Favorite snack: Yogurt with fresh fruit

Yogurt with sweet cherries

I added the last of our sweet cherries to some plain Greek yogurt. It was an amazing combo! Have I mentioned lately that I love Costco's Greek yogurt? :)

The delicious cherries and yogurt combo reminded me of the last time I had Yoplait cherry-flavored yogurt -- only richer and less sweet. After eating plain yogurt for so long, fresh fruit is the perfect natural sweetener. The store-bought pre-sweetened yogurts now taste overwhelmingly sugary when eaten alone.

I have fresh peaches from Costco in my fridge... maybe tonight for dessert I'll serve Greek yogurt and peach slices for a "peaches and cream" style dessert. :)

Huge nettle leaf

I had to take a picture of some of the huge nettle leaves I gathered recently! They were fresh growth, but were as big as the palm of my hand!! I think the shady damp environment here must be ideal for nettles. ;)

I've been adding nettles to lots of foods since discovering how tasty they are earlier this Spring. Soups, sauces, casseroles -- if you come to my house and spot some green bits in your food it may just have nettles added! ;)


Hi Tammy,
Speaking of Costco... Do you think you'll go back to posting Costco shopping trips again? They're one of my favorite things to read about on your blog. It's just so interesting to see how others shop and for such a big family.


Hi Tammy,
Want to add a little "kick" to your fruit and yogurt?
I work for a grocery chain that makes "yogurt parfaits". They take fat free vanilla yogurt, add fresh fruit such as strawberrries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries and THEN top it off with some kind of honey sweetened granola!! To die for.....
I love sweet stuff (the bad kind ie; cookies, cakes etc) yet this satisfies my craving. After eating these parfaits, I won't eat Yopliat or any other pre-sweetened yogurt anymore!


ps~This is the first time I've posted here although I've visited you're site for years (and made your recipes)! I love your blog and look forward to each time you post! Please keep it up! :) ~ thanks

My fave peach dessert involves:

Cut each peach in half and remove pit.

Place face down in a pan with about 1/4-1/2 an inch of water mixed with about a tablespoon of honey.

Steam until slightly cooked (kind of the fruit version of tender-crisp--easy to put a fork into, but not mushy).

Serve with a sauce made from mashing raspberries with the cooking water. Bonus points if you put it all on top of a slice of plain, unfrosted cake, angel food cake, or poundcake.

Hi, I found your blog through a Pinterest link and it seems very interesting, informative, and well done. But I just wanted to make sure you and your readers know to pick only young nettles before they flower and seed if you plan to eat them. I've read after that they become slightly toxic and "after stinging nettle enters its flowering and seed setting stages the leaves develop gritty particles called "cystoliths", which can irritate the urinary tract."

I personally love nettles and other wildcrafted greens. Steamed nettles are wonderful layered in a grilled cheese sandwich to add flavor and nutrition. Happy foraging!


I would like to cut up fresh peaches tonight and put them in my vanilla yogurt for lunch tomorrow, but would like to know if the peaches in the yogurt will keep through the night without turning brown. Ultimately, I would like to get up that same morning and put the peaches together with the yogurt, but I rise too early to do so.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Ali!

I don't think the peaches would get too brown by doing what you described.

However, one thing I have noticed with fresh fruit is that the speed with which it browns really depends on the fruit -- the type of fruit and even the individual piece of fruit you have. I've had apples, peaches, or pears that seem to act very differently... sometimes turning brown within minutes of cutting, and other times taking a very long time to show the effects of being cut.

So I suggest trying it one time with the fruit you have and seeing how successful it is! :)

P.S. If the peaches are submerged in yogurt, that should help prevent most browning, too.

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