Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Make-shift whisk

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I use whisks a lot when cooking or baking! They're perfect for beating eggs, sauces, batters, or combining dry ingredients. When my other whisks are dirty, I pull out my makeshift whisks:


Tip: Use beaters from a hand mixer as a make-shift whisk. I just hold one beater in my hand and whisk with it. It works great for smaller tasks! :)

By the way, my very first "Kitchen Tip Tuesdays" tip was about using whisks! :)

Our weather has been like this for days on end:

Boys outside watering plants

I think we've spent most of the last two days outside! And today, I got the lawn mowed for the first time this year. Yay! I love a freshly cut lawn and sunshine. Today Yehoshua told me, "I wish every day could be like today." That may have had something to do with the new magnifying glass the boys got and were using out in the sun. ;)


Sweet little Channah in her Noah's Ark dress (handmade by a friend). :)

And I think that's enough off-topic photos for now. ;)

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Good morning Tammy -

Congratulations on your little one. She is precious!

Here is my tip for today -

Take care friend!


I love the cute dress on Channah. I like Noah Ark stuff.


Good morning, Tammy!

Sharing a posto on making quick and healthy meals (with a roundup of great options):


My hand beaters are not as "whisk like" as yours, but I could probably apply this tip to my kitchen aid whisk beater. It doesn't have as much of a handle, but I bet it would work in a pinch. Thanks for the idea!

Today I would like to share tips on setting a table. Thanks for sharing!

I would like to share my tip for making vegetable taste amazing - even the ones you don't like (like brussel sprouts for me!)

Great tip about the beaters, Tammy! Even though I have three whisks, they always seem to be in the dishwasher just when I need them. I'll have to keep this tip in mind! :)

Great tip, Tammy! I do the same thing as well :)

My tip today is how to get your stainless steel sink to sparkle using just baking soda and salt.

Thanks for linking to my post. I love your blog, Tammy. I have so many tried and true recipes that I've used through the last few years that I discovered here. Hope you are doing well. I LOVE that dress of Channah's!


Your little Channah is adorable! :)

My kitchen tip is how to cook a whole chicken in the crock pot (a different recipe than the one I've shared before) plus a tip on keeping the heat in your crock pot.

Thanks for hosting Kitchen Tip Tuesdays!

Here is my kitchen tip!

Thanks so much for hosting this. I use my beaters as whisks too! I hate having to much clutter in my kitchen so I try to double up when I can. Plus these are a nice size for my little "helpers" hands!

Happy Tuesday!

Tara @ SimplyMadeHome

Here is my tip for getting your sweet potatoes into your little one's diet:

Thanks for hosting! I love your blog!

Leanna @ AllDoneMonkey

I do the same thing! Glad to know I'm not the only one :)

Tammy, thank you so much for your encouraging posts! I love, love, love when you talk of saving money on food and dieting. I am on a fast-5 kick right now. :D Anyway, I wanted to ask about Joshua. Did the surgery(ies) help? I am praying that he is all better now! I know I don't post much but I have been praying all these months for your burdens to be light during this time. I am sorry if I missed where you updated on this. Please forgive me if I have.

Have a great (hopefully sunny) weekend!


with that sweet bundle of joy? She is absolutely precious! And she is getting so big! She definitely lost her newborn look! Enjoy!

Hi Tammy--if you decide to do a Kitchen Tip Tuesday tomorrow I wanted to submit my next tip:

Tips for Healthier Cookies.



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