Weekly menu plan (January 16-22, 2012) and grocery update

Weekly menu plan

All my freezer cooking last week? It went great. All my blogging plans for last week? Not so great. ;) I think I underestimated how much time I'd be spending cooking and how much food I'd need to make if I wanted to have enough left for 2-3 freezer meals after we ate dinner! :)

I'm not planning much freezer cooking this week, since I have other things I need to spend time doing before Joshua's surgery next week.

We're going grocery shopping on Thursday, which will be 2 weeks since our last shopping trip. I don't think I'll need to spend much, but I do need to get a few things to hold us over for the following 2 weeks. I'll share the items/prices after the shopping trip! :)

This week's menu plan:


My mom's meatloaf, baked potatoes, peas


Hearty beef and lentil chili, garlic bread, green beans


Creamy macaroni and cheese, leftover chili, green beans


Teriyaki salmon, brown rice, and stir-fried veggies (I made bean sprouts for this!)


Pizza, cooked veggies (and I am doing "real" pizza, not the biscuit crust kind!!)


Beef and spinach quiche, green beans, corn


Not sure -- depends on Ruth's birthday meal requests :)

Lunches: Bean burritos or leftovers

Breakfasts: Oatmeal or fruit smoothies

Pantry Challenge

This week's menu actually is mostly planned from my pantry/freezer (unlike last week!).

For our family, this pantry challenge is a continuation of fewer shopping trips, getting my freezers organized, and starting to make and store some freezer meals. So far, we're doing okay on the shopping, the freezers are pretty organized (and I know exactly what's in there), and I'm feeling more ready for the challenges ahead now that I've got a good start on my freezer meals.

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Way to go filling your freezer!!! I love the term 'frozen assets' referring to freezer meals, so true!
It is so interesting to me to read your progress as we are doing the exact same thing--slowly cleaning out our fridge-freezer and taking stock, meal planning around that. Baking more, buying less packaged snack foods. And my every two week Costco trip falls on the same day as yours :) I still have a ways to go before there is room for freezer meals in my freezer, but that just means I get to take advantage of your experience as I copy you! Lol
I'm just getting a few necessities and sale items this week, bread, coffee, frozen berries, cranberries, sweet potatoe fries and dish soap. Going back to cloth diapers and mamacloth after a long hiatus, just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on them. Couldn't bring myself to give up coffee just yet but maybe I can work on drinking a little less ;) No eggs for us but I bought a bunch two weeks ago and our chickens are finally starting to lay, woot woot!

Have fun shopping this week! :) I'm hoping to snag another bag of those sweet potato fries since we took the last 3 (limit 4 with the coupon) when we went last. :)

Yay for cloth diapers! :) I know they save us so much money (probably about $30/month). :) I enjoyed hearing about your shopping and freezer plans. :) "Eating from the freezer" definitely saves money -- for a bit, anyway... we always seem to empty the freezer faster than I expect when we start using mostly freezer foods! :)

Have mixed the two together? We do this quite often. It is so good! Try it.

I looked on the web for bread recipes for my Bread machine and got quite a few good recipes. I need to make a loaf today and some sweet rolls for breakfast in the morning.

We don't usually do "chili mac" but I have tried it before. I think I like chili and macaroni and cheese served at the same meal, but separate! :) Another good one is macaroni and cheese with baked beans. :D

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