Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Sanitized pacifier shortcut

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Okay, this is one of those tips that sounded like a good idea when I originally decided to share it, but now I have my doubts. Oh, well, take it for what it's worth! :)

I use a pacifier sometimes with my babies*, and I wash it after it falls on the floor. Sometimes a pacifier goes missing for a few days or weeks or... I found one under the couch last week that hadn't been seen in months! I think Moshe used it last and that was months and months ago! Crazy.

And in that case, I not only wash the pacifier but I sanitize it in boiling water, too.

And I never feel like taking the time to specifically boil water and sanitize the pacifier.

So, when I'm boiling water for tea, I drop in the (clean, washed) pacifier for a few minutes to sanitize it.

Then I take out the (clean, sanitized) pacifier and use the water for my tea. This isn't yucky because I already washed the pacifier in my hot soapy dishwater before I sanitized it. ;)

*I feel compelled to note that I recommend the KellyMom information about pacifier use with breastfed babies. I always offer the breast first, but if it's rejected, I feel a pacifier is acceptable for a sanitary comfort-sucking solution. :)

Bonus picture: Channah, who has been using a pacifier lately. :)


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Thanks! Leanna don't forget, after you make the syrup, you can use the leftover pulp as a yogurt topper. Yum!

She's so cute! :)

My kitchen tip is making spaghetti sauce in the crock pot and a tip about whole herbs verses ground herbs in the crock pot.

I feel bad that whenever anyone mentions something they do with their baby that they often feel they have to clarify because people comment critically or with their own experience which was different and so 'correct'. I just wish our world were more encouraging. Obviously, you are a stellar Mom. And your baby is soooo cute!

You're so sweet!

Honestly, I have hang-ups about pacifier over-use. I wouldn't want to use one in a way that could jeopardize breastfeeding! :) The KellyMom site is great. :) Thanks for letting me link up :)

Here's my tip:

Eating Watermelon Rinds


When I had my first child, I was concerned about using a pacifier because of many things I had read and my DAD, of all people gave me some very good advice. He said that when a baby's stomach is hurting or they are otherwise upset, the only thing they know will help it is to nurse, but that might not really be what they need at the moment and a pacifier will give them comfort. I did not regret allowing my children to have a pacifier and I am still amazed that Daddy was able to give me such good advice! I like your idea, btw . . .


Ahh, live and learn, right? :) I have had babies who didn't need a pacifier at all, a baby who thumb-sucked (and still does.........) and babies who are helped by a pacifier at times. I think it's more sanitary than letting them suck on a finger (even a clean one)... :)

Thanks for hosting! I like your clever idea for sterilizing without using any extra energy or water!

My son never took one, my daughter still has hers at 2.5. They both nursed for 18 months. Each kid is different and you parent them as individuals. Don't feel for a second that you need to explain why you use a pacifier! You are an amazing mama.

Soooo when I first saw your post I was grossed out because I was like "What? Baby slobber and dirt in the tea water?" but then I saw that it was an already clean pacifier, and I was like "Whoa, I'd never even think to go beyond the dishwater stage. what a cool mom!"

And this is Aunt Bon Bon. Too lazy to log in of course. :) :D

Sent the kids a package today!

AND made the meatball recipe off your site yesterday. Though they tasted a lot like moms. ;) Delicious.


I really enjoy your blog and the posts you do about your sweet little ones, especially since my kids are recently out of the house.

When I had my first, a more experienced mom told me that with your first baby, you grab a dropped pacifier off the floor and throw it in boiling water. With the second baby, you rinse it off in the sink. And by the third, you just pick it up and wipe it on your jeans.

So I think the tea-kettle method definitely passes muster.


I'm impressed! I usually just pop the binky in my own mouth to clean it off then hand it to my son.

As for pacifier use with breastfeeding - I used a binky since my son was a couple weeks old. He had an especially strong sucking reflex and after nursing till he was full he would still want to suck on something! If I kept nursing he would just puke it all up so I started giving him the binky after nursing and it worked like a charm. My son also never nursed to sleep so the binky was really helpful for him to self sooth.

The best advice out there for breastfeeding. That is why I have successfully breastfed three babies after not doing so well with my first! If I had only known about Kellymom then!!

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