Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Keeping the kitchen floor clean (and more!)

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I've been MIA online again... you see, Summer started here in Seattle in July, and it hasn't left yet. We have been enjoying every single day of sunshine and blue sky and cool breezes! I probably can't even count the number of miles we've walked, the picnic lunches we've eaten, or trips (all on foot) to the library or park.

(The good news? I'm still losing weight! And, we've added a few things to our family's outdoor activities... like tennis and frisbee and rollerblading.)

Moshe, eating a picnic lunch
Moshe (2) eating lunch at a park

Anyway, here are a few miscellaneous tips from my kitchen; just little things we've been doing that really help. :)

Keeping the kitchen floor clean

With little kids, sometimes it seems like every meal requires a whole cleanup crew. I usually assign 1 child to pick up any dropped food from the floor, and another child to sweep with a small broom and dustpan. We have folding chairs at our kitchen table, so if the floor is really dirty, I also assign someone to fold up the chairs so the cleaning is easier. If it's really, really dirty, I assign a mopper.

Speaking of keeping the kitchen floor clean...

...going to the park for a picnic lunch is a great way to keep the kitchen floor clean. ;) We often take lunch along on our walks, because then we don't have to hurry back home to eat. (We're already working around nap time and make-dinner time!)

What do we like to take for our picnics?

The kids and I love PBJ sandwiches. I also try to have fresh fruit and veggies on hand to take along. I have the kids help with lunch -- making sandwiches, washing produce, and cutting it and putting it into bags. My oldest boys (ages 6 and 8) love getting to wash and cut cucumbers, celery, peppers, or pears! (I usually cut the harder foods like carrots or apples.)

Eliyahu and Channah
Eliyahu (6) and Channah (6 months)

Emergency Stroller Snack Tip

On our walks, I wear Channah in my Ergo and push Moshe (2) in the stroller. We pack our water and food and gear (frisbees, balls, library books, etc.) in the stroller. I keep a small container of whole almonds in the stroller as an emergency snack. If we stay out too long, run too hard, or forget one of our sandwiches at home, we'll still have something to eat besides carrots and celery. (I love fruits and vegetables, but walking on the hilly roads here makes me hungry!!)

To Participate in Kitchen Tip Tuesdays:

Post a kitchen tip in your blog. Link to this post, and then leave your link in a comment here, so we know where to find YOU! :) No giveaways or non-tip posts, please! We need to be able to easily find/see what your kitchen/cooking tip is. :) Thanks for your participation! :)

Leave your tip links in a comment. I'll manually add them to this post!

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I am not a dog lover, but the one perk is that I never have crumbs on my floors anymore (of course now I have hair!) When I am making dinner our dog lays in the family room and watches me and the minute I drop something, he comes over and cleans it up. At least he is good for something. :)

I'm so glad you guys are enjoying your summer. It looks like you have found a great way to lose weight that fits your life. You get the double benefit of spending time with your kids and enjoy them while you are exercising. I'm sure it is a lot less boring for you too!

The tip I would like to share today is an inexpensive alternative to a water bottle. It's not a fancy filtered water bottle, but you could add filtered water to it. :)

I've been the same way with my blog over the summer. But, with the chill in the air I'm starting to get in the mood to cook again. Winter squash is just coming into season, so I thought I'd share this post from last year that I looked up to remind myself how to cook squash in the slow cooker.

I like the idea of having an emergency snack! My link is about preventing freezer burn:

I am going to implement this when my baby when he is born. =D

I posted about making old-fashioned oats into "quick oats."

Here's a tip on how to make probiotic water kefir - a photo tutorial:

Thank you for your website and link up. I have been in a soup making mood (with Autumn approaching) , so my kitchen tip is a recipe for a good potato ham soup:

Wonderful looking recipes on your site! I have been in a soup making mood with Fall approaching . Here is a link to my recipe for Potato Ham Soup:
I hope this doesn't get posted twice. I didn't see my comment showing up the first time, so I commented again

Thanks so much for this kitchen tip about having the children help out. I'm a mom of 3 (8, 6 and 3 1/2) and never thought of this. I've been following your blog for a few years now and love it! BTW, you have really cute kids.

Lisa (41 yo SAHM to 3)

I have not been by your blog in ages... Little channah is beautiful and looks different from the rest... All your children have GROWN and lovely!

Great idea. Awesome information. Thank you for sharing.

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