Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: No-Puff Powdered Sugar Tip

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Powdered sugar is one of those messy pantry ingredients, at least in my house. A couple years ago I tried making my own powdered sugar which was a disaster. (Now that we own a Vitamix blender, I'm pretty sure it would work.)

So, I usually buy a bag of powdered sugar at Costco which lasts us something like 2 years. And Joshua did this handy storage trick to keep it from puffing everywhere when I rummage through my Lazy Susan looking for other stuff.

Two twisters = no puffing powdered sugar bag in the pantry

Look! Two twisters! This bag can be picked up or shoved around without puffing powdered sugar everywhere!

And then we stuck it in this plastic canister I had laying around and wasn't using. My Lazy Susan is looking much more organized. (But I think that should be a whole separate post... how to tame the Lazy Susan which is so handy to just throw/push/squeeze/squish everything inside!)

Apple Brownies recipe
Apple Brownies recipe -- super easy and a delightful Fall treat!

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Here is a recipe for a great fruit fly trap:

Tomato Sauce Tip:


I have a tip for today's Kitchen Tip Tuesday!

Freezing Bananas! :)

Have a good day, Tammy. :)

I posted a kitchen tip recently when I was sharing a yam recipe. The tip is part of the recipe, but the recipe itself is short, and the tip is in bold and really easy to find.

I spent years trying to sprinkle powdered sugar, cinnamon, etc. over things and was really frustrated by how I could never do it evenly. It seemed like what I was trying to lightly dust either had huge clumps or nothing at all, until I discovered this handy tip! The result is a beautiful, light dusting over your entire recipe.

I hope this proves helpful to someone else too!


Hi Tammy, I sometimes forget to share my tips here but I have a good one today! Cheers :)

Hi Tammy!

This week my tip is:

Old Socks become Cleaning Rags

Bonnie :)

I've followed your blog for years, and recently started my own blog. I'm not sure why I never linked up before, but here I am for the first time today...with seven tips :) Thanks for hosting!

Well, just get a rubber band, that simple !! Always MUST fold down the opening of the bag before you tie with your rubber band to secure it !! Malaysian love to use rubber bands over here to tie almost everything !! It is 100% airtight !!

Always sift icing on to the cake or dessert , never sprinkle. So that it is even and pretty !!

I think cooking oil and honey are the messiest thing in my cupboards

You can definitely make powdered sugar in the Vitamix. I've done it on multiple occasions. But it doesn't look like you will need anymore for a while! :)

I could sure use some help with organizing a lazy susan. I've NEVER wanted one in my kitchen, but we just moved this year, and there was one here. I can't seem to figure out what to use it for, it's such a big wasted space, in a kitchen thats not as big as I'm used to. I've got some canned goods and boxed goods there, but don't really like it, cause if you aren't careful, things fall off and it's usually at the BACK, when they do...where I can't get to them to easiely. So...any helpful hints or tips on how to organize it, or how to make it so you don't loose things in the back would be so nice!

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