New recipes, new poll...

Homemade Crouton recipe

...Can you tell I'm putting off doing the tomatoes? :)

I added our recipe for Steak and Egg Omelettes, which was another meal we made with leftover steak from Joshua's Grandma's visit. Those are Joshua's favorite omelettes. (I prefer meatless ones.) The more tender the steak, the better the omelette! :)

I also added the recipe for homemade croutons, which I made earlier today. I hadn't made those for years, and had actually forgotten how well I like a salad with them. :)

And, I decided it was time for a new poll, so I decided to make a poll about kitchen duty preferences. :)

We also have a new "Recipe of the Week": Homemade Granola. If you haven't yet checked out the recipe (or better, made some!), now's the time! And if you were one of the three people who received a package of granola as a result of our contest, I'd love it if you went and left a review for others to see! (Don't worry... I won't be offended if you didn't like it!) :)

Now, I really must be getting things wrapped up for the night... or I certainly won't feel like doing tomatoes tomorrow any more than I feel like doing them tonight!! :D


Tammy, you have to check this out:

ps. I stayed logged in this time! Yay!

...interesting. We're thinking more along the line of e-books to start. We'll see. :D

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