Weekly menu plan (December 19-25, 2011)

After I made last week's menu plan, we did a big grocery shopping trip, with plans to wait at least 2 weeks before shopping again. (For groceries. As I type this, Joshua is out with the boys getting some much-needed tires for our van and some much-needed tennis shoes for Eliyahu...)

I'm actually hoping we can wait longer than 2 weeks between shopping trips again, because we end up eating everything (like every last bit of the 10-pound bag of organic carrots from Costco, which is possibly the cheapest vegetable side dish ever!). Plus, I'd like to avoid the crazy holiday traffic and busy stores. I'm a homebody. But, we'll see. :)

My Easy Lasagna from last week, which wasn't really lasagna due to not having lasagna noodles and using fettuccine instead! It was still delicious. I made one dish as written and one dish with spinach and eggplant instead of meat... I forgot how much I love veggie lasagna!! :)

Here is my menu plan for this week!


Spinach Rice Casserole (love this!!) with leftover chicken added for some protein, steamed broccoli, cooked carrots


Baked Teriyaki Salmon, rice, steamed broccoli, cooked carrots


Pan-fried pollock, rice, green beans


Oven-roasted chicken, seasoned baked potato wedges, cooked peas and carrots


Spaghetti and meatballs, green beans, salad, and Italian garlic bread

Spaghetti and meatballs with homemade garlic bread
Spaghetti and meatballs with Italian garlic bread
(I so rarely make this, my pictures of it are 5+ years old!)


Beans and rice, and any available leftovers


Chicken gravy (using leftover chicken from Thursday) with drop biscuits, fruit

Ruth drinking kefir
Ruth drinking kefir

Lunches this week:

Beans or grilled cheese sandwiches or leftovers, fruit (oranges, bananas)

Breakfasts this week:

Whole wheat Swedish pancakes (crepes) (x2)
Regular old oatmeal (x3)
Fruit smoothies (including blackberries from our freezer and homemade kefir) (x2)

Other cooking/baking I want to do this week:

Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Granola Bars
Creamy pear pie (haven't gotten this made from last week!)
Homemade egg nog (for the weekend)

What Moshe thinks about playing in the sink!
This is what Moshe (23 months) thinks about playing in a sink with water! :)

Visit Organizing Junkie for more menu plans! :)

All of my weekly menu plans can be found here.


My mother-in-law didn't like to use lasagna noodles, they seem to intimidate some people. She used macaroni instead and it was very good.

I think I like any pasta in a lasagna-type dish, but I thought the fettuccine tasted pretty close to lasagna... when I've used macaroni or spaghetti in the past, it just didn't seem lasagna-y at all. It probably helped that I used very thin layers of the pasta (due to children having eaten some of it after I cooked it!). :)

We were invited over to a lasagna dinner tonight. They used white cheddar chesse in place of where ricottta chesse usually goes. I will be honest, I was dreading having to eat it but it was suprisingly delicious!
I have your spinach rice casserole on my menu this week, can't wait to try it!!!

White cheddar cheese in lasagna sounds good to me! ;)

Oh, I hope you like the spinach rice casserole! It is surprisingly good for how simple it is (I think, anyway). :)

How funny, my mother in law doesn't use lasagna noodles either, she uses bowtie pasta and I've come to prefer her method, so much easier than big noodles.
We are going to an every two week Costco/Aldis trip next year as well so I look forward to seeing how you keep it healthy with fewer fresh ingredients. My Aunt just gifted us their tiny chest freezer when they upgraded so I'm hoping that helps. I've never been able to buy more than two or three big bags of frozen things at Costco in the past. Mostly though, I think it will force me to plan better, I downloaded a free food planner app that is really slick, it has an inventory function you can scan items in by barcode, tag recipes to sort them, and import recipes from the internet (this isn't a full feature yet, but they've improved it already since I downloaded it a month ago). Now I just have to get busy entering all my favorites from your collection :)
Oh, and while I'm being all chatty :) ...my favorite way to use up those big bags of carrots is to use my cuisinart's slicing blade to cut a couple pounds into carrot 'sticks' all at once. When they're all cut up and ready we eat them more often. They also cook faster when cut like that, my kids love them roasted.

I think having more freezer space definitely helps with grocery shopping less often!! Milk, bread, etc... can be frozen and that helps me a lot. :)

At Costco's frozen section, we pretty much only buy fruits and veggies and they all come in bags, which are easy to lay flat (and take up less room as they're used), unlike bulky boxed frozen foods. And like you said -- planning makes a big difference! :)

Oooh, I don't have any automatic slicer gadgets right now, but that does save a lot of time with carrots!

My latest trick is having the boys peel and cut the carrots into large chunks, which we then cook, drain, and toss with a little butter, salt, and a tiny bit of brown sugar. Sooo good! Several of us don't do very well with raw carrots (Joshua has braces, Moshe and Ruth have trouble chewing them) so carrot sticks don't go that fast... unless I roast them in the oven. ;)

I'm sure they boys will get tired of doing up carrots and soon it'll be just another chore to them... but right now it's fun. ;)

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