Giveaway winners from Cultures for Health and The Money Saving Mom's Budget

Ruth drinking kefir
Ruth drinking kefir :)

The 3 randomly-selected winners in the Cultures for Health giveaway this week are:

Carrie (wholesomewomanhood@)
Amy (chiltonthompson@)
Amy (amydeihl@)

Many thanks to Cultures for Health for offering this giveaway! :) If you were one of the winners, I've already emailed instructions on choosing a culture to try! :)

The 5 randomly-selected winners in The Money Saving Mom's Budget book giveaway are:

Angela (LibraryGirl@)
Rachel (drhotalen@)
Shannon (jellybeansjunk@)

If you were one of the winners, I've already emailed you so I can get your mailing address to send out your book! :)

In the event that a selected winner doesn't respond to my email, an alternate winner will be chosen and will hear from me through email. :)

Thanks for participating in the giveaways, everyone! :)


Thanks so much! I'm really excited about reading the Money Saving Mom book and I know it will give me some great ideas :-)


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