Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: 4-minute celery sticks (Cutting celery sticks quickly)

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

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I've lost 36 pounds in the past 7 months... and I've eaten a ton of celery.

I don't love celery, but it's not too bad and it's cheaper than cucumbers and a nice change of pace from lettuce and carrots. :) When I need a mess-free take-along snack, I often go for celery sticks.

One day this summer, we ended up taking a long walk to a park that didn't have a drinking fountain to refill our water bottles. The HUGE bag of celery sticks I had brought quenched my thirst. Celery is 95% water, after all.

With all this celery munching, I had to come up with a quick way to cut celery sticks. Here's what's been working for me:

Wash celery without separating stalks from the head

Wash celery without separating the stalks from the head. I run water inside and all over the celery until it looks clean.

Cut off tops

Without separating the stalks from the head, cut off the brown tops of the celery.

Cut off bottom

Turn celery around and cut off the bottom of the head of celery. Put the tops and bottoms in your compost, garbage disposal, or trash.

Cut off leaves

This is what you should have now: A bunch of long celery sticks, some with leaves.

Cut off leaves

Cut the leaves off. I don't like leaves on my celery sticks, but they are perfect to add to soups or tuna salad sandwiches later.

Almost finished: celery sticks

Now that the leaves are trimmed, all you need to do is cut into smaller sticks for snacking.

Finished celery sticks

Two cuts and you're finished! Beautiful, perfect celery sticks... and this whole process takes about 4 minutes. :)

The main "tip" to remember is: Save time by trimming celery tops and bottoms first, instead of separating stalks and trimming each stalk individually.

Now, head over to Purposely Frugal to read more kitchen tips and leave your own! :)


Thanks for sharing your tip Tammy. It's little things like this that sometimes never occur to some of us...LOL! Hope you and the family are doing well. Looking forward to when you find some time to share those Costco trips again :-)

I love this idea and will try it out! And thanks so much for letting me host KTT!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am! :) Oh and good job on the weight loss!

Tammy, I would love to see a post sometime about your weight loss--36 lbs in 7 months is fantastic!! I need some inspiration. :) I have lost about 15 lbs. this year and kept it off, and would like to lose between 3-8 more lbs., but I've been kinda "stuck" at the same weight for the past 4 months. I know you used My Fitness Pal (from what I saw in an earlier post) and I checked it out, but just don't have the time to input recipes and do all that stuff right now. I guess maybe portion control is my best bet. Just wondering if you mostly counted calories, or cut out certain foods, or have any tips for me. :)

Carrie (Life on a Back Road)

Thanks so much for the tip! It seems pretty common sense now that you say it but I had been doing it the slow way all these years:)

Great tip Tammy, and it's been so nice to follow you on your successful weight loss journey. I've always cut the stalks one at a time and it's time consuming. I'm doing this with my celery in the refrigerator tomorrow.

Congratulations! That is a giant feat!!! Love your blog!

After you cut your celery sticks, you should actually wash the scraps, put in a pot, cover with water and simmer for some yummy vegetable broth. OR use a large lidded bowl or gallon zip lock bag to gather washed scraps in your freezer. When the bag is full, make broth. If using the freezer, you could also add scrap chicken bones and such for the broth. Simmer an hour or so, strain and use for lovely soup! Then you won't need soup base all the time.

This is the way my Mom taught me and it works so well. Would like to clarify--the whole celery "bunch" is called a stalk. One individual piece pulled off the stalk is called a "rib." Most cookbooks and tv cooks get it wrong. Even Martha Stewart in at least one of her cookbooks.

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