lot more! :) I don't like to be completely out of eggs, though... a lot of things just take 1 or 2. :)

I have an old Wycliffe Jungle Camp Cookbook that I go to when I'm out of eggs or baking soda- it lists substitutes and is invaluable for end of the pay period baking :)

I can't laugh at your post too much- last week we were at that point too, I was trying to get through my finals with what we had on hand and we were down to one can of green beans and half a bag of normandy vegetables from Costco. My husband and my dad are both on low-carb diets so its hard to fill in around the meat if you don't have veggies....

I couldn't believe how much we MISSED veggies when we went a couple days without them! We are so used to having balanced meals... having just pizza and fruit smoothies for dinner just didn't seem right. :)

I am kinda doing the same thing. It's been almost 3 weeks since I've done any significant shopping with the exception of $2 and change I spent for a frugal potluck dinner dish. I'm holding out till the end of the week.

I'm looking forward to the fried halibut recipe since I have tilapia filets in the freezer and would like to start eating it up. The last time I made them I baked them in the oven with jarred salsa poured over and served it with steamed rice. They were yummy and very similar to the tilapia dish that our local Mexican restaurant serves and charges over $8 for a dinner entree.

I'll have to try your baked tilapia with salsa! That sounds good, and not something I would have thought of. :)

If the halibut turns out great, I'll share the recipe. ;) We'll see... I haven't been the biggest halibut fan in the past... :)

This comment if sort of for Joshua....since he is the one going to shop at Costco. We used to live in Lynnwood Washington, and we shopped at the Costco's all the time. I was wondering if you had ever noticed a product in one of the coolers....I don't remember who the company was, but they made two different kinds of clam chowder/sauces. Or maybe the red one was actually a marinara sauce and I added clams to it. But the one that I loved the most was a white clam sauce! It was scrumptious. We would put it over some kind of pasta, make a green salad, and toast up some french bread....and it was better than anything you'd get in a resturant.

Have you ever noticed a ready to eat sauce like that? It came in a heavy cryopac bag and was probably about 1/2 a gallon.

If you ever see it, I just bet you and Tammy would love it! The red sauce was very good too!! Both were well seasoned and highly garliced! But with your eating needs right now....you would do great with them!

Just thought I'd ask. Wish there was a Costco close to where we live now.....

I don't think we've ever noticed a sauce like that... was it at the regular Costco, or at the Costco Business Center in Lynnwood? We don't go to the Business Costco very often, but I know they have a lot of products like that -- for restaurants. :) But if it's a white clam sauce, we wouldn't have really paid attention because we don't eat clams. :)

White sauce, pasta, salad, and garlic bread sounds like my ideal meal! ;) Joshua doesn't like as much garlic as I do, though... often he'll say "This has too much garlic in it" and I'll say "What? I can't even taste the garlic..." ;)

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