Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Tip for fresh fruit in the fridge

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

In a previous week's kitchen tip, I wrote about my soft resting place for fragile fruit that needs to ripen at room temperature.

When my fruit is ripe, I usually move it to the fridge for cold storage until we eat it. (Bananas are the exception.) Joshua prefers chilled fruit and I must admit, I'm starting to, too.

The fruit boxes at Costco come with soft trays for the fruit to nestle. I moved some juicy ripe peaches, tray and all, to my fridge drawer last week:

Fresh fruit storage in the fridge

As I'm using the peaches, I'm placing other fuit in the spots. Pears, oranges, apriums. The tray cushions the fruit as I open and close the drawer.

Fresh fruit tray

Strawberries are in season, along with peaches. I put this plate of fruit out for dinner last evening and had to snap a picture before we started eating; it was so pretty! :)

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My link is

Spices in a Small Kitchen from!


I love grill parties in the summer - it's a way to get the whole family involved. Here are some tips for making things easier.

Great tip for securing fruit so it doesn't bang around and bruise in the refrigerator. I so need to do that!

The tip I would like to share today is how to use your leftover potato peels for a tasty treat.

I also like chilled fruit and keep mine in the fridge(except bananas, too!). ;) My friend also likes to slice peaches and freeze them on a tray. They taste AMAZING! Frozen grapes, too! =D

I posted about making your own double boiler.

I like frozen fruit a lot. Peaches are one of my favorite to freeze. I love most fruits, so thank you for the tip.

My tip is about preventing cross contamination while working with meat in the kitchen:

That fruit looks so refreshing!
My tip today is how to use up bread crumbs.
Thanks for hosting!

I don't know if you'll want it since it's also a recipe, but my post today is about making homemade rolls in less than an hour (with tips like rising the bowl of dough in a sink of warm water).

By the way that picture of sliced fruit is just stunning. Makes my mouth water!


I was just thinking this morning about how I was bruising the apples every time I open and close the refrigerator. I'll have to try this.

Today I wrote about eating salmon bones! Well, how to crush them so you can eat them:)

Thanks for hosting the fun again!


I love my fruit cold too. I'd never heard of a aprium before unti I looked them up. They sound wonderful since I like both apricots and plums. I'm going to have to make a special note to look for them in my local grocer's produce section or to see if a friend can get me some from Costco to try.

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