Our little surprise...


Just when I thought life couldn't get any crazier!

Channah Shalom was born this weekend, weighing 6 lbs. 5 oz., our smallest (and by far, earliest!) baby and with the longest labor (but thankfully not the hardest labor).

Our planned home birth ended up a hospital birth when my water broke and the baby wasn't head down. Several hours later, she did turn head down, but labor was very, very slow.

After almost 24 hours I used pitocin to (gently!) get labor going, and she was born 15 hours later. Phew! I had a really great hospital experience. While I would much rather labor at home (especially with a long, slow labor!!), I chose to be there and was blessed with nurses who left me alone as much as possible, and my midwife who provided moral support and coaching at the very end.

Yehoshua took a picture of me waking up this morning :)

I'm so glad I started early on my freezer meals, and just last week I washed a load of baby clothes and got a car seat (to replace our expired one).

Pretty much everything else on my "want to do" list didn't get done, I missed my kids like crazy during the 2 days at the hospital, and I had a very emotional labor (I just wasn't mentally prepared for an early baby with a labor that needed augmentation, etc.).

We're getting lots of family time and pulling together to share new responsibilities. Joshua is only 2 weeks post-op from his second craniotomy, so now we're both on 10-lb. lifting restrictions and our boys are getting to exercise their strong muscles! ;) Everyone is in love with little Channah and now, life really does need to slow down for a little bit!! :)

I will eventually write Channah's birth story and share it here! Until then, here are the announcements from Ruth and Moshe's births:

Ruth Patience (2008) (birth story here)

Moshe Paul (2010) (birth story here)

Update: Here is Channah's birth story (with lots of baby pictures!)


congratulations on the birth of your new little girl

I am glad that in spite of unexpected things, it went as well as it did! You look beautiful and does the baby!!!

Oh, Tammy, I'm so happy for you! Sounds like it went well, even if it didn't go as planned. Welcome, sweet Channah!

How wonderful to have a little baby in the house again! She is beautiful. I hope you are getting rest. I must have missed something about Joshua. Why did he have that procedure? I am so thankful you have your helpers. Children really do pull together in the family don't they? I pray for you to have plenty of rest and an easy recovery.

Yes, the kids really are capable of so much -- and have been such great helpers. :)

Joshua had surgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia in January and then again in February to repair a broken/missing bone between his inner ear and brain.

Thanks for praying! :)

God's richest blessings abound! I love that picture of you and Channah in the morning. Very sweet. And congratulations on that precious little one!

Congratulations! You are the third of those I know to have a baby within the past few days! Sorry things didn't go as you planned, but glad everyone is doing well in the long run! She is beautiful!

What a lovely surprise! Praying for rest for you all. :)

Oh, congratulations, Tammy! I wasn't expecting this announcement so soon! I am sorry things didn't go as planned, but glad everyone is healthy. She is just beautiful. She and Anna share the same name!

Love and hugs,

~Elizabeth in Alaska

Oh Tammy, she is gorgeous. Another little girl to brighten your life! Sorry it did not go as you would have liked, but she is healthy and well, so it was worth it!



The Lord bless thee and keep thee; the Lord make his face shine upon thee; and be gracious unto thee; the Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. (Numbers 6:22-26)


I hope you and Joshua both continue to recover well and quickly!

Congrats! She's so sweet!

congrats!! obviously a surprise for you all, and what a beauty! ( also, thats a beautiful picture of you, too, )

She is adorable! :)

She is beautiful!!! So glad you had a great hospital stay! I know it wasn't ideal, but it turned out wonderfully! And in the end you have healthy baby, who cares if she is early and wasn't the way you planned.

Congrats again, and praying for a good recovering for you all!

The pic of you waking up is so beautiful! Congratulations on another beautiful blessing. I'm happy you both are healthy. May the new adventure begin!!

Blessings to you and the addition to your family! God has a way of keeping us on our toes, doesn't He? But He is faithful at the same time to help us through those unexpected bumps. Little Channah is beautiful! I adore the picture of you and her together on the sofa. I would definitely frame that one. Congratulations!

Congratulations on your newest little one! She is adorable and you look so wonderful! Praying God's healing for you as you recover and peace and harmony as your family adjusts to a new addition.

Keri @ Growing in His Glory

Congratulations Tammy and family! So glad you're home and now you can rest and get to really know your new little one. I will be praying for your recovery. God Bless! DeDe

Congratulations! I am glad things turned out okay and she turned head down, etc. :)

Glad that everything went well with your hospital birth and stay. Enjoy your new little one!

Heather (married Aug '00, mom to 6, ages 10 and under, baby #7 due in June)


Your "little surprise" is gorgeous. . . Congratulations!

Don't let anyone (including yourself) make you feel less because things didn't go exactly as you wished. . . looks like it was a successful birth to me! : ) Hope all the time goes smoothly and the Lord bless you with some comforting days at home with all your special people!


Channah is beautiful! And you look great also. Can't wait to see more pics!

Goodness!!! Congratulations and all Of you take Care!!!!

Aw, congratulations! When was your due date? We're expecting our little bundle any time now, maybe a week or so? Hoping you can get some rest and recover well. Baby is adorable!

End of March, Christy! I've never had an early baby before. I wasn't at all expecting that!! :)

I didn't realize she was that early. Praise God she was fine! That early sometimes their breathing is an issue, or eating/regulating body temp.

How exciting! I sure didn't expect to see this announcement yet. I bet Ruth is excited to have a baby sister. Hope you get plenty of rest and time to enjoy the new baby. I don't comment often, but read your blog all the time.

Congratulations on the birth of your new little girl! She is beautiful! God bless you all as you deal with everything going on.


Sounds like it was a rough start, but at least everything turned out in the end! She is precious! It is a good thing you have the older boys to help you out now. (probably Ruth is a help, too!) :)

She's just beautiful :) I'd love to know how to pronounce her first name.

Me too! There are so many ways you could say it! She is lovely and I'm so glad you had a girl so Ruth can have a sister! I know life has been very busy for you lately and I marvel at the way you have held up!

I am so glad things turned out well, even it not as planned. You have a lot on your plate right now, your blessings are a blessing to you. Look forward to your birth story when you find time. Take care.


Mazel Tov! Congratulations on that beautiful baby! Glad to hear everything turned out well for mom and baby.


Congratulations, Tammy!!!


Sweet baby! Glad you are both ok! Is it Channah (Chain-ah) or Chaaaanah? Either way it's a pretty name.

Hi Tammy and Family!

That is just wonderful news! Congratulations!

And now little Ruth will have a little girl to play with!!! I know she will love being a big sister to a little sister!!! Just like her mom and her aunts!

Everybody get well and strong soon!


Congratulations! I was so surprised to see your announcement. From the sound of things, you were too. I'm thankful everything went well, not as expected, but well. You look great in your morning picture :) and Channah is a doll. I'm glad you have lots of little helpers while you and Joshua are recovering. We have been in that spot before and it was a special time for our kids to serve us and for life to slow down for a while out of necessity. Praying for your family.



Congratulations! Although I am a little jealous... My baby girl is due Tuesday (3/6) and I figured I'd have her before you had your little one. :-) Enjoy those first few weeks; they are so fleeting and sweet!

Can't wait to hear the birth story, no rush though. :) we announced on fb yesterday that baby number two is on the way for us! It has been a long, prayerful wait but i've seen the hand of God very clearly at work the past few months and it's been amazing!


Praising the Lord with you as you celebrate the new arrival of your precious daughter! How wonderful! She is quite a blessing! Praying for a speedy recovery and a healthy mommy and baby!

Congrats Joshua, Tammy and family! Channah is beautiful and what a surprise!! I read your announcment earlier this morning. I hope you are able to rest and recover. Sorry it didn't go as planned, but I'm happy it all went well.

May our heavenly Father bless you all.

~Tanya - mama to 7 treasures. :)

Congratulations. Praying for a speedy recovery for you. She's beautiful. :-)


Congratulations, Tammy, she's beautiful! I love the name, too. I have a Hannah, who is now 16, and would love it if I had spelled her name with a C. lol Enjoy your new little Channah. I'm praying for easy recoveries for the whole family.

Boy, I'm dense. I've been sitting here wondering how you pronounce Channah. Makes sense to me now! I was thinking more of "Shanna".

Congrats!! She's beautiful!! So I think that I'm noticing a pattern here... you have your boys late and your girls early?
Sorry your birth didn't go as planned but the outcome was amazing, anyway!! :)
When was she due and how do you pronounce her first name?

Congratulations on your beautiful baby, Tammy. She is so precious.

I know it has been said already on here, but you look amazing in your picture. Your baby is beautiful too, but I actually stopped, and looked at your picture for a few minutes. My baby is long past newborn stage, and I dont think I ever looked that serene after a night of sleep. Congratulations, motherhood suites you perfectly. And sorting through a different than desired labor can take some time, I know, I was there too. Even if the world says dont worry, focus on your baby, you are allowed to work through your labor/birth experience at your own pace.

Congratulations! She is lovely! :)

Congrats to the whole family.What a wonderful suprise!Get plenty of rest and will be praying for a speedy recovery for you and your husband.

Mrs. Paradis

Congratulations, Tammy and family. She's absolutely precious!

Congratulations Tammy!

Channah is sweet, and I particularly love her middle name. May she be blessed with the Lord's Shalom all the days of her life.

Congratulations on your sweet little baby girl.

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby!!

I'm so glad you are doing well and she is just beautiful!


Congratulations!Love the name!

She's beautiful and I love her name. How will you pronounce her first name? It's nice that Ruth will have a sister too.
I imagine that all the "stresses" from Joshua's surgeries and the different from normal routines probably had something to do with her early arrival. But Yahweh always has a plan and Channah was born at the perfect time for her!

She is just beautiful. Congratulations to all of you.

Congrats! What a beautiful addition to your family! She is lovely.

Well, I have to say that when I decided to visit your blog today I was not expecting that! what a surprise, congrats! so happy for you!!!!


She is beautiful!

Congratulations! She is beautiful, lovely picture. Enjoy some quiet time as a family! What a blessing.

congratulations on the newest addition! beautiful name.. how is it pronounced? take it easy momma!

Congratuations Tammy! I had a very similar labor/delivery almost 1 year ago (Mar 12th with our #3). Praising our Lord for a healthy beautiful girl!

Praising God for you! Take it easy... Shalom!

What a beauty! You look so happy, I know your kids will take good care of you.

She is so beautiful. I have been thinking about you all lately and praying for you. I suspected that she had made an early appearance when I saw a post by Joshua yesterday. I'm so happy for you all and so glad you have good helpers at home.

In Him,

Melinda Roberts

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you had pitocin and no epidural, I just want to say GOOD JOB!!

Blessings to you! you both look beautiful

Congrats on your latest blessing! We're glad to hear ya'll are doing well :) Take care of each other, and the world can wait...it'll still be there when ya'll feel better.

She is just beautiful.

I too had a hospital transfer for a not head down baby. I also had a great hospital even though my baby did not turn. I was able to deliver her naturally. It is wonderful that you did not have a c-section, and you can have future homebirths as I am sure you are desiring.

What a blessing, she is beautiful!

How wonderful she's healthy and happy being early! Blessings to all and take care.

Thank you for sharing such an intimate and beautiful part of your life with us. As said above, you both are beautiful. I looked at Ruth's baby pic and thought that Channah looks very much like her. I like the name you chose, and I am particularly fond of the name Ruth. My name is Naomi! My funny story: seven years ago we brought home a puppy who followed me all over the house, whereever I went, she went. We decided to name her Ruth because of that. We call her Ruthie. But I pray blessings on all your precious family and strength for the days ahead, I know they will be busy ones!

Congratulations!! :-)

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Saw this and thought of you
So happy for you and your family!!
She is healthy and thats all that matters!

Congratulations on the new baby.She is absolutely gorgeous.

Congratulations on the adorable baby girl! She is a beauty! Do you not have a family member to help out? Or are you trying to do it all with just yourselves? I know how hard it is. I had 3 little ones in 4-1/2 years. The first two were a year and 10 days apart. Way too close!
Try and take it easy. I pray that God will bless you with what you need to get through this and still be happy and contented. Heal well and fast to both you and Joshua.

You have such a beautiful (growing!) family. Ruth looks just like you! I never noticed it before in your other pictures, but I can definitely see the resemblance in the picture your son took of you waking up. Blessings to you and your family.

Congrats! I hope everyone is able to settle into a nice routine. I know coming home with #3 life was crazy for a few days adjusting. I am sure you are a pro at this by now. Congrats again she is adorable. I bet Ruth is happy to have a sister.

God Bless the new little one and your family.
Betsy M

So happy for you and your family. We welcomed our little Alden on February 21st. Looks like our March babies had different plans for us. : ) Congrats! She's a sweetie!

what a beautiful baby! What a darling gift from God! Your newest one has so much hair....my babies never had that much. Your husband captured a great photo of you 2. I don't know if I've ever mentioned our youngest, baby #6 is named Joshua :)

Bless your growing family!

Congratulations on your adorable baby girl. I'm very happy that you had another girl to keep Ruth company. Her name is lovely. And may I just say that you look breathtakingly beautiful in that photo.

and Joshua both a speedy and healthy recovery! I have to laugh because I picked up on that for the Kitchen Tip Tuesday :-) ... she's beautiful and I know the other 3 will do everything possible to welcome her and help you and their father!

I am happy that Ruth has a little sister. I am sure all of the family is delighted with her though! She is such a beautiful baby. Again, congratulations and I am happy that she is doing so well for being a little premature. I pray your recovery goes well.
Yah Bless

What a wonderful blessing from the Lord! She is beautiful. You are a blessed family!!

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. She is precious!

I didn't have a chance to leave you a comment earlier in the week....
But, wow!
I know it was unexpected timing for you. And isn't that just how God works?
But how precious is she?
So tiny.
So perfect.
Love the photo of the two of you.
Take your time and rest.
What a beautiful and nurturing time for all of you.
Love, Kristin

been reading for a while, never commented-but this pic just made my day. so precious! it brought tears to my eyes just remembering the birth of my children. almost like it happened yesterday, although they are now teens. thanks for posting this.

She is a gorgeous baby! I'm so sorry you didn't have the birth you wanted, though I'm impressed she turned during labor. I just had a C-section due to my son being breech and it was not what I wanted. It's hard when you end up with a birth experience that is so off your plan, but in the end, the baby is here, safe and sound!

I hope you and Joshua recover quickly so life can return to normal. Do you have any help? I know having my sister here (my baby is 2 weeks old now) has been a huge help!

Congratulations! What an awesome blessing. Praise Him for His gifts and protection.

Congratulations, beautiful baby and beautiful name xxx

She's just beautiful. Congratulations to you and your family!

Félicitations pour cette jolie petite fille !
Congratulations Tammy for this joyful healthy little girl !!
All my friendship to you and your family from France !
I can't wait for your birth story and more pictures !
I am addicted to your website ! Life and habits are both so different and so alike as our life here in France ! Kids are the same love all over the world !

Take care !

Mazel Tov on your beautiful baby girl! One of my favorite sayings - Man (or woman in this case) plans, G-d laughs. All's well that ends well. Enjoy your new addition! And take it easy, if that's possible - Joshua, too.

Wonderful news! So glad everythign went well, even if it was not as planned. Can't wait to hear her birth story and hear the story of her name. Of course, whenever you feel up to it - you've got a lot going on right now ;) You always pick such neat names. How do you pronounce Channah?

Congratulations Tammy and family on the arrival of sweet Channah. So precious.
Praying for you all.

I'll bet Ruth is just thrilled to get a sister!!! :)
Kim in Cali

She's a sweetheart!!! Congratulations.
So happy for you!

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