Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Hosted at Armstrong Family Fare this week

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

My friend, fellow food blogger, and cousin (!) Willa will be hosting Kitchen Tip Tuesdays this week at her blog, Armstrong Family Fare.

Check out Willa's post with 6 menu planning tips, and add your own tip over there in a comment or with a link! :)

Joshua is home and slowly but steadily recovering from surgery again. Thanks for understanding as my online presence has been scarce these past few weeks! :)



Continued best wishes to Joshua for a speedy and full recovery. I've posted this week on Willa's lovely blog about how to grill veggies effectively and a recipe for using grilled veggies and fruit in a mixed green salad ... a nutritional powerhouse in a bowl!

Robin @

How to make your own butter!

Thanks, Tammy!

Sheesh... if I could read, that would be good. Praying for Joshua's recovery & for your family this week.


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