Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Freezing Kraft Singles or American cheese slices

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Earlier this year, Costco had a great deal on Kraft Singles using a coupon from their coupon booklet. We use processed "American Cheese" occasionally, and normally buy Costco's store brand when we buy it.

Kraft singles

I was excited that the Singles were even more affordable, along with the convenience of being individually wrapped (great for occasional use!) and bought several boxes. I put 1 in the fridge and the others in the freezer.

A few weeks later I was organizing my freezer and the end of the box of Singles popped these words into my face: Do Not Freeze.

Kraft singles

Oh no! Was I doomed to dozens of cheese slices that wouldn't unwrap after thawing or would otherwise be a big pain to use or not "work right"?!

Fortunately, no. I don't know why the box says "do not freeze", but I haven't noticed a bit of difference in the boxes that have been frozen. The wrapper comes off just fine, and we've used them for burgers, grilled cheese, and lots of other things with complete success. :)

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Hi Tammy. This recipe made me into a pie baker :-).

Hope your readers enjoy it!

Pie Crust Made Easy


Easy Pie Crust

I tried posting a little bit ago, but the comment acted like it didn't go through. Sorry if this is a duplicate on your end!


My kitchen tip is a round up of all my crock pot recipes and tips! 9 in all!

Thanks for the link-up!

I forgot to leave the link! haha!

Thanks for hosting again! I'm linking up with 10 Tips for Shopping at Costco. Kind of fitting since your tips is about something you bought from Costco. I love Costco just as much as you do! Here is a post with some tips with what to do with sourdough "discard," the dough that you remove to keep the sourdough feeding.

Thank you!!! I only bought one box from that sale because I saw the "do not freeze" warning. Next time I'll buy one for the freezer :)

Cheese does great in the freezer - your instincts were right.

I am sharing a tip for using a bowl as a substitute for a cake carrier:

Have a great day!

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

I stock up on cheese when I find a good sale too. However I prefer cheddar to American. I take the 2# brick of cheese to the deli and ask them to slice it for me. They do this at no charge. Some make you purchase it first though.At home I seperate the slices with square of "inner bag" from cereial or crackers etc. I can remove the desired number of slices from the freezer any time I need cheese. I think the reason for the DO NOT FREEZE warning is that the texture of the cheese changes when frozen. I don't know about american but cheddar gets crumbly. I only use my frozen slices in recipies where the cheese will be melted, not for cold sandwiches or salads.

Great to know.

I buy the bulk box of Singles at Sam's Club and have thrown them in the freezer. The only "issue" I have is that sometimes the cheese sometimes doesn't come off the plastic wrap cleanly. I've noticed no taste difference, my dogs don't care and my son hasn't said anything either.

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