Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Space-savers for a small kitchen

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

We just got back from a lovely weekend at my brother's house in Moses Lake, Washington. The 3-hour drive from our place in Seattle takes us through the Cascades, out of our evergreen, cool, and cloudy territory to the hot dry rain shadow in the middle of the state. I love the diversity of Washington, and I really enjoyed seeing the sun all weekend. ;)

During "quiet time" one day when the little ones (and a couple "big people" too!) were all napping, I moseyed around my sister-in-law's kitchen. She has made good use of the space in their current home, which lacks counter space especially.

Here are a few things I noticed and liked:

Portable dishwasher draining into sink

Candy has a portable dishwasher that has counter on top. Sometimes it's in the middle of the kitchen as an island, sometimes it's pulled alongside the stove while she's cooking, and sometimes it's tucked around the corner into another room, out of the way.

One thing I noticed was that when the dishwasher was running, Candy would put pots and pans that needed soaked and/or washed by hand under the drain from the dishwasher into the sink. As the hot water drained, it soaked a lot off the pans and made them easier to wash. Looked like a good use for the water that was just going down the sink anyway! :)

My brother installed hooks on a beam between the kitchen/dining and living room where all the pots and pans could be hung. I thought it looked classy and filled the space better (and probably more affordably!) than a commercial pre-made pot rack would have.

The hanging utensil canister! I really, really liked this idea. Candy used this flat-sided hanging wooden bucket for some of her cooking utensils, keeping them within easy reach yet off the precious counter space.

Vitamin storage

Their vitamins and supplements are in this metal basket/bucket on top of the fridge. It's easy to pull the whole bucket down and rummage for what you need rather than losing things in the back of a dark cupboard.

Moshe enjoying the warm summer day

Before we headed home, we stopped at Tonnemaker Hill Farm, an organic farm in the area with wonderful produce. We got 10 pounds of sweet cherries that were being picked while we drove there! And do you want to know the price for those freshly-picked organic sweet cherries? $2 a pound! :) I'd love to live right down the road from Tonnemaker's... they are so friendly and always give the kids samples to munch on. :)

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What to do with disposable cake domes:


I have a very small kitchen with little counter space as well. we also have a portable dishwasher and I do her trick with the pot under the spout often. :) I don't have a spot for hanging pans, but I love the idea of the hanging spoon holder. I'm trying to figure out how I could implement that one. Thanks for the tour of you sister in law's kitchen. :) I'm glad you had a nice visit.

The tip I would like to share today is about caring for and storing silicone mats. Thanks for sharing!

Love the organization tips!

As usual, if there are kids in the picture my eyes are drawn to them! I'm guessing he is yours.

Todays tip is how I cook pasta

Yes! My 2-year old, Moshe. :)

Saving space seems to be a theme today. ;) Here is my post:

We had a small kitchen in our apartment - and I love the space saver ideas!! Although we have more space now, we still hang items (like our big metal bowl, & reusable lunch bags) -- only this time we get to hang them on the stairway wall going to our basement!

My tip today is all about getting silk-free sweet corn!

I love your space saving tips! I just pinned it! :)
Today I share how to make shepherd's pie in the crock pot and a tip about putting your crock pot somewhere else to keep the kitchen cool and free up counter space.

I have a tip to share:


What great tips.

Moshe is so adorable!!

Have a blessed day Tammy,

I have a different kitchen tip today. It is a recipe, a recipe for contentment. I hope that you and your readers are challenged and find encouragement to keep a heart of contentment even in those long hard days serving our families in the kitchen, laundry room and through our homes.

Tara @ Simply Made Home

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