New pizza recipe, potty training, etc.

Today, Yehoshua, Eliyahu, and I went to my mom's house. First, we went for a walk. We saw two deer lying in the ditch (along with a license plate)! Yehoshua loved seeing them. (Apparently he didn't care that they were dead!) I explained all about them to him... "A car hit them. They died." On the way back he wanted to go over to that side of the road again and look at them some more. :)

Then it was haircut time for Yehoshua. My brother Richard was the barber, and it was somehow a very traumatic experience for Yehoshua (as usual), but at least his hair is nice and short and we won't have to worry about another haircut for a couple months, hopefully. :) While Yehoshua was getting his hair cut, we made ice shavings with a little snoopy doghouse sno-cone thing that my family has. Then we fed Yehoshua the "snow". He wanted to hold the Snoopy part, and then wanted Snoopy to take a bath with him afterwards... haha. Later Snoopy (the plastic part of the Sno-cone maker!) took a nap with Yehoshua. Kids are hilarious. :)

And, we've completed 4 days of potty training now... and I think we're actually going to make it! There have been two "accidents" and lots of successes... and I am loving having to use only ONE diaper per day (the one for overnight)! At this point, I don't consider Yehoshua to be "potty trained" (even though he's doing great) because he rarely will tell me he has to go. He says "no" when I ask, but I take him anyway and he goes! And occasionally he'll take himself. We'll see... :)

We got home about 5:15 pm, and I started pizza. We ate late, and I had a headache, and the house was cluttered with dishes, laundry that needed put away, etc... I got the basics taken care of and am heading off to bed. I hope I feel better tomorrow, because I have a lot of work to do around the house! :)

P.S. I'll have to take a picture of Yehoshua's new haircut. He's so cute! Tonight when I told him I didn't feel good because I had a headache, he was giving me kisses to help me feel better :)


Hope your headache was gone in the morning. That is great about potty training. My easiest child to train was Sarah, my oldest, the 3rd day, she was dry at night too. :) Keep up the good work Yehoshua!


...thankfully! I kept drinking water hoping to help ease the pain. :) Now, if I can just be preventive instead of waiting until I get a headache! :)

Potty-training is going okay, with the occasional accident. But I am tired of changing dirty diapers on a big 2 year old. :P

Ha! We had that Snoopy Snow Cone maker when I was a kid. :D

When I was telling Joshua about it, he said they had one when he was a kid, too! My family's was given to them (I think I was maybe 16-17 at the time) so I never really used it. Yehoshua loved it! He kept pointing and saying "house"! haha

I think my oldest brother had that Snoopy Snow Cone thing too. :D
What is it with little boys and dead animals. LOL! Something similar happened with my nephews recently but I can't remember what animal it was...maybe a calf?

...must have been popular about 20 years ago. Haha! :D Everyone who is almost 30 seems to have had one! lol

I think Yehoshua liked the deer simply because he doesn't get to see many animals. But children are so curious, anyway. :)

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