Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: What to cook with smoked paprika

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Joshua's been wanting to try smoked paprika for a while now (ever since he first heard of its existence!), so when we saw this 8.5 ounce bottle of smoked paprika at Costco for $3.75, we got one.

I was expecting it to be strong and, well, not something I would be too crazy about. However...

...I love it!! It's not too strong at all, and it has a delicious, sweet, smoky flavor.

Smoked paprika

Here are some of the things we've tried with smoked paprika and loved the results:

Fish (white or salmon)
Chicken Parmesan
Potato wedges (almost impossible to use too much on these!)
Fried eggs (not too much)
Potato soup
Potato salad
Chicken breast
Taco meat (or anything Mexican)

I find smoked paprika especially delicious with potatoes, which is handy since we have lots of potatoes to use right now, thanks to my brother's generosity (and garden)!

We also have plenty of fish, so "fish and chips" is on the menu frequently. I make baked versions of both the fish and chips rather than fried, which is healthier while still delicious.

Have you ever tried smoked paprika? What are your favorite foods to use it with? If you see a bottle at Costco (or maybe Sam's or BJ's?) I recommend getting it to try! :) I already bought another bottle to have a spare on hand... let's hope Costco doesn't stop carrying it... Costco has great prices on their spices/herbs for cooking! :)

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I am sharing Gluten-Free Baking Tips.

You got a great deal! I just paid over 5$ for a small bottle of this yumminess!

I have a tip to share, about dealing with hardened spices:

I just made the brisket from Smitten Kitchen's new cookbook and used the very same paprika!

I sprinkle it on devilled eggs, everyone loves it!

I use smoked paprika when I make hummus. It makes a huge difference in flavor.

I just bought a bottle at Trader Joe's ($1.99) and wondered what in the world I was going to use it for! Thanks for the tips.

Paprika is delicious sprinkled on roasted cauliflower!

America's Test Kitchen "The New Best Cookbook" has a recipe for smoked paprika butter to serve with steak. I've added it to next months grocery list :)

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