Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Hot weather kitchen tips

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

After weeks of 50's and 60's, we're finally getting some real summer weather here in WA! :) We're not joining the rest of the country in their insane heat wave though; 80 degrees is toasty enough for me! ;)

Here are a few summer weather kitchen tips, adapted from this post:

Don't bake in the morning, heating up your house as the day heats up outside! Bake after dinner instead. Run appliances in the evening, so your house can cool off overnight.

Cook outside on the grill (or safely use an appliance like a crock pot in your garage or enclosed porch). I like a hot dinner even in hot weather, and the grill is my favorite tool for that! :)

Experiment with main-dish salad recipes! I especially like salads that have a bit of protein while still being easy and refreshing.

Make lots of ice (water is free, after all!) and let the kids enjoy it often. :)

Hamburger salad (instead of sandwich)

For a lower-calorie meal, turn a burger into a salad instead of a sandwich. Pile a plate with the vegetable toppings you like (lettuce, pickles, sweet onions, tomatoes) and then add a burger, topped with a slice of cheese. Eat as a salad! :) I've been doing this lately as I still have some baby weight to lose. :)

Bonus pictures:

Shelling peas

My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came over from eastern Washington last weekend and brought some peas from their garden. Early the next morning, my brother took the boys out to the deck and they shelled peas together.

Shelling peas

The peas drew quite a crowd! Soon everyone but Channah was out there helping (and eating). I made omelets for breakfast while they did the peas. :)

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Leave your tip links in a comment. I'll manually add them to this post!

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Be thankful you avoided the heat wave - it was 105 on Saturday here in Michigan!

Today I'm sharing an older post that I recently rediscovered - how to save money on real food.

Love you post! It actually kind of goes along with my tip for today. You suggested having creative main dish salads for dinner and my tip talks about how to do that. Another thing about your tip that was helpful to me was about the hamburger. We eat hamburgers every Sunday. I have been eating my hamburger over my vegetables and skipping the bun too, but I never thought to think of it as a salad and have that big of a pile of lettuce, etc. In fact sometimes I skip the lettuce and just have tomato and grilled peppers. I like the idea of thinking of it as a salad. Thanks!

Today I would like to share the benefits and tips for making a salad bar for supper.

Thanks for sharing!

Yes, I enjoy Cheeseburger Salad myself. ;) YUM! That's nice that you haven't been struck by all of the heat.

I posted about freezing bananas for future use.

I was unable to view your post because you have something that blocks the sidebar and prevents me from scrolling down. ???

Good Morning. What a beautiful family you have! Today I am leaving my thought about the connection between health and real food. The time and effort that we spend in the kitchen really is worth it.

Thanks for hosting!

Tara @ Simply Made Home

We've had the terrible heat here, I'll have to think about some of these tips. :) Here is mine:

Such a timely post after all this heat! The crockpot is amazing in the summer & winter; and it's a great way to make a cobbler that you can top with ice cream :)

I also love your tip about not baking in the morning! it can be so tempting to do so ... but you'll regret it later as your house will be HOT!

Here's my tip - it's about cheese!

Here is mine, Tammy! :)

Today I posted about making nachos for lunch with whatever you have in the fridge and gave ideas of options:

always love your tips! thanks for hosting. here is mine

Feed your kids quick!/2012/07/feed-your-kids-quick.html

Here's a tip I found on cooking chickpeas FAST:


I've been eating a lot of cold pasta salads. My favorite new made-up by me recipe is whole wheat penne pasta, diced peppers, onions, celery (whatever I need to use up), fresh broccoli, cut into bite size pieces and cooked till tender-crisp. Mix in a dressing made with mayo (fat-free), splash of balsamic vinegar dressing and/or soy sauce, some hot sauce if you want to add it and a lil bit of peanut butter (I add a few packets of Splenda but you can use sugar.) Add a handful of peanuts (I like the hot ones and spicy ones!!!) if you want more protein.

I also like a curry chicken salad with canned white meat chicken ($1.00 to 1.50 on sale), cooked pasta, chopped onion, green pepper, celery and dressed with a mayo-curry powder-salt-pepper dressing.

I added a post today with both zips for freezing shredded zucchini and a great chocolate zucchini bread recipe!

I never thought of doing that.I usually just put some toppings on the burger with out a bun.Do you use a dressing or do you get enough juices from the toppings you don't need any?I am doing that this week when we make hamburgers.I love that more food :) Thanks for sharing that idea.

Mrs. Paradis

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