Snow, candlelight, leftovers, and grocery shopping

Yehoshua with the snow man

We're having an exciting week at our house. It's been snowing off-and-on since Saturday morning!!! Snow is exciting when it's a maybe-once-a-year event, and the kids have been playing in it for hours every day.

The very first day, the boys built two snow men (one shown above) and had fun rolling huge snowballs. The next day, they started on a snow fort in the back yard. The following few days were too cold to pack any snow, so they just tramped around in it and searched for icicles. :)

Sandwich by candlelight

Joshua stayed home from work yesterday and we had a fun "snow day" together at home (we still did school though), topped off by losing our power about 5pm for a couple hours.

I had made a big lunch (macaroni and cheese and veggies) and dinner was just going to be a cold-cut sandwich. So, we ate our sandwiches by candlelight and then sent the kids to bed with their flashlights. :)

Leftover chili and baked potatoes

For lunch, I found leftover baked potatoes and leftover chili in the fridge from earlier this week, and combined them for a yummy, filling meal. I need to plan to have these together more often! :)

Tonight was scheduled to be our bi-weekly shopping trip, but instead of the snow melting today as predicted, it's just piling higher! (I think we're up to 10+ inches at our house now, with a frozen layer of slush at the bottom.)

So, I'll adjust the week's end of my menu plan and hold off for a bit on shopping -- probably at least until Sunday or Monday. I pulled the milk I froze out of the freezer, and we're still good on eggs, cheese, and most everything else. I have fresh carrots and celery, and we're eating frozen veggies and canned fruit.

I'm so thankful to not have to go out when the weather is bad -- OR in the crowds that were out getting groceries last week when the weather was predicted to get snowy and icy! :)

I have some projects to work on while Moshe's still napping, but my plan is to get back online tonight to share a new recipe/pantry meal when the kids head to bed. Barring power outages or exhaustion. ;)


Milk freezes!!?? I thought it gets all watery and yucky when it unthaws? Rsvp.

I freeze "regular" milk from the store and don't notice any difference when it thaws. I don't drink it plain (the kids do), but I do use it for cold cereal and anything else and haven't noticed a difference, so... :)

When I was a kid, we had fresh goat's milk and we did notice a slight texture difference after freezing it (but we still drank it). :)

Hi Tammy,
So I decided to take a cue from you and recently started posting my grocery shopping trips in order to help me save money. I feel more accountable for what I buy when I have written and visual documentation. Soon I will be adding weekly meal plans in hopes that I will only start buying what is necessary for dinners and meals and not just what looks good :-P I'm glad you and the family are doing well and look forward to new recipe posts and your next grocery trip update.

Many Blessings!
Jazmin (

Thanks for sharing, Jazmin! I don't have any of the accounts to comment on your blog (to use Google it was asking me to set up a blogger account?!) and my comment got "eaten", but I basically wrote...

Ooooh, I loved seeing your Costco trip! And great job -- looks like you got a lot of food (especially meats!) for $132! :) Mmmm, Costco's rotisserie chicken is SO good. I remember after Moshe was born, Joshua would go to Costco and get groceries and bring home a rotisserie chicken so I wouldn't have to cook lunch. Yummy -- and basically the same price as buying the whole chickens -- minus having to prepare them! :D

What fun your children have been having. We finally got a bit of snow today, otherwise our winter so far was pretty mild and no snow. :) Been a strange winter!~Tanya - mama to 7 treasures. :)

Your baked potato with chili on it yummy. We are getting lots of snow in Michigan also.

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